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    I like the idea of being able to complete the dragon collection or being able to empower them as well through this dragon rescue. I didn't see where to buy keys but I probably won't do that especially for commons.

    Are there plans to get these keys from other events or perhaps adding like a cave that we can hit twice a day for a chance at a key?
    I can see potentially buying keys for heroic dragons but I think if you guys do that the rescue should be really difficult for those orbs.

    Suggestions for dragon rescue
    -Reduce key cost for doors to 1. Going from 2 to 3 and then 5 is crazy to me. I think having a cost for selecting the dragon and then just 1 key for each door. For example, common dragon would be 2 keys to request and then 3 keys to get 100 orbs for summon. For heroic, 100 keys to request and then 3 keys for 100 orbs for summon.
    -Add a way to sort by rank. This rescue is awesome for helping to rank dragons up. It would be great to start using no rank dragons first and then end with A+.

    When selecting a dragon to rescue, I don't know if having the dragons you don't have at the top or dragons that you have empowered at the top or both? What do you guys think?

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