• Jesus Alberto Gonzalez

    @Sam said in New PvP (Multiplayer) Feedback:

    I am not a fan of not being able to use same monster for attack and defense. Why not?

    If I want to use my mercurius for both I have to swtich him out of my defense team when I am attacking, then put him back one done.

    And more importantly the monsters in use in defense can't be used anywhere else like Dungeons and adventure map. So I find myself switching them in and out whenever I want to use them. That's inconvenient. Keep the modes separate please!

    Gonna miss the food stealing pvp challenge :(

    This is by far the most annoying thing. Why i cant use my monsters in defense / attack for Map or dungeons? What about lower levels that have only three monsters with runes? Do you ever thought on that?
    I have to resign to loose trophies setting up a bad defense to use my strongest monsters in Survival dungeons or something like that?

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