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    Cant agree more. For a long time ive been thinking: wow, i guess my team is just slow at it... No, 15 in a team of 30 with huge time zone differences and normal lifes is just very hard. For a semi-casual team we do insanely well in wars and it just kept confusing me why we cannot get to that 25-50 point in races, i guess this is the reason.

    What helped a lot for us is discord. We just ping everyone when 15 man node is on, so people atleast get a notification...

    For solutions: reducing it would be great. Even making it so ML pushes a notification to the whole team on each 15man quest would help already.

    Thanks for bringing this up David, always here with the important stuff!

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    Yesterday and today my clanchat is acting weird. I can send messages fine, and they'll show up as normal for me. But then if i log in like half an hour later everything is gone and i only see cell requests.

    Public chat is working just fine.

    The teammates i spoke through facebook have the same issue, they see their own messages but those disappear after a while.

    Any other clans having this issue, or is it a bug in ours, because only then ill be able to write a propper bug report.


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    This event is complete garbage for good mid-tier teams. I will tell you why:
    -we aim to ballance our accounts and get around 2-3 legends in every book. Set 1 on defence and you have 2 attacks left.
    -a good mid-tier team is ranked very high because of war coins. This is also why we get matched with a team with over double our MP, even whilst they have 26 players and we have 30...
    -these two problems together mean we stand absolutely no chance. Lets take 2 attack teams as average for our team, since we have most of the players around that, some lower, some higher.
    Our enemy filled up their first two bases completely. This means every single person in our team needs to do all his attacks without fails. Impossible with the fact we are not a perfect team and some slack will allways happen. + The enemy filled them with many many ranked monster, where we mostly stand no chance.
    Result: we can never get past the first 2 areas and therefore never qualify as a team. Even if we could, 80% of our team would never be able to qualify individually, its impossible without having absurd amounts of monsters against a much higher team.
    More result: 0 tactics. We just bash our heads against the unbreakable wall.

    Back to teamwars untill this event is fixed in many ways.
    -matchmaking balance. Check bloody MP since thats key here.
    -balance the difference between low and high level players. Variety teams get punished very hard here.
    -qualification needs to be a lot lower, both as team and individual. (We set a good amount of defences, our enemy burned our complete field and barely got enough points to qualify....?)
    -defence mosters should be reusable in some way. If not, low-mid level players (up to level 70's) are completely useless.

    Have fun with this nonsense, we refuse to play untill all that is fixed. No low level impact = no fun for half of our team. No thanks.

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