• Jeremy Zimmer

    I think it would be interesting, and a way to get players to attack monsters they usually avoid, if you gave us a monster that was able to steal a single enemy cell with his/her special move. Maybe it could have a 10%accuracy on top of the 5% chance of the move being available. I'm thinking an alien that abducts the monster in a beam of light before extracting a cell and dropping them back on the battlefield. More of a scary grey version as opposed to the green skeel aliens. Could even be a little grey alien "driving" a large robotic body, leaving dark or metal elements as options.

    Also, I think an "Athlete" book would be a good addition. There are probably 2 dozen sports related monsters and enough variety to separate them into multiple pages.

    Finally, I don't know if it was intended, but the new PVP battle selection is frustrating without being able to see the runes the enemy has before you enter a battle.

    I'd love to hear thoughts and comments or suggestions to improve on these ideas from anyone interested.

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