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    Hi : )

    This is the new tutorial for how to send a ticket - Based on our Hero's one Jerry999 -

    1St From Mobile:

    Look for the "options" button at the top right corner of the game.
    Then click FAQ
    You will find many help topics ,you can search for the problem and try the suggested solution

    If the suggested solution didn't work scroll down to the question "" Was this helpful ?""" and choose No
    So Contact us will appear

    then choose proper category usually report bug
    and notice you can attach screenshots

    - Describe your issue with as much detail as possible. Just sending "It does not work" does not really help support finding the exact issue. You can tell them :

    • When is happened
    • Buttons your pressed
    • Is it happening to a specific building or dragon or all of them
    • What steps have you tried to see if you can solve it

    Be as detailed as you can. The more information they have, the easier it is for them to try and reproduce it

    Ask politely and note that Support get hundreds of tickets daily so give them proper time to process your ticket ,, Also they don't work on weekends"


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    Note sure where to begin with but

    1- How to get a relic

    For nearly 2 years i always thought that the lab idea was the worst one we ever had but finally SP broke the record and introduced gambling machine\ blindly buy strategy feature 😕 ..... DO you think it is OK to put the relic in those gambling chests ! random rarity and random relic !!

    " relic chest " with 3 prizes , 1 of them a guaranteed relic for 95 gems
    so if i got a useless bronze relic that i already have and have no use for it then it is legit ,, Even the highest chest for 985 you get 5 relic and nothing confirmed to be diamond you may get 3 gold and 2 bronze !! even the monster chest is misleading --- will not say cheating --- starter chest with 1 TOP prize monster guaranteed and some got stoirm or gowler both are epic and nearly evey player was around their event time got them !! legit

    I will not go spend my hard earned gems on this blind feature , even many heavy cash players -- who didn't quit yet -- refuse to so , only when i have billions of gems and sever brain injury i will but wait we have a free chest
    a-Free chest every 6 hours
    at first i though this will be free players friendly option to get a relic ,i got the feature 4 days ago and since then i got 0 - ZERO - relic from it . instead i got level 1 rune 3 times ,, imagine setting a timer and after 6 hours you get lv 1 rune ,, the relic is open for level 30 and up do you think even level 30 player will welcome a level 1 rune !!! i know others got some relic from this chest so the biggest problem here is the luck\blind factor ..it is not fair that i don't get anything from it while others get some and as we speak about lucky factor here is
    b-monsterwood chests
    SP must know by now that many players have issue with monsterwood ,, and as it offer ads based on geographical location some players have no hope with it and yet so decided to give us chest this way ,, why not a dungeon for example which be available to all players equally

    Regarding this point -- i mean how to get a relic --
    i unsterstand you want it to be a long time feature so no direct sale but current format is a quit one not long term , what about

    • make the free chest every 24 h with guaranteed bronze relic like monsterwood chests , so 1 relic a day is nothing we need 40 to get a fully --lowest rarity-- fully leveled up , every players have to cover 9 elemental and 14 book with L monsters and each monster require 2 relic so even if we are able to get 1 fully leveled relic per month it is still nothing and give you at least 2 years of longevity but it is something free players can work one instead of waiting for luck charm to hit them
    • relic dungeon
    • relic in monthly calendar

    If we compare relic with rune ,, cash players go for X level while free players have the long and hard way of crafting , and probably stop at level 6 but at least they have away ,,,all i want is a way for relic , i am not saying diamond or gold as free i know very well my tire those are just like vip and nemesis but give me something to fight back with

    2-Relic compatibility with monsters

    At first i said sure this was to prevent op monsters even become more and to give less powerful monsters a chance but is really any thoughts about how this was set , Did every monster was analyzed to see his weakness , strength then assign something to it , From what i see it was all random some monsters like Holter ,shalinnar ,shannara uria rofl and many others have Duplicated relic type ! cant you even tell the app who randomly assign this to prevent same type on same monster ,,, My nishant specially is bleed but he is not compatible with sword .i have exhausting sword that benefit him but no he has mask and banner which both has nothing to do with bleed ,SO random buying , random relic and in the end non compatible !!!! while nemesis can have urial relic easily !!

    either revamp the relic type per monsters - one by one - so more logical choices or even open it up this will make over powered monsters even more but at least free players can use their relic and when cash vs free clash happens it will not matter that much , the result is know

