• JasmineSkunk

    I sent the link to the moderator, so I guess we just wait and see! ☺

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  • JasmineSkunk

    I found a link to current Breeding Information.
    I've been looking for this!
    I'm not sure about the rules for posting links.
    And, I want to know if the information is really accurate.

    If it's right, it looks like breeding might be more fun, with breeding combos that make sense and can be figured out like a puzzle!

    How do I do this?

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  • JasmineSkunk

    You know what occurred to me?
    The Commons should be Legendary.
    Here me out.
    They are our first "babies" in the game...
    but quickly become forgotten because they simply can not compete with the newer and faster monsters that are always coming out.

    That seems a little sad to me.

    I know they can be ranked up...
    But, they just can't keep up.

    Know what would be awesome?

    They could "evolve" into Legendary monsters!!

    So... Firesaur could become "Legendary Firesaur"!!

    Maybe they could earn "status points" when you use them in battles that they survive that could be accumulated until they've earned "enough" to evolve

    Or maybe... There would be special dungeons or adventure map battles they'd need to complete.

    But... I think it would be awesome to find a way to make our earliest babies an active and powerful part of the game throughout our gameplay experience.

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    Update: Today's war looks more evenly matched. Will let you know how it goes! 😉

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  • JasmineSkunk

    I read somewhere that the new changes to team wars were supposed to make teams match up better with equal number of players, etc...

    But this first war that we got paired with seems grossly mismatched in power. The enemy team is much stronger than we are even at the bottom. It reminds me of the mismatch issue in pvp wars awhile back.
    Remember how someone who has monsters at lvl 30 would get paired up with people who had monster lvl 100 monsters? It's that kind of difference.

    Hope it's not always like this.

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  • JasmineSkunk

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I appreciate the feedback! 😊

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  • JasmineSkunk

    I'm not trying to be annoying.
    I'm thinking some people might think so with the comment I'm about to make, but I hope someone can help it make sense to me, actually.

    So, you get a point for rare cells.
    5 points for epic cells
    20 pts for Legendary cells.

    Cells are expensive!
    Even when they're "on sale"

    The first goal is 1000 pts!
    That's a lot of gems!!!

    Anyone actually play this?
    I'm wondering... Who would even WANT to complete this?

    I'm not complaining. I'm just confused.
    It seems to me if SP really wanted people to spend...
    They'd get a more realistic perspective of what we, the patrons, regard as "worth" our REAL dollars.
    I don't know...

    -perplexed in monsterland

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