• Javier Jordan

    I've configured the system to provent it but doesn't work.
    Somebody has the same problem and know a workaround?
    My phone is Xiaomi mia2
    Thanks for all

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  • Javier Jordan

    I think that some improvement can give more level of fun

    • Battles with friends with speed and autoplay
    • Speed by default in all battles
    • Favourites dragons. When you have 400-500 dragons you must have a plan to improve them, usually I raise up until 26-27 level, but I need to scroll down a lot to get them (more than a 100 dragon between 25-40 level) May be if I can mark as a favourite and this can comes up at the top of the list, it will be better
    • Filter by level as additional level looking for a dragon in all areas
    • Tidy up the warehouse. Filter to lookup a dragon. Other things must be separate
      This is all for the moment, and thank you so much for the game

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