    3-First patch
    i was shocked to see carlos talking about first patch of relic !! so relic will be like monsters continuous release and each patch is more powerful than the others or it will not be sold so how players should adapt to those patches
    as i said even if i got a relic a day it will take years to cover my monsters and while doing that and even before reaching my goal there is a new patch ..aren't monsters , nemesis and what come after that enough ? why not treat relic like rune release all types at once and let players build strategy on how to get and level them .. this word first patch make me realize it is a waste of time feature
    i don't want to invest time , resources as leveling up require food into something that will become useless midway cause of new patch , At least in monster case i will use that monster and it will fulfill his role before i think about buying another one
    either release the rest now so players can see what they need and start building their own leveled relic or make current patch the last one

    4-Relic visibility in pvp
    they are visible in wars so wars are not totally messed up -- but it is -- but in pvp it is a bigger problem ,,, first we have matching problems where most players battle more far stronger ones with nemesis and vip and now relic ,, and it even prevent you of making in-battle strategy like who to target first , one of my friends had to kill enemy team 3 times thanks to uriel Op relic ,, so it was like 3 vs 9 monsters , fair isn't it ,,,PVP may survived without seeing rune but donot think it will now
    make rune and relic visible again , carlos said it will bring spice to battle but sir this is too much spice which messed up the mean completely

    5-Relic and players quit
    I hope SP will re prioritize the game issue before releasing new features especially if it is bottom-less gem hole like relic
    you released for example an earth nemesis with bugged skills , and even cash players bought it as they thought fixing will be matter of hours but guess what their monster is still bugged and sp was focusing on new feature ! do you expect the same players to ignore his monsters and say lets buy again !! carlos list of bugs are really long and keep getting longer but yet you put relic first ! many iconic players quit , more are coming , other prepare a petition
    other arrange boycott and i am sure your answer will be probably the new magic nemesis !

    So far i played this game for teamwar and as events get harder i didn't care as i can still war ,, i don't play islands,maze,pvp - except last season -breed even but if team war are going to be totally unbalanced maybe it is my quit time as well

    prioritize the bug fixing , improve pvp matching system and we asked many time for war league system , every thing make elite players more stronger and free players more weaker and crushable

    Sorry for the long post .

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi all 0_1519458073211_smile 2.png
    Hope this guide can make events more easier to accomplish and answer some FAQ . this guide cover progressive , Maze and 72 hour challenge Events

    Pools ! what is it ?0_1519461189439_1818.png

    Lets take an example with pvp

    • The max number of attacks you can have at any time is 3 . this equal pool capacity so pvp pool is 3
    • If you did 3 pvp attacks , you will have to wait 2 hours before you can do another attack .. the spwan time for pvp is 2 hours .and it will take 6 hours to fill the pool to max
    • what will happen if i waited more than 6 hours ?
      Nothing . the timer will be stopped and no more pvp attacks will be added to your game till you at least do 1 attack .

    1- Progressive Islands

    Monsters and rewards are placed in linear order so you canot pick your reward , you have to clear it Progressively and hence comes the name from .

    You have to do certain actions like collecting gold. feeding monsters , fighting ,breed or hatch to earn points , and every items has its own pools capacity and spawn timers so

    • Gold pool capacity is 6 and spawn time is 1h20m ---(Get full in 8 hours)
    • Feeding pool capacity is 4 and spawn time is 2 h ---( Get full in 8 hours)
    • breeding pool capacity is 1 and spawn time is 8 h ---( Get full in 8 hours)
    • hatching Pool capacity is 1 and spawn time is 8 h ---( Get full in 8 hours)

    So If event for example started at 1 Pm and first node require 22 gold.12 feed and 3 breed like the photo above how the event will go

    1 Pm : i will collect gold and feed and breed --- **See tips below** -- so i will get 6 gold items and 4 feed and 1 breed

    2 pm : if i repeated all the above action i will not get anything as all the pools are empty
    2:20 pm : there is new 1 item in gold pool so if i collect gold i can get 1 more gold items but feeding pool is still empty

    3 pm : there is a new item in feed pool so if i feed i can get 1 more feeding item
    3:40 : new 1 gold items is add to gold and so on

    **Confused !! how should i play this event ?0_1519462748367_0884.png

    No need to worry , this event is actually the least tiresome between the 3 events
    If you noticed all the pools are full after 8 hours . so all you need is to time your action
    In the above example .. when the event start go and collect gold . feed and breed till you have 6,4,1 items - Respectively - after that you can play the game your style but after 8 hours is passed repeat the above cycle so your items are 12,8,2 - Respectively - and so on ... This is 8 hours events so even lazy or busy players can do it by timing the logging every 8 hours

