• Gustavo victor de Araújo Félix

    @bettina-löffler Look at my post again I put the list of 500 players I mentioned

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  • Gustavo victor de Araújo Félix

    I come with this list, from us Dragon city players. This text was made by over 500 players. You will have proof of what I say. For years we've been waiting for updates that have been left out. For years we waited and we gave this time, waiting for our online pvp. Ancient world, and so many other projects abandoned by you. We are feeling the game completely abandoned. Events are repetitive. The game has been without any updates we've asked for for over 6 years. We saw everything we asked for implemented in Monster Legends, and we stood aside as if it didn't matter. That said, I bring our claims. We're just tired of an "updates coming soon". We're tired of all the novelty of being a dragon copy of another. We want a definitive position from SP. We want deadlines. We urgently want these updates. I know you can. They've done it on Monster Legends. What remains to be done here. We deserve it.

    • Add online battle system.

    • Update from the old world.

    • End of level limit in friends challenge. We want friends' challenges not to limit the level of dragons to LV 40.

    • Online PVP by request. We want to be able to invite our friends to a 1v1 online battle.

    • Competition of alliances with prizes etc.

    • More availability of exchange essences. (Increase the amount in the alliance chest and allow it to be purchased at the store)

    • Phaun's Tower Update. Its "benefit" is so ridiculously insignificant. (Significantly increase the odds).

    • New events, not just remakes. New event forms besides just winning dragons.

    • Events in the ancient world.

    • New ways to get points in events, no more Puzzle, Runner, among others.

    • Valuing dragons of all rarities, with rarity battle events, among other things that make them useful.

    • Alliance competition event.

    • Dragon Mastery Update; runes and others, for strengthening dragons.

    • We want to change the Dragon Rescue key system. End of keys for all dragons. Keep only the necessary time for waiting, 7 days. (Completing or not, wait 7 days to redeem again.)

    We want all the updates we've asked for all these years, and we've seen them added to Monster Legends while we're just sticking to the promise.

    We urgently want these changes.

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