• Jack Margulies

    This is my monster idea from the official monster legends discord, if the game lets this into the game I would love that, anyhow...


    Lvl. 100
    Speed: 5,841
    Power: 7,901
    Life: 78,469

    Ironclad lives for the Internet, as it was his lifestyle. One day, he accidentally spilled Stardust on his computer while he was playing a game, and his computer, now called Xx_Ironlcad_xX came to life, with all the memories of the games Ironclad has played and all the videos he has watched.

    Xx_Ironclad_xX is a Metal Attacker with an extremely versatile moveset and elemental attacks, as well as low cooldowns.

    Books: Mechanical, Good Legions, Families, Cosmic Era, Cosmic Season _

    R0: Tough
    R1: R0 + AoE Daze
    R3: R0 + R1 + Positive Effects Protected (Trait)

    Relics: Mask/ Sword


    Tier 0:

    BioShock: Deals Low Metal Damage to one enemy. Applies Shock to one enemy, Gives one extra turn to itself. Requires Cooldown.
    34stm. | 1cd

    M.L. Noire: Deals Heavy Dark Damage to one enemy.
    18stm. | 0cd

    Tier 1:

    Get Stickbugged: Applies Time Stop to one enemy. Applies Double Damage and Baby Reversion to itself. Requires Cooldown.
    49stm. | 2cd

    Valentine’s Curse: Deals Moderate Magic Damage to one enemy. Applies Curse to one enemy. Applies Vulnerable to one enemy and itself. Requires Cooldown.
    47stm. | 1cd

    Tier 2:

    TIME STANDS STILL: Removes all negative status effects from all allies. Applies Baby Reversion, Positive Effects Protected and Damage Increase to all allies. Requires Cooldown.
    62stm. | 3cd

    Two Number 45’s: Deals Moderate Water Damage. Applies Freeze Twice to one enemy. Removes 25% of Stamina from one enemy. Requires Cooldown.
    32stm. | 1cd

    Tier 3:

    Yo Angelo: Does Heavy Earth Damage to one enemy. Applies MegaStun to one enemy. Requires Cooldown.
    78stm. | 2cd

    20 Year Old Pepsi: Deals Moderate Metal Damage to all enemies. Applies Vulnerable, Poison, and Burn to all enemies. Applies Poison to itself. Requires Cooldown.
    73stm. | 3cd


    THE WORLD!: Applies Pierce to itself. Removes Positive Status Effects from all enemies. Disabled Trait on all enemies and allies except himself. Applies Mega Time Stop to everyone except himself. Applies Triple Damage to himself. Gives one Extra Turn and Bleeding to himself.

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