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    @bettina-löffler said in About airplane mode:

    @nynaevelan said in About airplane mode:

    But on the user side I get a popup notification perhaps users also need to ensure their settings are adjusted so that they are notified their wifi connection is lost.

    That icon stopped appearing months ago for me.

    Same here.
    I can't even remember the last time I saw it.

    But it is/was really important! I want it back. Now more than ever.
    I have quite thick walls at home and walking from one room to another may lead to a loss of connection. The icon always warned me about it. So, I could walk back and save the progress.

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    @amanda-wallace said in About airplane mode:


    Please send a ticket in to customer support. When new ban policies come out in any game, unfortunately the auto bans will scoop up "innocents". It is vitally important for ALL that you report this to them! Thank you!!

    Yes, I did so. ☺
    I contacted SP before posting here, because I did not know about this new "anti AP mode policy". I asked for a reason and to lift my ban.
    Now I am waiting for their responce.

    I hope, they don't get to many "false positives". Because not everyone is searching this forum or the internet for answers. Being banned without a given reason, could disencourage players.

    Because I did not know about this "anti AP mode policy", I had several thought what this ban could be about. Did they forbid grinding terra dragons (breeding, hatching, feeding, selling, repeat) in heroic races? Or did I post something bad in the alliance chat? AP mode did not come into my mind, because I wasn't using it. I was just lucky to find this thread.

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    Hi everybody,

    I just got banned for (I guess) 30 min for violating the fair play rules.
    This is absolutely not cool. I am in a speed lap in the current heroic race and this ruined my "schedule".

    I was NOT using AP mode! Definitly not.
    And I am very sure that my internet connection was good. Actually sitting in the same room as the WLAN router.

    I was just feeding dragons for the heroic race, when the game told me to restart and the ban popped up. There is no use for AP mode while feeding dragons!

    So, what ever triggered the ban, SP has to adjust their measure.

    I am quite p*ssed right now.
    I don't like being punished for something I did not do.

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    @nynaevelan said in Trophies - No bug:

    @jarozeb What do you mean someone who didn't try?

    I was referring to:
    @gilberto-silva said in Trophies - No bug:

    Arena1 Pool: Then you get those that battled to get anywhere (me too on my first couple of months). They only go against people that didn't make it before or are too lazy to play the previous Master Arena. So the opponents would/should be fairly easy. ie They won't see 9 out of 10 opponents with 3-5star Kitsunes or 5star Kratus dragons.

    "Someone who didn't try" was my version of "people that ... are too lazy to play the previous Master Arena".

    @nynaevelan said in Trophies - No bug:

    NO ONE in any of the master arenas are anyone who didn't try, everyone fought to get there. Second is there any player who does not have to skip past opponents at least once? For me, I have to skip several times a season, most times at least once a fighting set.

    I have to skip more then once in a fighting set. Most of the time I skip one or two times for every fight I take on, because my dragons are quite weak.

    @nynaevelan said in Trophies - No bug:

    And even being a high level player with many dragons that still does not mean I have an easy time of it. I know that based on my gaming strategy, me not being a primary fighter, I do not have many high leveled fighters and of the ones that are empowered they are not leveled up to their full potential.

    Same with me. Although I have a few 3-star L-dragons. None is leveled higher than 35.

    @nynaevelan said in Trophies - No bug:

    So should I claim unfairness based on this fact? If there is one thing we all agree on it is the fact that the current matchmaking does not take into account enough factors to pair us up to the best advantage.

    I think, the current matchmaking takes the most important factor into account: Trophies.
    If someone is winning a lot, he/she will have a lot of trophies and he/she will be paired with other players with a lot of trophies. So, he/she will be paired with other players that win a lot.

    @nynaevelan said in Trophies - No bug:

    Honestly when I think about it, if they are putting the high achievers in arena three at the start of a season than those players who start in arena two or one should not be facing them because that group will have been fighting and are higher up in the arena, so you should be facing those that are fighting at the same pace as you. And sorry but I do not think there are many if any players who start the season at arena 3 and are not fighting their way up. So I do not think they are sitting there waiting for players like you to show up.

    But this is exactly what happens. Someone with the same fighting pace as me has a similar number of trophies as I have. And I have not yet seen an opponent with +1000 trophies. As I said, most are round about 50-100 trophies above me.

    In the current Dark Master Arena each of the top 10 players made more trophies in the first 8 hours as I make in a whole season. I will never be matched against one of them.

    I don't see a reason to alter the matchmaking.

