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    Sp is a disgrace of company. Cannot understand how people keep spending money with such a company running the game. I play other mobile games and this is the worst company I ever seen, by far.. I mean, by FAR. they give nothing, they treat us like sh,it, giving ridiculous offers, prizes, events.. taking away everything good silently, slowly... every good thing is disappearing bit a bit. Greediness like I have never seen.
    They screwed up dozens of times, in other games they always give good compensations. Here I remember one time giving 5 gems lol
    And lets not talk about the game itself.. boring and ridiculous events with ridiculous prizes , wars and pvp are a joke now.... i cannot regret more to have spent in this rubbish... c’est la vie

    And of course the censorship.. in other games people can express their opinions or complaints. Here we have only this forum where if you say something against them thr message will be deleted asap. What a shame.

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  • Gallofus

    Omg, the people not spending a single penny in the game, are all the time complaining.
    You don't spend money and still you want to have everything.
    It is your choice. If you don't get vips and nemesis, then assume the consequences and stop the crying. Having vips and nemesis in a different book?? so if there is a war with vip or nemesis, you won't be able to fill up that position?
    Omg... just stop the complains and deal with reality. If you don't spend a single penny in the game, it is your decision and your problem. Don't try to ruin the ones that are actually spending some money.
    Is Samael flying? yes
    Is Samael a kind of spirit? yes
    Is Samael Exclusive? yes
    People complaining about variety, where you see Thetys almost everywhere (because it is free and nobody complains about this one)
    Should a player spending money have some advantages over you? OF COURSE. it's common sense!

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  • Gallofus

    Special skill needs to be changed. It is a 30$ nemesis. It NEEDS to be changed @Carlos

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    @PredakingX . It never suprises me how people not spending a single penny are complaining about others doing so, and asking for all things to be free and not being in disadvantage.
    It is your choice, ok? You dont spend money, fine. But if I do, OF COURSE I expect to have advantages over you.

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  • Gallofus

    The tickets support for this game is lmost as bad as their deployments/testing.
    I wouldn’t expect any compensation from this company, to be honest. Let’s hope I am wrong

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  • Gallofus

    The offers that we use to see in the game, if you have been playing this for a while and know the costs, are kinda bad. Some of them are horrible, a rip-off.
    Are there people really spending money in these crappy offers?

    examples in euros, for dollars is a bit better, but still bad:

    Monster+2700gems+lvl IX or sometimes lvl X rune for 110euros = where is the offer?.
    Assuming everybody only purchases gems when they are on offer (which happens all the time) -> 1700 gems = 55 euros. So, we can say that more or less 31gems are 1 euro.
    Legendaries, if you wait, will be on sale for 250 gems. That’s around 8 euros for legendary (as you see, this game is pretty expensive). If it is a premiere one, will be 300 gems aprox. That’s almost 10 euros for a premiere monster. LvlX runes use to be at offer for 345 gems from time to time. Every month you have this offer, I would say. And there are runeX offers that put the price even lower. So one lvl X rune is around 11 euros, normally. (Crazy price if you think about it). 2700 gems are around 87 euros.
    87+11+8= 106 euros.
    The “offer” is 110 euros. Sometimes a lvl IX rune is offered instead a X. Where is the bargain that would make people really think about it?
    Yes, you can argue that with this you just have a monster like flamerion right now, and you don’t have to wait for offers.... but still. Offers by SP are way FAR from attractive, at least to me.

    Chest 300 gems right now, you can get a “cool” monster, and a rune (up to lvl 3) , a few epic cells and a small amount of food. What a joke. There are monsters in this lottery like Varuna (pretty shitty nowadays) and others that have been offered and rewarded several times.

    Now another super offer, for 1000 gems a chest with all monsters in chapter 4 Dragons. (Even the reward for completing the chapter is a joke) 8 monsters, but I would say only 1 (maybe 2?) can be useful nowadays. The rest are junk. People would say, but for 1000 gems, the price of each of those 8 monsters is super nice. Error. It is not. Spending gems in such outdated and weak monsters is a waste. You can spend those 1k gems in way better ways these days in order to improve.

    The king of the gems event, again ridiculous bonus. Yeah, you get them for “free” if you are willing to spend gems, but still... it is a really poor offer, 0 attractive for most of us. (There was a time that they gave 3 lvl X runes, probably before the greedy Two Times company arrived. That was an offer that may people think into purchasing gems).

    How many times I see a 3 monster pack for 600 gems, where 2 could be nice but they include a crappy outdated one, or a breedable one? Come on..... I feel like this kind of “offers” are really dishonest, trying to catch up new players, or kids, I guess.

    I could continue with a lot of ”offers” that we are given normally, and they are less and less attractive, and the willing to spend money in this game is almost inexistant for many of us.

