• Jake Ferrison

    "Good news, There will no longer be a cooldown between trades...."
    Sure, We can enjoy trading orbs more frequently without any problem.

    But Cooldown is still existed in some forms.

    Why Trading Cooldown is still existed in some forms? Are there any exceptions? Who can explain this problem?
    That's not 100% guarantee of removal the "Cooling down between trades" function.

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  • Jake Ferrison

    But Vulpine Dragon's appearance is very close to Haku.

    Compare to Haku from Spirited Away.

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  • Jake Ferrison

    New Mirage Dragon's design

    Old Mirage Dragon's design

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  • Jake Ferrison

    I obtained Tectonic Talisman without High Tectonic Dragon during Cataclysm Event. 0_1611548556737_2021_01_25_11_18_53.jpg After Cataclysm Event was ended for long time ago, High Tectonic Dragon is still showing "Skill icon".
    When I tried to reinstalled the game. 0_1611548519623_2021_01_25_11_13_48.jpg 0_1611548533048_2021_01_25_11_13_53.jpg The Skill icon is still here.
    Does he have "Tectonic Fissure" special skill when he's summoned after Cataclysm Event was ended?

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