    Island Boost

    Sometimes we have it , So what does it mean ?
    it mean that every thing take 50% less time so during the boost

    • Collect Gold pool capacity is 6 and spawn time is 40m ---(Get full in 4 hours)
    • Feeding pool capacity is 4 and spawn time is 1 h ---( Get full in 4 hours)
    • breeding pool capacity is 1 and spawn time is 4 h ---( Get full in 4 hours)
    • hatching Pool capacity is 1 and spawn time is 4 h ---( Get full in 4 hours)

    Notice that the pool capacity is fixed , so during the boost it is 4 hours events not 8 hours one

    Tips and Tricks

    • The items drop is chance based . this mean 2 things

    1- all players are equal in those type of events --- of course if no gems spent0_1519463337527_0762.png --- so every one will get 6 gold items every 8 hours regardless the player level

    2- the items drop DOESN'T depend on the amount of gold collected or amount of food feeded or the length or quality of the breed

    • For gold items keep collecting every time you log to your game . or when the gold icon appear on habitat easy pesy

    • For feeding . to maximize the use of your food especially if you have nothing to feed then every 8 hours hatch some common - Firesaur for example 15 sec hatch - and feed it to level 10 .. if still not get your 4 items , sell and repeate
      If you already have something to feed , then it is perfect as no food is wasted here

    • For Breeding and hatch . again it is a a chance drop item so short combo are preferred ,, some combo that works for some players are pandaken one -- fire and nature common --- took 30 sec , or use treezard + thundenix 30 sec too

    3- if you got like 5 gold and 3 feed though you waited 8 hours , restarting the game and re collect and feed usually fix this . same for breed and hatch of course

    4-when you finish a node and start new one , the pools are full
    so you may get 6 gold.4 food.1 breed items and finish node with gems . then instantly again collect 6,4,1 items . Only fight timer is not reset with new nodes

    5- Though it is very old issue but i still see some players mention it ,it is about pool timer reset . Back in old days logging to game will cause that so we were forced not to touch our game for 8 hours , 1 login by mistake and you lose items but now there is no reset . log as much as you can 0_1519464568480_wink.png

    6- progressive island are impossible to finish without spending gems . So either progress totaly with 0 gems .. or decide you target and spend a little to get it or go all wild and finish it all if you like . It is up to you and usually in each event topic we have gem chart which help decide what to get and how much to Spend so make sure to check those

    Last . All feedback , suggestions and correction are welcomed so if you have any just comment so i can edit or add it

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  • Haka Taka

    @Carlos said in Relics are coming!:

    The assumption of that a Relic adds a skill, is not correct. It is not completely wrong, but not correct 🙂 (for example, they won't be taking in account when rolling a possession. They do not use energy. No accuracy, no cooldown. No tier unlock... )

    Of course not correct at all 😕 Relic add whole monster or more to your team

    with comeback relic you can fight 3 vs 4 monsters . combine it with ureil one and you are fighting 3 vs 6 or 9 monsters Totally fair

    Do you want Thetys in your team ? no need any more instead of a monster who must go first , use all his stamina to remove enemy's anf then hit by cd 4 turn no need any more ,,,players can add 2"" Avenging Energy Staff""
    which will move 2x66 stamina from whole enemy team for 2 turns !!

    The relic are broken over powered

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    2nd from Facebook :

    In Case you are playing only on PC , or you cant access your mobile game

    Click the Yellow link located beneath your game that says Help and Support.

    And notice your Facebook id is there too


    then you can browse the FAQ or search for your problem and try the suggested solutions
    if the suggested solution didn't work then click contact us
    then fill the form with all data required



    - Describe your issue with as much detail as possible. Just sending "It does not work" does not really help support finding the exact issue. You can tell them :

    • When is happened
    • Buttons your pressed
    • Is it happening to a specific building or dragon or all of them
    • What steps have you tried to see if you can solve it

    Be as detailed as you can. The more information they have, the easier it is for them to try and reproduce it

    Ask politely and note that Support get hundreds of tickets daily so give them proper time to process your ticket ,, Also they don't work on weekends"

    ** if your game is already connected to mobile device then you should send the ticket from the mobile instead as this give the support all the data they need to collect**

