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    My Deepest condolences to her family 😞 . She will be missed

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    Feel totally free to lock it if you want .. if it is no more a feedback

    i am done here . i expressed mine and read others ....

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    Hi and welcome to forum πŸ™‚

    Sadly this is wide spread bug and sp aware of it . you will need to send a support ticket to sp about it . this is how

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    Hi and welcome to forum πŸ™‚

    i saw this problem before few times and it was due to double fire temple ?
    so you have one or more ?

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    @Fox said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    . This means that we have to put out new monsters that are worth the effort you put in. This has proven to be more complicated with more monsters we release, and we don't want to repeat ourselves too much either. In the end, without unnecessary changes, the gameplay system could crumble like a jenga tower while we try to create new skills/traits/status effects/etc on top of each other.

    So fox If this is the cause Does this mean

    1- you will not try to create new skills\trait or state effects ?! which will lead to boring game as you said .. the game need to move forward or you mean

    2- that this will be like a trend later .. after a while when there is too much skills\traits/status effects the game will go a revamp by destroy the old game system to prevent its crumble ??

    Either was is broken in my eye

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    You keep mention healthy game . so what about the happy players ?
    your say make me remember surgeon when they say
    "The operation was successful but the patient died "

    So what long term f2p players should feel like this change ?

    mmm just imagine that your 3 fully ranked Tenacity Shield that give you 90k point at start of battle . imagin sp changed their perk and action so like when wearer life is below 75% so 500 damage to attacker !! and this to k=keep game healthy . 90k point of protection by just entering battle is not fair -- really no sarcastic here -- what will you do with your relics ??? actually you can still feed them to the new shiny toy you will get and rank the new diamond to lv 18 .... oops even the the example was ruined cause you already mid way ranking your new relic

    Now a player with 130 monster ? what can we do ? extract for fatty 10 elemental cell ??? change skills ? really will this compensate for the changes .. and does every monster has a replacement skill set that can change the monster rule or action in wars ?!

    you already have many maxed diamond and gold relic . 64 fully ranked legendary right now ... you can rank more at a whim if needed ... so yes for you this will be amazing change ,, new meta and new strategy who doesn't love this

    Yo know what . Imagin if SP changed EVERY monster relic and skills and traits . it would be the ultimate amazing game .. imagine the thrill ti explorer and test a whole bunch of monsters and come up with totally new strategies . too bad i will not be around to see that day .. but as long as sp keep releasing Op monsters then they realized their own mess and try to fix it who know it may come true

    As for chained locked denial . Really as if enemy traits is not working at all ... for example i use baba with her aoe possess and it is rare to land on 3 monsters this is why i use stamina drain .. if i am sure the possess will land i will not drain enemy stamina and let it hit each other

    And even if we have some broken locked chain denier .. this could be solved by a relic that increase monster own resistance . new monster that can increase self or whole team resistance or new war master or even an event monster with shared increased resistance ... but sp took the easy not fair way ..

    For f2p this is poisonous game change not healthy at all

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    consistency Healthy game or whatever

    This can be done 2 ways

    1- introduce something new like how SP dealt with voltaik and thetys .. Introducing a new trait - anticipation - relic system without touching the monster itself
    2- just nerf """ balance "" those 2 monsters and change skills after months\years of release

    I was really happy that SP did it 1st way ..i am ok with meta change for healthier game and at same time without destroying what i was working on

    Now the best summary is what carlos himself said before ""Easiest solution but also not fair "" ....
    it take me as ftp nearly 5-6 months to save gems enough to rank 1 monster ! so i can get 2 fully ranked monsters with gems per year ,,it is a headache choosing what to rank and this is based on current traits ,skills info and on what sp officially said before so after a year sp just take the word back and introduce a new rule is my main biggest problem

    What grantee that those rule will not change again ?! if the official confirmation is not that reliable .. Every time sp mess up things instead of proper fix they will just re change rules to make game healthy , balanced etc

    If this really go live i think i will just quit the game . it is not a strategy game anymore ..and i am not a cash player where i can just throw few packs to get the right monsters for the current meta . i know ranking monsters for some is just few clicks but for me it is 5-6 months of painful saving

    Thanks SP

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    Unify MEGA - control skills and protections:

    Stun Immunity (Status and Trait) will block Stun and Mega Stun.

    Do you know what was the selling point of monster like brontes for example ?! it is his mega stun that work against immune to stun trait

    Freeze Immunity (Status and Trait) will block Freeze and Mega Freeze.

    Why some went after mega freez monsters ?? cause it can land on freez immune

    Possession Immunity (Status and Trait) will block Regular Possessions / Won’t block Exclusive Possessions (Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked).

    So nothing to protect against Exclusive after many worked so hard to get and rank them and that after official confirmation about it !!!!

    lets see what carlos think about this [here](lhttps://forums.socialpointgames.com/post/21118


    Mountain (Trait) will block Stun, Mega Stun, Freeze and Mega Freeze.

    So after a year of officially clear rule explaining and players getting & ranking monsters based on that official info all this just changed !!!

    I am totally disappointed in this changes , how can i strategies my moves and what monster to get and rank in the game is changing like that and if i cant depend on the official info anymore !!

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