• Geriel Hero Infante

    With 696 dragons to collect, and less than 200 breedable dragons, can't you accommodate us and make at least the first +/- 280 dragons breedable. This is a quite reasonable request if you think it through. With nothing to breed, the game is slightly boring.

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  • Geriel Hero Infante

    Kon'nichiwa ^_^
    I played this game for around 4 years or more but I encountered a problem in this game. Last time I've got 287 gems in my game ... After I go to school and opened the DC app, it decreased to 138 gems. I think that's a bug or something and I want to get my gems back!!! I've collected all those gems every day since last month from time to time in the video island 😔
    Please help me ...
    It's so hard to collect and wait to buy the next island but then almost half of my gems disappeared? HELP!

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