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  • Haka Taka

    Couldn't resist posting this 0_1515433606755_0762.png

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  • Haka Taka

    This is totally ridicules 0_1512415829995_0766.png
    Carlos stated many times that
    possession immune trait blocks normal possession only
    Abomination Trait blocks "Regular" and "Exclusive" possessions.
    possession immunity from skills blocks both regular and Exclusive possession

    This system stated by a game dev was used by players to build strategy and what to buy and rank so

    1- what was the idea of Abomination trait , players spends many gems and Elementium to rank Jasastur

    2- many bought nishant bodyguard just for her possession immunity skill !
    3-hackesters owners , glitch etc

    This is totally unacceptable , Carlos mention this only 2 months ago
    0_1512416440357_save 2.JPG

    Unbelievable sp are really making decision like that as if the current chaos is not enough

    WHY should i trust your word about coming ingenica and trait disable skills ,, maybe after spending gems to get her you will nerf her too and so on !

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi 🙂

    In case you are searching for a team you can post a little about yourself here
    your monsters levels , Rune levels , monster power Etc

    Good luck finding what you seek 🙂


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  • Haka Taka


    As a moderator my entry will not be counted But this doesn't mean that i can't celebrate Ml 4th Birthday with every one else


    Happy 4th birthday Ml .It was fated day when we met 1485 Days ago on 19 may 2013 . We went through a lot together since Alpha release till today . Some times you give me hard times but it is Ok cause i love you .Thanks to you i knew many amazing players from all over the world . Lets keep going on this Endless adventure

    0_1497048319069_4th bd.jpg

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  • Haka Taka

    Not sure of this update purpose 0_1505414071243_0756.png

    • many players have impossible 3 opponent so they have to refresh to get bit easier one
    • high rank players want opponent with the highest trophy so they refresh for that , i saw many photo where they got 3 opponent each with only 1 trophy !
    • sometimes it is fun to attack teammate or nemesis one 0_1505414304762_naughty.png . in other case you can test our defnces by making a friend attack and analysis ai behavior

    And in the first place we have many complains about pvp matching system and win\loss trophy ratio . So not sure why removing the refresh !

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  • Haka Taka

    What i wanted to see is bug fixing taking priority
    Usually with new features development bug fixing is delayed or ignored

    We have alot and keep increasing bugs regarding traits and skills , Think time to really address them all

    No point in updating monster info ,teamwar or pvp when monsters are not working as designed 0_1515098619751_wink.png

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  • Haka Taka


    Happy Birthday Ml & community
    5 Years of playing and going - hopefully - 0_1528142186046_teeth.png

    As for current event layout Why putting important candel like black one in most expensive cards group in 72 h challange , this challnage is an anger point for many players and we complained many times about it without any changes so many - including me - are just ignoring it .. While mid-level players finish it 3 times in 6 or 12 hours and got 9 monsters and resources

    Before i tried every thing . like growing food hourly , spam breeding , collecting gold and couldnot flip for 2 L .. 1 if i am lucky so i think most high level players will not get red and black candle for this .... we said before that maybe sp try to balance power scale by giving mid players ranked monsters .. maybe it is a trap to force those players to level up . but now this candel position block us from getting the needed candles to get the birthday monster and relic events afterword

    In many companies if it is the game BD ,they will handle new monster and resources totally free to celebrate but sp way is do an event and i don't mind but by this the event is Turing from enjoyable event to stressful\ impossible one ..Not to mention that we will have to move on 4 paths on next maze to get the rest of candles . my idea about DB event is it should be doable for every one with medium effort as a celebration but not to go playing hardcore to get the monster ...

    Unless Sp prepare us a surprise -- that are not mentioned in fox post -- like monster wood event or handing out candlelemenium lol then i will have to pass on this event sadly ... i have no use for the DB monster but as a player since first day it hurt not to get this especial monster

    And No i didnot forget about chests but i will never go gambling and buy blindly .Never thought that i will hate anything in game more than the lab but chests are winner now 😕

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  • Haka Taka


    My Deepest condolences to her family 😞 . She will be missed

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  • Haka Taka

    I think teamwar matchmaking problems can be fixed by using league system

    • Golden league : teams with ranked monster and high rune to clash with each others
    • Silver league : non ranked monster - level 100 -and rune from 1 to X
    • Bronze league: for non ranked monster- level 100 - and rune from 1-6

