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    Look, I play dragon city, it's been a while, I have serious bugs in the game coming through facebook, items, dragons, crystals, events, everything buga, habitat also bugam, everything, the game says the flash player is not installed, or is not activated, I use the google chrome x64 version most updated, with flash player ppapi x64 plugin, compative with chrome, and when I enter the game, says that I have to install the flash player, or enable flash player , but the flash player is always on, always up to date, and compatible.

    in the site of doubts about chrome, says that the chrome browser no longer uses the ppapi x64 flash player plugin, nor ppapi x32 flash player, because it causes bugs, and other reasons, but I keep the flash player installed

    and it works in some games.

    Also, I have friends in the dragon city, they have no level, to have many heroic dragons, legendary dragons, and use hacks, website bugs.

    they use hacks and bugs from websites, to get heroic dragons, to release all the habitats, all the islands, all the dragons that are bought by gems, they buy with gold, or with gems, as they get hacks, and some sites provide cheats, and bugs, to have any dragon of any season, whether heroic dragon, very rare, rare, crossing of legendary dragons, legendary dragons, get 900 thousand food, 10 million gold, release all levels of the breeding tower, procreation trees, kindergarten, all through hacks, bugs, all my friends in dragon city, use this.

    and when I'm going to face someone in the league, all the players I've fought with, use hacks, and bugs too, get unreleased dragons, heroic dragons from races, epic dragons, something unexplained, how they do it, I think you have to investigate.

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