    +another point+ as I already mentioned before, if you do some calculations like I did, this game is very very VERY expensive. The prices are totally out of control.
    For 50 euros/bucks you can purchase a brand new game, just as an example. Sp should really think in lowering the gems price. It is just ridiculous right now. They removed the cheaper price from facebook, really bad moves that show desperation and greediness.

    What do you (players) think? Anyone out there buying these “offers”?

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  • Gallofus

    My resume of pvp lately:

    I start for example in Legend IV, my opponents all Legend II, luckily a few legend III Full of nemesis /warmasters 130, max level diamond relics. Refresh... at least 2 are the same opponents as before. Repeat until no more refreshes left. So , normally, I have to fight one of the initial opponents I didn’t want to.
    My monsters are 120. Start the fight. I use aoe... miss miss miss, maybe some hits. Opponent attacks... normally all hits. I attack again, miss miss miss. He gets special attack. My monsters cc’ed, probably one down. He gets another special attack... if any of my monsters survives, guess what? Attack and usually.. yeah, thats it. Another damn miss. Enemy finishes me off (maybe getting another special attack?)

    I manage to win several fights, but it is so damn ridiculous. And when I win, i get 20 points vs these much higher opponents. I get attacked by them, I lose 30 or more.

    Pve is boring as hell... always same dungeons, same things.
    Some survival dungeon events as new content, but ofc very difficult to succeed.
    Rewards being reduced slowly...
    Did anyone notice that there are no more discount events to unlock rune slots, for example? Yeah... another hidden greedy trick from sp.
    They screw it so badly with unilateral changes like the cc change, and they give... change of skills for gold and 50% gems price to remove runes during a couple of weeks... LOL! That greedy attitude always....

    So, resuming: Pvp is a nightmare, only brings me bad feelings. Pve is extremely boring. Rewards are a joke (not to mention gold and food dungeons for high levels....roulette rewards...lol) pay to win everywhere... overwhelming number of stupid sales , “offers” every day, breeding events are a scam, 72h events are a joke, team wars /races unfair most of the times...

    There are a few improvements/good things, but the bad things/mistakes/bad decisions/greediness/bugs/hidden scams, etc are winning by far, at least it is my feeling.

    I can continue... but why bothering... the future seems really bad. The joy to play this game is getting smaller and smaller each week.

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  • Gallofus

    And players above 5k are there because they are mainly exploiting Zahra’s bug. so sad.
    The pvp system is worse than ever, it is a nightmare to try to get some points. So frustrating, so poorly designed. It would be great to improve your testing, after several years maybe it is the moment........


    • Start calculating a pvp personal rating based in the team used to attack and to defend. Lvl of monsters, runes, relics. Kind of specific MP. This is way more fair than calculating things based on the league. There are many people really strong in lower positions.

    • Calculate the points based on that team MP mentioned before. If I win someone with 130 monsters, full diamond relics and X runes with i.e a team of 115s, gold relics and a few VII runes, I should win way more than in a similar mp fight. It requires much more effort and the win is way more valuable. Reward it!!
      And exactly the oposite: someone attacking an opponent way weaker, should get a lower score. He is going for the easy way, there should be some penalties for that. Doesn’t matter in which league they are.
      Leagues should be just a way to match other oponents.
      IT IS COMMON SENSE, in my opinion ofc.

    • introduce new mechanisms, like winning spree or losing strike. If someone wins more and more consecutive fights, a bonus is added consecutively, so the one defeating this player gets extra points. The same with consecutive defending victories. Revenges are out of this, because you are not selecting someone based on their team mp.

    • And the oposite system with consecutivce loses atracking or defending. A negative bonus starts to be accumulated so the points lost are reduced from a certain point of consecutive loses. Protects the weak persons to be attacked every second if they give almost no points.

    • Do something with succesful defenses on revenges. Something minor but at least take them into account.

    • Introduce titles, icons, specific rewards, distinctions, some notorious achievements that anyone can look into someone’s profile and say “wow. This person is a beast in pvp. Look those achievements. Look that record of wins against much stronger adversaries, look that winning spree record of 34-0, look that prestigious and difficult medal, title, profile icon,whatever.... “ dunno, something. This works really well in any game.

    • Implement new changes/rewards every change of season,specific seasonal rewards, limited events , etc

    I can have much more new ideas, as many people here. But with these are enough... at least try to use common sense and transform this pvp system into something funny, challenging and rewarding!! Not a nightmare to play, not a source of easy resources for the same players over and over with almost no effort.
    It requires work and effort to change this? Yes. But once it is done, you will get very nice feedbacks, credits, good feelings, new players, more money at the end, but in a good way. Win - Win.
    Reward bravery, punish cowardy.

    Balance it, change it, instroduce new and logical mechanics. The source of money you get from pvp should not be that relevant to decide leaving it the way you do. Always. It is REALLY bad in every single way.