    Sure the reward will be a bit lower silver and even lower in bronze to encourage players playing in higher leagues so if max of war is 450 coin , then maybe 300-350 for silver and 200-250 for bronze

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  • Haka Taka

    @ss13 said in First Titan Invasion - DISCUSSION:
    unfair to leave teams stuck with players not fulfilling attacks...team wars not important anymore?

    exactly my feel
    we had amazing feature - Team war i mean - just 2 hours i was asking my self how we continued playing this game before this feature , what we were doing lol .. but due to some ***** leaders behavior and some ****** members behavior SP trying to fix it hard that it hurts it even more , yes we will solve the kick problem but we destroyed war feature meanwhile

    and this lock is not even a solution ,, just a complains shift , from players kicked after spending gems on team >>>> leader who have leecher players on their team

    At least before member take some part of responsibility as he jump and join random team who jump and make race team all to win easy pesy ranked monster,,, but now leader will be totally angered and they have did nothing wrong

    so if there is no proper solution i prefer that members kicked over teams locked

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  • Haka Taka

    well actually it is the progressive island we have now is what delayed the race not the rage team war , rage war are just a new war restriction like 3 E and 3R etc .
    Also i will not call taringa hackers , i know you are angry cause of the chest leak but they are not hacking and they really help up planing a bit for the game future events and so
    As for rage war i hope it is glicths free this time , last time it was really bugged and even today my normal war was bugged cause of it , my monster were shown recovered after 2.5 hours but gives me error on attack cause actually they were still cooling down

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  • Haka Taka


    GENIE BREEDING EVENT !! this will be hilarious
    and guess what . some will complain that they are not getting genie0_1521584140456_0762.png

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi all 0_1535117710993_smile 2.png
    As usuall with every new race we see many posts about how sp is greedy and how race requirement is higher bla bla bla so lets see 0_1535118043525_wink.png

    1- Sp is not a charity company so nothing wrong in seeking players money . as long as the price is fair

    2-F2p mean that players doesn't pay money but it doesn't mean he cant earn\save gems and this event require gems not real money .. so being p2p or f2p has minimal\non existence difference here

    3-race setup and some node requirement is just like sale -- you pay gems to advance -- so to compare race cost i will use direct monster sale price

    1-level 100 Legendary for 249 gems = Same value from 10 lap
    2- 1 star Legendary for 2x249 ( 498 gems ) = same value from 14 lap
    3-2 star Legendary for 899 gems = same value from 18 lap
    4- 3 star Legendary for 1499 gems = same value from 25 lap
    4- 4 star Legendary for 1499+4x249 ( 2495 gems ) = values from 50 lap

    • for 1 star L i assumed you need 2 monster and the missing 20 cell will be filled with elemental or team request .. i know you need 120 cells not 100

    So for race cost

    Race is a team event not solo one . so assuming that the 30 member of the team will participate .. and do all the actions they could and skip only nodes that are not doable ,,, so 30 member X 200 gems from each is not enough to do 10 lap ??? notice if the race monsters are on sale it will be 249 gems lv 100

    Same for 30 member X 400 gems each can they reach lap 14 ? or 30x 800 gems for lap 18 ???

    Honestly i don't have the answer . each team should search for his .. should we do this or not .. will all players participate or only few will take the burden of skipping node

    Hope each share his team like number of team member . how many participate in tasks . how many spend gems . and total and individual gem cost

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  • Haka Taka

    Of course i see diamonds for everything but diamonds themselves are offered in the game free

    • 68 gem from dungeon a week . the next week is 80 so 148 gem every 2 weeks
    • gems from timed challenge . work on your gold till you can get gem reward .buy x rune and use it to get gem reward from rune lord . this is at least 75 gems every 2 weeks -- assuming you end in top 5000 in gold fever and rune lord --
    • gems from MW - if it works for you - , events , daily goals ,monthly calendar etc

    Sure it will be slow a process .. what a cash player do in 1 second - buy x rune for example -- will take you a month of saving gems to save 345 gems and this is expected
    If you decided to play ftp sure your progress will be slower but it is here . no logic in playing free and expecting same progress or power as cash ..

