• Helene Roberts

    My monstergram says I have a monster (Komocat) but I can't find it anywhere. Would it show up in the monstergram if I had it and got rid of it?

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  • Helene Roberts

    Team Desert Valley AG looking for members. We are finishing up a war and will be starting the next once the team fills up. DON'T JOIN IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS. Also don't join if you are not eligible for the war because we don't want to wait. It's a waste of all of our time.

    Just kicked a bunch of inactives so join my team Desert Valley Ag, but only if you are a mature, serious, daily player with no excuses. 4/5 attacks per war required or we will kick you. 3000 min mp but really should be higher (4500 or more) or you will not be strong enough. The teams we battle are tough with lots of speed runes.

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