• Greninjaman98

    Heres is my idea for a Future Master of paths event. (Note) This is only a concept idea. It has not been confirmed as of now.

    Path 1: Al canine (Date: 20 october to october 22nd

    Path 2: Imigbo (Date October 22nd to october 24th

    Path 3: Dunn ra (Exclusive) (Date 25- 29th)

    Path 4 Xiron the Ruby (Exclusive 30th to 31st

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  • Greninjaman98

    Heres mine

    Books: LIda (LTB) Dragon Book, Good legions, Elite
    Relic slots: Sword and Essence
    Traits: Triple damage against monsters from the Dragon book. all friendly monsters Begin battle with Evasion

    Skills for monster

    Ultimate: exiled dragon's revenge: Deals Insanly high light damage to all enemy monsters, Applies bleeding and sunburn to all enemies
    Base attack-50 accuracy 100%

    Default moves

    exiled dragon punch- does low physical damage
    Long spear- Deals low light damage
    Dragon kick- Deals low physical damage
    Dragon headbutt- Deals moderate light damage applies stun to one enemy

    Move set 1
    Levels 7, 10 and 15

    Dragon slash - Deals moderate Special damage to one enemy. Applies Bleeding to one enemy. Gives 1 extra turn to itself. Requires cooldown. turn STA- 10
    Quick Slash - Deals high special damage to one enemy. Gives 1 extra turn to itself
    Dragon Assistance Applies Stamina Regeneration and regeneration to all allies.

    Move set 2
    levels: 20, 25, 30, 45, 55, 60, 75, 85 and 90

    Dragon shield - Applies a 100% shield to all alies and applies double damage to itself. Requires cooldown. STA- 40 Cooldown 4 turns
    Dragon spear - Deals massive Special damage to one enemy. Gains as much life as damage dealt. Requires Cooldown Base attack-30 STA 27 Cooldown 3 turns
    Light claws - Deals Heavy Light damage to all enemys. makes all enemys super weak to light and special attacks STA- 20 Cooldown 3 turns
    Dragon rip - Deals Massive special damage to one enemy. applies bleeding to one enemy. Requires cooldown STA- 30 Cooldown 3 turns

    Move set 3
    levels: 35, 40, 50, 65, 70, 80, 95 and 100
    Dragon bite: Does moderate light damage to one enemy
    Knights shield: Applies a 50% shield to itself, Applies damage boost to itself. requires cooldown. Cooldown 4 turns, STA 40
    Knights honor: Applies Regeneration and damage boost to all allies
    Spear bombardement: Does heavy Special damage to all enemys. Applies Bleeding to all enemies

    Move set 4
    Only for each rank up

    Rank 1: Dragon Clash- Does heavy light damage to all enemies
    Rank 2: Dragon tail- Does Insane special damage to all enemes May stun all enemys
    Rank 3: Call of dragons- Does insanly heavy Light damage to all enemys, Applies triple damage to itself. requires cooldown. stamina 50 cooldown: 60
    Rank 4: Knightly slash- Does moderate Special damage to one enemy. Applies bleeding to one enemy
    Rank 5: Knighly dragon- Does Heavy light damage to all enemys. Applies Fire weakness and burning to all enemys

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  • Greninjaman98

    I've done a task for the game Lords mobile in monsterwood and i didn't get my gems for it please help

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  • Greninjaman98

    None of my team is getting their team rewards after the recent season finished

    it just reads


    -No trophy amount
    -No rank and No reward

    Please help

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  • Greninjaman98

    @jaybird or maybe just increase the level of habitats

    Normal habitats to level 12
    Legendary habitats to level 8

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  • Greninjaman98

    Does anyone else think Social point should extend the Trial period of the Premium Pass so that it equals to a month

    (An extra 27 days)

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  • Greninjaman98

    Dear socialPoint

    Do you think you could make Plethodon breedable at somepoint please

    alt text

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