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    @gemspender said in Trophies - No bug:

    i really think you've basically nailed a better matching criteria.

    to recap: Arena rules for better matching purposes can incorporate EMPOWERMENT rules.

    Ex: Only 1-star = arena 1; 1-star to 3-stars = arena 2.

    I am not convinced yet. It is not all about stars.
    What about levels?
    What about rarity?

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    @gilberto-silva said in Trophies - No bug:

    I was trying to say everyone starts at 10000 trophies, ie fighting with non Herioc dragons.
    Arena2 Pool: Then you have myself which only reached Arena2.
    I won't ever see Jarozeb or Nynaevelen as they are in a elite pool of players, ...
    ^Regarding my last comment. Jarozeb and Nynaevelen will probably be going against those 3-5star Kitsunes or 5star Kratus dragons if they don't already own their own.

    Ok, I see. Everybody will be fighting their way from Master I to III but with a different group (pool) of opponents chosen by their effort in the last season.

    I am not sure, if this is fair.
    Just because someone tried harder he/she should not be grouped with stronger players.
    I have to skip all the 5-star Kratus-Players.
    My best dragons are a few level 40 1-star H-dragons . I have some level 35 2- oder 3-star L-dragons. That's it.
    If I would be in a pool with only elite players with level 55 3-star H-dragons or more, I would stay in Master Arena I forever and not even get an arena chest. I would be punished for reaching Master III and someone who didn't even try would be rewarded. 😐

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    @nynaevelan said in Trophies - No bug:

    @gilberto-silva said in Trophies - No bug:

    A more advanced version is to break it into even smaller pools, ie each 100trophies, 10k to 10.1k, 10.1k to 10.2k etc.

    I am confused by your suggestion, after all this is already in place. Those in arena 3 should only be facing the people in arena 3. Although there has always been a rule that you could face anyone +/- 1000 trophies so there is a possibility at the beginning of the season you could be facing those in arena 2 who have not moved yet.

    I am confused, too. 😊
    My arena opponents are always players 50-100 trophies above me.
    In this very moment I have 12104 trophies and my opponent has 12181.
    After the fight, I now have 12121 and the new opponent 12199, first skip with gold 12198, second skip with food 12197.

    I don't think, that we need to break it down in to even smaller pools.

    I usually wait a day before I start fighting to avoid all the top players with their Level 70 five stars dragons.
    And for all the other players who are too strong for me, there is still the possibility to skip.

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  • Jarozeb

    I was reset to 12,000 and now I don't feel a need to fight except for the arena chest. I'll get the orbs, tokens and food anyway.
    The Dark Master Arena Season is boring now.

    In Master III only my H-Dragons fight. All my L-Dragons are almost worthless. And this is really sad.

    The fights in Master I and II with their special rules shuffle your usual fighting teams and that is insteresting.

    I had a hard time getting to Fire Master Arena III.
    Usually I reach Master Arena III 3 to 4 days before the end of the season. Fire was harder for me, because of all the high level Kitsune and the fact that most of my fighters have war element. But I managed to get there on the last day. And I liked that challenge. 👍

    So, I hope it was a 'bug' to not reset everyone to 10,000.

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    @gilberto-silva said in ****Heroic Race, 14 May - 25 May, 2020****:

    Thanks Jarozeb for suggesting strategy for lap 19. I just started it now and was curious. What is the most effiecient use of gems on lap 19? Its basically 18:45h of waiting time.

    Sorry, I saw this post a bit late. I guess you are almost through lap 19 by now.

    I played node 1 and 2 without gems or spins (~4:15 hours).
    I finished the feeding in node 3 and did 5 fights (~5:20 hours). Then I took my free spin and unfortunately two paid spin to finish the fights.
    I had prepared the leagues fights in node 4, so I could do 6 of them and only had to pay for two (~0:10 hours) .
    At node 5 I started with a paid spin, got a lucky +5 and could do the last 6 breedings as usual (~0:30 hours).

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    @deadbull Same here. The Moonlight Dragon was not worth it and the Betrayers stats doesn't look good either. But...

    But nowadays there are the two quests after the race to get your new heroic dragon a star or two.
    To get the first star we have to feed the L and E dragon from the race to level 30. So if the Betrayer is level 30 already, why not empower him. And I don't get to many L dragons with two stars, so why not the Betrayer.

    So I got the 200 orbs in lap 20. I took me 62 gems to speed things up (1 free spin, 3 paid spins, 2 gems for league fights). And I think it is ok. Not great, but ok.

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