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  • Gallofus

    How is POSSIBLE that with all the proofs given SP does not ban him forever?????? The management is starting to be pathetic in this game.

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  • Gallofus

    so GLAD about this movement with 0 stamina that can counter Thetys. Too many " free " 130 Thethys in the game. If you choose to not pay, good. But if by paying a good quantity of money, you get better monsters, just assume it. It is completely normal. Free players are giving almost nothing to the company and business. A company without income would disappear and therefore bye bye to the game.
    So if you are the typical player who doesn't want to spend money and get everything for free, forget about it. Pay and get Samael, or don't. But please stop complaining

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  • Gallofus

    i have been defeated several times by players with lvl 100 monsters and runes V max (i'm in legendary IV , 110-115 monsters, lvlX runes, way better combinations), normal monsters, one with no real deniers. I guess FB attacks are again vs un-runed monsters. this game starts to suck. Since the company was sold to TT is going down and down... terrible decisions, terrible management, support, bugs everywhere... I wont spend a single penny anymore

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  • Gallofus

    New season begins, and A LOT of people in top possitions already with 5k points, almost all with them abusing about this issue.
    Thanks for your brilliant reaction (again) to this issue and ruining also the new pvp season within 1 hour of its starting.

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  • Gallofus

    I am having the same issue. I buy a lot of Common monsters to hatch them, I get no hatching item ever. What is going on here?

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  • Gallofus

    His defensive skill is returning back all attacks, like mirror. Not the dmg done to him as it should be, at least with AOEs

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  • Gallofus

    @VargRanger not in this one. The combinations are already leaked in taringa.


    Also keep in mind that is almost a fact that SP has reduced the chance of breeding events in a hidden way (some calculations indicate around 1%-2% chance now)

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  • Gallofus

    It is not just the ridiculous small chance of success that they are giving now, the problem is when you finally breed a legendary MANY times, you just get one of the legendaries used in the breeding.
    In this VIP event I spent some gems and got 3 legendaries, for example. All of them were crap used in the breeding (nemestrinus, darkzgul, Lord of Atlantis, all breedable of course)
    This is really pathetic. This company really gets on my nerves.

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  • Gallofus

    @carlos AOE effect skills are missing A LOT now vs higher level monsters, the penalty is way higher than before. Also normal attacks vs higher lvl monsters are a nightmare (120 vs 130). Xiron is missing like never before, but the defender lands everything.
    I dont have the maths here, but as a very frequent pvp player I can say that missing rate is not normal. It is easier to miss than to hit. (Try with Faraday Obscure... if you land all aoe effects is like winning the lottery)
    Pvp is so bad and unfair right now... no need to add more furstrating issues like this one.
    Not to mention the amount of special attacks vs me I get last months is insane too (10% chance.....are we sure?)
    Something is not working. I have been claiming this a long time ago. Specially vs higher lvl monsters.

    Note: I did some adventure attacks, using xiron and faraday (both 120) vs higher monsters. Hit auto/attack and watched several fights. The amount of misses is insane, even vs monsters with no effect resistance traits.

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  • Gallofus

    @Stvrox This is one of the worst things. This decision is terrible but apparently many people are buying those stupid chests and not helping in this matter at all.
    The chest concept, which is a repulsive concept in a game full of kids/teenagers, it's even worst in many situations because the chances to get prices are not written anywhere (i.e chances to get a 4*monster?? - has anyone got one ever??)
    Besides, the chests that they claim there is a 50% chance, for example, is there any way to check that in fact is that chance in the code? Is anyone actually able to audit these things?

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  • Gallofus

    Zahra needs for sure a buff in the skills. If we look only at the skills , she doesn’t look like a warmaster.

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  • Gallofus

    Ok, this is something not new at all, but I am just really fed up. The chances of getting special attacks are out of control.
    If they are really 10% then REDUCE THEM. I forgot when was the last time I didn’t get any special attack against me in wars or pvp. So many times I receive 3 and even more, for 4-5 round fights. That is insane because special skills are terribly op and destroy any strategy I had in mind.

    They are game-changers, which it’s fine, but they should be very very rare to see in a fight. Not like it is now. I am starting to think that I should use monsters in pvp with super op specials...probably I would have more chances of getting points in defense given the current terribly-implemented pvp system we have. Who cares skills, who cares any strategy....

    They should have a very very minimal chance. Right now, doing pvp or wars is just a pain, something awful to do... and this is one of the main reasons.
    Can you please fix this situation once for all????

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  • Gallofus

    You can expect anything for such a company like SP.... the worst company I have seen in any game I played by far. But this... this is even ilegal.
    They better revert this or me and many other people will stop paying a single dime anymore.
    It’s pathetic and beyond any line.

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