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    Edit: Removing this post for many reasons. First it is Fyber and if you are having issues with them then you should contact them directly or take your concerns directly to Social Point via their in game support system. Second, these are surveys by outside companies so if you choose to do them then you should be aware of which ones you are selecting and which companies you are giving your personal information. Third, none of them are installing anything onto your device. If you are having something installed onto your device it is because you allowed this or agreed to this.

    Now with all that said, I do not participate in the survey feature because while you may pick legitimate companies to complete their surveys, these companies also sell your information to other companies and you could end up with a lot of spam in your email. The few times I have done them I have used a "junk" email address so that my true email is not bombarded with this junk. I also have not done any that require me to enter any personal information. Sorry this is one of those buyer beware situations and you should have been very aware of what you were giving them

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