• Harambe

    Here are some suggestions for Heroic Dragons in the future:

    1. Make Heroic Dragons breedable, to get a heroic from breeding you would have to breed together 2 heroic dragons, and then it should be like a 1-10% chance of you actually getting a heroic
    2. i think there should be a new event for obtaining heroics other than the races, the new event could be like this: every hour you get challenged by a different dragon, and as this goes on, the dragons will get progressively harder, you wouldn't have to defeat the dragon in the same hour that they challenge you, but you would have to defeat them all before the time is up, if you defeat all the challenging dragons in the time limit, you get a heroic.

    Also here is something else that i believe has to be changed that isn't related to heroics: in a recent update, you remade the flame, terra, nature, and star dragon, and since there are other dragons of different elements that have the same basic model as the old models, they need to be changed.
    Here are all the dragons that have the same model as the old, flame and terra dragons that need to be changed: Snowflake, Medieval, Cool Fire, Soccer, Korean Soccer, Mercury, and Hedgehog Dragons, there are probably some that i missed, but the ones i listed definitely need an updated model

    Also here are some other dragons i think need a new design: Electric, Sea, and Ice Dragons

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