• Jay Cee

    If you can rationalize the 2.3 times increased cost in maze coins which isn’t covered by ticket collectors without saving a months ahead of time sure.

    Captain alvalid was last months and cost about 6k max to unlock. Pip is 10k if you’re really lucky.

    So tripped damage buffer and drowned/burn/ignite attacker

    Or nature attacker that really only takes off 25-50% max health in a hit. Then goes into cool down.

    Rank up the last maze monster. Don’t fall for this.

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  • Jay Cee

    You know what was happening in the duels right? And PVP?

    People use emulators. I lost so many duels I actually won because someone got mad they lost, kicked out of the app and found that I lost a star. Also more people reported being unable to take their turns than ever. I’ve even had level 25 monsters in pvp take out my cosmic rank 3-4 teams.

    The only way they can do this outside the parameters of dungeons that already exist is to increase the Story-mode islands.

    If you haven’t already then do those, you’ll be racking up millions of gold and food, and some gems, without dealing with poor losers ruining it.

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  • Jay Cee

    #1 is Dunn Rah. It’s been a while and he’s newer, also elite and unattainable outside this current elite event, but otherwise I can’t say anything else comes to mind. I’d just push the first two down to B, throw in Nox, and that’s it.

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  • Jay Cee

    I won’t complain or speak on the weekend Lutum Dungeon.

    The mythic dungeon now requiring three 3* mythical monsters to do the early worthwhile stages? Not enough of them were worth bringing to 3*. Not when the best ones only either recently became purchasable or like Lindworm and Heiss we’re still sol if we joined that late spring. The era shop is great but you’re skipping past the non-cosmics.

    I gave 85 Thanos2099 cells. No 15 cells are worth $15+ dollars period.

    Besides Famparina and some of the exclusive (not the newer ones) race monsters they’re not worth it either.

    Now you’ve mentioned that Legendaries are now being put to rest. Yet you have an entire dungeon (warmasters) still up.

    You currently are running an elite only event which is only legendaries. Not bad due to their move set and traits however you should make up your mind on what is dead and what is “no comment”. Because much like the maze you’re approaching that line of intentional fraudulent misrepresentation.

    I like the idea of the corrupted but either watch those stats, or more realistically revamp your elites/forbidden and forsaken please..

    Also the maze thing you just did? It’s not at all equal, it’s double and without warning. There’s no 1 day path, no panda explorer to soften the blow.

    It’s nearly 13,000 coins. Last maze cost..

    5500 max. For the r1 model. No such thing really this time. Fortunately he’s not that impressive, but people are noticing these things.

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