• Jon McDaniel

    Do I need to remove runes on a monster before extracting cells, or do they go in my collection automatically?

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  • Jon McDaniel

    I recently got the new s8+ by Samsung. Great phone, no issues other than with monster legends. Everyday in the last two weeks I have experienced the same issues. 95% of the time I try to request cells, it says "internet connection error" or "there's something wrong with chat " after trying to load for awhile. The same thing happens when I'm in global or alliance chats. This is not an internet connection issue. It happens when I have full 4g lte service, or if I'm on wifi. I have the same cell phone provider and the internet wifi provider that I had with my last two phones. This is the first phone I've had this issue with.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has the new s8+ and if so do you have the same issues?

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