• Jo Martindale

    Tonight is the first time i have seen that gem challenge. It says 1day and such and such hours left to go.
    Plus ive never seen ML ever have a challenge where the main idea is people have to puchase in order to gain the prizes.
    Is the idea here to phase out free to play players?

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  • Jo Martindale

    Cant remember off the top of my head what it is called...BUT...you know on the right of the screen where you scroll down the list and you have the 3 or so day task of collecting as much gold, feed ur monsters or breed as many monsters etc?
    Anyway, mine has disappeared since a few days ago. Has it been deleted from the game like the daily puzzle? If not, anyone know what may have gone wrong with my game then?

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  • Jo Martindale

    I agree.
    Also would be nice if the gifts were relevant to the level you are. For example: 250 good is nothing when the monsters you have need at least 7000 to feed just once. Dame with the gold and the basic monsters.
    Do yeah! I absolutely agree.

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