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    So this new runner island is out, im brand new to the game... And i spend 15 gems and get to 30000+ points.... Im close to a reward and im supposed to get a runner chest with more items... I decide to try again.. Go for the 20 gem purchase and my fault it asks to confirm
    So i take a second to decide... Confirm and low and behold my 5 seconds to retry are over.
    I get that its my fault for not planning ahead but i still lost the 20 gems... N now i have no more flight stamps 😞 help please ... There is no FAQ section to report or submit a ticket / bug... What do i do? Am i lost for the gems ? And of course right after i spend 3$ on 25 gems a sale appears after for 65 gems for 4 dollars... Kinda upset about that..

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