• Hugo Serrano

    these awards are those we want, the noble dragon star instead of noble queen, in pieces and as a reward for arriving at round 15, the new Noble Wild Dragon.

    Since the race is very difficult and for only one alliance to win it is unfair, I mean 20 users of 400 will have it? besides the exaggerated items that you ask for, you can not even be a high level, we hope you understand us
    0_1529736471384_35972662_1942573472429145_3537263867312734208_n.png It is rude, they put these awards and do not give the new hero on lap 15, if it is difficult, but with everything they ask for seriously instead of helping us, they hurt us. We do not want these awards.

    And I speak for all the groups that are on Facebook and in disagreement with the race and what it asks for.

    We do not want the Dragon Noble Star on round 15 or heroic orbs, we want the noble star in pieces and the new heroic primary comes round 15 please.

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