• Jarozeb

    Thank you very much, Bettina.
    Your guides are really appreciated. ☺ 👍

    Do I see that right? Did SP roll back their latest Heroic Race update?
    In the last race (High Anomaly) lap 17 was total madness. Now it seems to be back to normal.

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  • Jarozeb

    @haru-0 said in **10th Anniversary Discussions**:


    This elemental changes is weird and confusing, especially the terra and dark one. Terra can deal 2x dmg at electric and fire now, prev dark. But, dark is still weak to terra, thus 1/2 dmg.

    I guess that this is just an error in the diagram and dark will be weak to war and flame will be weak to terra.
    I can live with this minor change in the battle system.

    Also the other elements especially the 5 powerhouse, pure,legend,primal,wind,time. The 2x strength of pure is wind. The 2x strength of wind is time, and 1/2 dmg is in legend, the 1/2 should've been pure because of the strengths and weaknesses logic. It's really confusing, hope they consider to change it, Again.

    But, this huge change is a horrible decision. 😨

    1.) Wind always was a weird element, but in the future it will be completely useless. It will take a long time to release a reasonable number of time element dragons. So, the dragons can't use their double damage.
    But there are 250 L and H dragons that can deal double damage against the few dragons with wind as their defending element.
    I spend a lot of gems, joker orbs and food to turn High Ethereal and Wind Titan into fighters. Especially to fight against Kratus in war or pure master arena respectively . They will be completely useless now. 😭

    2.) Legend element dragons will be quite the opposite. With almost no time element dragons in the game. There is no-one to deal double damage against the legend element dragons. Legend element dragons will be the new old world element dragons for quite some time. 😐

    3.) The Ultimate Dragon, Ultimate Soul Dragon and others with pure, legend and primal element lose their special character to be the 'ultimate' dragons for all these three master arenas. Additionally they are weakend by the new old world double damage system.
    I spend a lot of gems, joker orbs and food to turn Ultimate Dragon and Ultimate Soul Dragon into fighters. They will not be completely useless now, but they will we seriously weaker and not really special anymore. 😭

    --> I know, every change will make someone lose something and someone win something. Maybe I just did not find what I won with this. But I think the changes are to radical. 😵
    I would have loved to see wind and time in the the old world double damage system. And leave the pure, legend, primal untouched.
    This triplet of pure, legend, primal was a core element of the fighting system. It should stay as it is. 😒

    What do you think?

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  • Jarozeb

    Thank you very much for the maps. Always appreciated. ☺ 👍
    Looks like "Successor + all chests + necklase" is f2p.
    With the last collection of coins will have 7710 coins.

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  • Jarozeb

    @dragonista said in **Tiki Collection Jan 10 - Jan 24, 2022**:

    30 masks & a turtle gave me a perk (whoopie) and 10 L orbs.
    Once again I am underwhelmed by the collection rewards.

    I did get 1 perk and 20 L orbs.
    As I see, you did get only 1 perk, too, right?
    But it shoud have been 3 perks? Or did I misunderstand something?

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  • Jarozeb

    The race has ended. The Heroic Quests begin.

    But the Heroic Quests are all wrong. SP just copied the last Heroic Quests. 😕

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  • Jarozeb

    The race has ended. The Heroic Quests begin.

    But I need the Preston Dragon instead of Milkyway Dragon for the Quest. 😨
    What? Why? I don't have Preston Dragon. 😭

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  • Jarozeb

    @titania said in *** Hurricane Run, Oct 12 - 15, 2020 ***:

    And the drop rate on the breedings and hatches for the tokens seems worse than in previous runners. [...]

    I had the same feeling this morning.
    It took me 40 min to get the four breedings.
    I was almost about to quit. I have to start counting.

    This is stupid.
    We had terra grinding for the last ten days during the heroic race. Why again? 😩
    Although it totally clocks my breeding and hatching places, I like the puzzle islands breeding and hatching more.

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  • Jarozeb

    @deedee68 said in ***Herioc Race Oct 1 - 12, 2020***:

    @jarozeb you stay at level 400 if you choose

    There is a choice? 🤔
    What is the other option?
    Starting from league level 1 again?
    I just finished lap 19, too.
    I got the Wind Titan. Have it already with one star. So, not super great, but ok.

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  • Jarozeb

    @yumi-ko said in ***Herioc Race Oct 1 - 12, 2020***:

    @jarozeb Thanks for sharing. 68 gems for lap 16 is a good deal! I'll be very happy with that result. 😘
    As I couldn't find a way to do the lap 16 in time, I just bought the necessary fights with 20 gems and used the free spin on node 5 after clearing the pool. Guess what? It gave me 1 item. 😞
    I didn't want to spend 232 gems to buy out node 5 so I let it pass. Still happy with 120 Scrapper orbs for lap 16.
    I'm at league level 40 so it only costs 6 gems to buy 3 fights. This is the second race I'm finishing and taking it easy now. I'll probably finish at lap 18 tomorrow with 40 Heroic orbs. Yay! ✌

    Yes, 68 gems was great. I was sure I had to use way more than that. I was just lucky.
    232 gems for node 5 would have been an no go for me, too. But I would have spin the wheel maybe two or three times.

    The 23 gems for 3 more league fights was in league level 399.
    Now I am in league level 400 and I have no idea what's beyond that. Does the game uninstall itself? 🤔 😉

    It is your second race and you are already in lap 17? Impressive. 👍
    I was happy to reach lap 5 in the first couple of races. And even more happy, that nobody else did it, so I won the heroic.

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  • Jarozeb

    @cuebiyar said in ***Fortitude Maze, Oct 7 - 11,2020***:

    SP has greatly - by approx. two thirds - reduced the food amount in chests (and videos) in the last day or two.

    Oh, so it wasn't just my mind playing tricks on me.
    I just openend a carnical chest and I had the feeling that it had a lower amount of food than usual, but I could not remember the amount of food in the last carnival chests exactly.

    So... they reduce the amount of food we need for the dragons on lower levels and they reduce the amount of food we get in chests...
    That means: Getting your dragons to higher levels (above 40) will be even harder. 🤔

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