• Gallofus

    You can expect anything for such a company like SP.... the worst company I have seen in any game I played by far. But this... this is even ilegal.
    They better revert this or me and many other people will stop paying a single dime anymore.
    It’s pathetic and beyond any line.

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  • Gallofus

    Sp is a disgrace of company. Cannot understand how people keep spending money with such a company running the game. I play other mobile games and this is the worst company I ever seen, by far.. I mean, by FAR. they give nothing, they treat us like sh,it, giving ridiculous offers, prizes, events.. taking away everything good silently, slowly... every good thing is disappearing bit a bit. Greediness like I have never seen.
    They screwed up dozens of times, in other games they always give good compensations. Here I remember one time giving 5 gems lol
    And lets not talk about the game itself.. boring and ridiculous events with ridiculous prizes , wars and pvp are a joke now.... i cannot regret more to have spent in this rubbish... c’est la vie

    And of course the censorship.. in other games people can express their opinions or complaints. Here we have only this forum where if you say something against them thr message will be deleted asap. What a shame.

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  • Gallofus

    Any news or answer on this???

    I am SICK of facing thalassas everywhere, and not being able to have a single turn, because due to the crappy pvp system we have, she gets a special attack in almost every fight.
    Not to mention the nemesis survival dungeon, when I got killed for the second time in a row by her having special attack at first turn.
    Is it possible that nobody in SP, with minimum common sense , realizes how OP and toxic for the game she is??
    At least nerf the special attack!

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  • Gallofus

    There is no need to remove them, but they should be extremely difficult to see in a fight.
    I am speaking of having a 2-3%. It is a chance to flip the battle, but having 3 , 4 .... or when you drain stamina or activate cd from monsters it seems that the chance even goes up.
    Removes all the fun from pvp, which is really bad already (always has been, total failure from sp)

    You fight a totally op monster like thalassa, and She ALWAYS get a special, totally op one btw. Game over.

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  • Gallofus

    Ok, this is something not new at all, but I am just really fed up. The chances of getting special attacks are out of control.
    If they are really 10% then REDUCE THEM. I forgot when was the last time I didn’t get any special attack against me in wars or pvp. So many times I receive 3 and even more, for 4-5 round fights. That is insane because special skills are terribly op and destroy any strategy I had in mind.

    They are game-changers, which it’s fine, but they should be very very rare to see in a fight. Not like it is now. I am starting to think that I should use monsters in pvp with super op specials...probably I would have more chances of getting points in defense given the current terribly-implemented pvp system we have. Who cares skills, who cares any strategy....

    They should have a very very minimal chance. Right now, doing pvp or wars is just a pain, something awful to do... and this is one of the main reasons.
    Can you please fix this situation once for all????

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  • Gallofus

    Please reduce the chance of specials. It is almost impossible to have a fight without at least one, many times 3 or more. They affect too much the strategy. It is not good for the game at all

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  • Gallofus

    The same happening to me... using Ipad here

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  • Gallofus

    And players above 5k are there because they are mainly exploiting Zahra’s bug. so sad.
    The pvp system is worse than ever, it is a nightmare to try to get some points. So frustrating, so poorly designed. It would be great to improve your testing, after several years maybe it is the moment........


    • Start calculating a pvp personal rating based in the team used to attack and to defend. Lvl of monsters, runes, relics. Kind of specific MP. This is way more fair than calculating things based on the league. There are many people really strong in lower positions.

    • Calculate the points based on that team MP mentioned before. If I win someone with 130 monsters, full diamond relics and X runes with i.e a team of 115s, gold relics and a few VII runes, I should win way more than in a similar mp fight. It requires much more effort and the win is way more valuable. Reward it!!
      And exactly the oposite: someone attacking an opponent way weaker, should get a lower score. He is going for the easy way, there should be some penalties for that. Doesn’t matter in which league they are.
      Leagues should be just a way to match other oponents.
      IT IS COMMON SENSE, in my opinion ofc.

    • introduce new mechanisms, like winning spree or losing strike. If someone wins more and more consecutive fights, a bonus is added consecutively, so the one defeating this player gets extra points. The same with consecutive defending victories. Revenges are out of this, because you are not selecting someone based on their team mp.

    • And the oposite system with consecutivce loses atracking or defending. A negative bonus starts to be accumulated so the points lost are reduced from a certain point of consecutive loses. Protects the weak persons to be attacked every second if they give almost no points.

    • Do something with succesful defenses on revenges. Something minor but at least take them into account.

    • Introduce titles, icons, specific rewards, distinctions, some notorious achievements that anyone can look into someone’s profile and say “wow. This person is a beast in pvp. Look those achievements. Look that record of wins against much stronger adversaries, look that winning spree record of 34-0, look that prestigious and difficult medal, title, profile icon,whatever.... “ dunno, something. This works really well in any game.

    • Implement new changes/rewards every change of season,specific seasonal rewards, limited events , etc

    I can have much more new ideas, as many people here. But with these are enough... at least try to use common sense and transform this pvp system into something funny, challenging and rewarding!! Not a nightmare to play, not a source of easy resources for the same players over and over with almost no effort.
    It requires work and effort to change this? Yes. But once it is done, you will get very nice feedbacks, credits, good feelings, new players, more money at the end, but in a good way. Win - Win.
    Reward bravery, punish cowardy.

    Balance it, change it, instroduce new and logical mechanics. The source of money you get from pvp should not be that relevant to decide leaving it the way you do. Always. It is REALLY bad in every single way.

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  • Gallofus

    Zahra needs for sure a buff in the skills. If we look only at the skills , she doesn’t look like a warmaster.

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