    Another thing look at vip , nemesis and warmasters release

    When vip came out for the first time sure f2p had hard times against them and there was a power gap .. this gap increased by nemesis release and both --vip and nemesis --were only for real money so saving gems is not helping here but sp corrected this with warmasters .. from the start they are available for both f2p and p2p and sure with cash you can unlock the full potential and get rank 5 but hey most of them are good at level 100 , Not to mention vip breeding events and nemesis cell dungeons ,, alot of f2p got those totally free !!!!so the game now balance things in f2p favor

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi )

    To make it easier to Carlos to follow , lets report all bugged skills here in a nice list so he can work on it easily


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  • Haka Taka

    I think low level players shouldn't have any rules in gold and food dungeons
    They really need that food or gold ..and it is hard enough to meet the 3 rules at their levels not to mention dungeon monsters levels

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  • Haka Taka

    Here is a nice photo from FB group


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  • Haka Taka

    @Luke-Theriot said in Official New Neighbor Find/Add thread:

    Please follow me I need to get more neighbors

    Hi and welcome to the forum 🙂
    if you need more neighbors in game then you should post your FB profile link so others can add you , and you can add others also

    following a member here in the forum will not make him your in game neighbor

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  • Haka Taka

    • Against bulwark& tough monsters there is high chance to resist the effect . so double effects which each one of them is very good denial is really good . so it mean you have higher chances in denying the enemy team

    • what if one of the enemy team monster is possess immune or freeze immune , this skill ensure that you can still deny all of them

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi all 0_1507298472884_smile.png

    Thanks to some sites like Taringa , spanish Wiki etc we can get some leaks and preview of coming monsters , events , features and so on.

    ALL {Those} info or leaks are Not official Nor confirmed Info . and Sp may pass\edit \ cancel them so Do not take any info here for OFFICIAL sure

    Q-Then Why this topic and what is the purpose ?

    A- it can give you a bit advantage in coming events for example a breeding event COMING {comming} and the 2 required monsters are still eggs in your storage so if you are into breeding events it is a good idea to hatch those 2 monsters so when event start you can start immediately ,,,Again and it happened Sp may change the combo at last minute so don't blame the leaks , this topic or me 0_1507298758362_smile tounge.png
    if there is a monster sale coming , it is good idea to start saving some gems And so on

    So don't take this leaks 100% confirmed but highly consider them.

    All members are welcomed to share their leaks and discussion , this topic is not only for mods but please don't make a new topic for it post here instead

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  • Haka Taka

    @Marianne-van-Es said in Leaks -- Not official Nor confirmed Info --:

    This comes from fb wiki page (hope it doesnt clash with Taringa) but seems the Relics must forged in a building we have to build

    So just like rune building ,, repair the building and start crafting relic
    i don't even have enough high level rune and now i should work on relic too

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  • Haka Taka

    mmmm this can be a problematic too . but those kicks happens usually in Hopper teams when random players are added and kicked i wish you can solve the hopping problem in the first place -- root of all this -- and we already had 2 suggestion before

    1- strength the rule to participate in race . only 2weeks old and 50 coin is nothing maybe 2 months and 20 war - win or lose --

    2-race reward depend on team Mp , so you group 20 team with high Mp in one group and the #1st can get the monster ranked lv 115 while on another group with low Mp the #1 will get it at level 100 so there is no use jumping as it will reduce the reward

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  • Haka Taka

    For me yes disturbing the gold production is a must to maximize it , i spend hours doing it to make sure all my habitat nearly got filled at same time , i am at 4.5 hour mark now , after that i am losing gold

    per island --usually 1 element -- i do 2 counts
    a- how many 305.224.155 monsters are there
    b- how many 3 ,2,1 slot are there

    so for example you have 16 monsters like this 8 X305 .4 X224 and 4 X155 monsters and total rune slot 40 --optimal is 48 --

    so this mean you should put 2 x305 one 224 and one 155 in each habitat and make sure that every habitat has 10 slot
    after that put all team gold rune you have equally as much as you can
    i ended few times in top 50 during gold fever
    Worth it0_1510167684715_wink.png

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  • Haka Taka

    Just for the record i just got another team stamina level 1 0_1510424347871_0766.png

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi and welcome to forum 🙂

    Timerion , He is amazing and as you said will help alot every where

    Voltaik can still do massive damage at 105 at least take enemy hitter

    and you know chests are pure gamble feature , my own opinion never buy a chest

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  • Haka Taka

    @ss13 said in Nemesis Chests:

    @Clackers , good value, you say...what did you get in your chest?😉

    Think he was speaking theoretically.
    anyway i am very sad to see how the game is turning to a casino \slot machine system .

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  • Haka Taka

    Notice that we will not get Ingenica for colleting her 3 supporter , we will be only qualified to enter ingenica quest which will be- probably - a mini progressive island and probably we will have to finish it with gems as well

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  • Haka Taka


    Belgium's Gaming Commission has announced that it will attempt to ban loot boxes in Europe, after constituting blind microtransactions to be gambling.
    Also recently apple decided to force DEv to reveal the % numbers regarding boxes .. nothing is in action yet but it is a general direction

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  • Haka Taka

    Also relic filters , the whole level up window need a revamp

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    This can be abused heavily and easily .simple if you are losing the battle you can crash your game or force close it then repeat till you win 😕

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  • Haka Taka

    Hope SP don't rise the prices after this post 0_1519733711454_0762.png

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  • Haka Taka

    Hi and welcome to forum 🙂

    It is a bug Sp working on it right now . the fix should be in action very soon
    This include also players who cant change pvp or war def monsters even if this monster is not used anywhere

    --Update --
    the fix is pushed for tomorrow morning

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  • Haka Taka


    So New Maze , New monsters and don't forget Eggs on the path 😉

    To be updated with path cost , discount times

    ___ Update : Discounts and chart .Thanks Marianne 🙂 ___

    alt text

    Im not sure If daylight saving (25/03/2018)has influence on this if so I will adjust it

    alt text

    Explanation of the key calculation:
    alt text

    alt text

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    I think Sp enjoy this state .they can change monsters just before release and no one can complain . wiki is not official .Maybe they don't want to state monster skills officially not till the release moment . they watch the reactions from wiki and taringa leaks and players feedback about monsters then balance them before lease

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    i just saw that a maze discount is on 7pm GMT / will not hurt to check game this time 😉

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    @Riyad-Reda said in Meatalhead Maze Path:

    However, this glitch happened now, but whats different this time is that users had no choice but to press "Claim" button to enter the game, there was no close or 'x' symbol or anything... my 10 year old brother's account was affected too.. so what im saying is people had no choice but to claim them

    This is not completely true , Yes players have no option other than accept those elementium trying to log to the maze - till her totally innocent but why they rushed and used it before Sp can take it back ??? cause they know it is a glitch and they want to make things harder for sp to fix so not 100 % innocent .. at least some gem gifted player know nothing about the price error so they were totally innocent and yet they are hit by the roll back

    all in all, if they roll back accounts, people who didn't intentionally abuse the system (since it glitched for everyone online at the time) will more than likely lose faith in the game anyways. These are my thoughts let me know what you guys think, haha 😄

    I am not with the roll back my self but you think Sp setting and do nothing is going to strength faith in game !!! actually even if a player got glitched resources and then it was removed this should increase his faith not lose it , and what about all players who play by the book and got nothing .. see others got away with 500 Elementium and 6 uriel will their faith increase as well ! totally wrong logic

    The solution for elementium is simple

    if it is there remove it , if not the Negative balance , as sp did back then with war coins glitch . as far as i remember this was the last time sp really solved a glitch the right way .. they tracked the coins on players levels not just team and every one got the right balance depending on how many coins he got and how many he spent

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  • Haka Taka

    alt text

    So the long waited maze is here 0_1524780666119_smile 2.png

    Good luck every one
    We are waiting for your charts @Marianne-van-Es 0_1524780703214_wink.png
    alt text
    alt text

    alt text

    Discount times --- Not Officials --

    GMT 0

    1 - 30% APRIL 27 - 11:00 HS TO 12:00

    2 - 10% APRIL 30 - 01:00 HS TO 02:00

    3 - 10% MAY 01 - 17:00 HS TO 18:00

    4 - 10% MAY 02 - 18:00 HS TO 19:00

    5 - 10% MAY 03 - 15:00 HS TO 16:00

    6 - 10% MAY 04 - 21:00 HS TO 22:00

    7 - 10% MAY 07 - 15:00 HS TO 16:00

    8 - 10% MAY 08 - 16:00 HS TO 17:00

    9 - 10% MAY 09 - 10:00 HS TO 11:00

    10 - 20/30% MAY 10 - 08:00 HS TO 09:00 HS

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    @Carlos said in Leaks -- Not official Nor confirmed Info --:

    Taringa Information is wrong.

    Status Caster: She gives area Evasion (one turn) to all allies.

    This means all allies start with a "normal" evasion the battle.

    alt text

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