• Jorgen Schultz

    Thanks, Ekto-Gamat. Kudos to your teams "add" earlier today. Simpel, yet inventive. May it be fruitful!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    When I try to enter the third last node in the Nemesis Dungeon, the game crashes totally. I have tried on Cell Phone (Sony XA2), Tablet (Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 PRO) and PC (Nox). I also tried to unequip all relics (using the Relics Forge) on the monsters I used (Samael, Llum and Warthak - all lv 130). I also cleared the cache. All with the same result.
    I cannot change the monsters to try another combination, because the crash happens entering the node, so I am stuck - with only 3 more nodes to go (I have made a video on it, but I only see links to images here?)!

    Am I the only one with that experience?

    I also had "unluck" with the Igneus Dungeon btw: I bought the key to the Dungeon when a Teammade said the last node would reward a Diamond Relic, but alas: I had a disconnection from internet just as I won a battle. When I exited the apps and entered again, my three fire monsters where registered as dead. If I knew it was a survival dungeon I would not have spend money on such an event (Fire monsters are not known for their ability to heal). After that experience I decided it was time for me to look for more positive events elsewhere, so I left my team (as a lv 150 player there is really not much fun left in ML. Strange because normally a company would both value, and do whatever it takes to keep, loyal customers).

    I have not send tickets to SP on either events(seems futile to do so, doesn't it?).

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    I understand your anger, what a low morality. Nothing we players or SP can do about it. As you suggested: perhaps there should be a lock preventing kicks after half the race time.

    Besides that, as Ekto Gamat stated, "There are many ugly people in this world and races bring out the worst in them". Races - and other competitions - do that to peoble unless they have a better social understanding. Fortunately a good event like the present team race can also bring out the best in a team (I am fortunate enough to be on such a team).

    As both Ekto and Haka Taka - among this games most experience players - has suggested: it payes of to find a good team with a good and descent leadership. Fortunately there are many: so do a little time investment: find a trustworthy team, be loyal to them - and they will be loyal to you, I am sure. Use this forum or use a Monster Legends Facebook group!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Warmasters are OP and at least as good as the Nemesis series. They have to (or else we just have a status quo in team rankings and in PvP "forever"!).
    But the new thing is: they are not for sale - they must be earned in the new dungeons. That can actually be good for the game, but it will not be easy (as I understand it):

    1. To gain acces to the (6 floors!) dungeons, you use the new Heroic Orbs. Orbs can be earned (PvP etc) or bought (that might be the pay to win aspect). Players with good Nemesis monsters (and high ranking in PvP) have positioned themselves well, but how well is not possible to say until we know more.
    2. Dungeon battles are tough. The conditions change in new ways and there are monster requirements like the nemesis dungeons.
    3. Besides that it will be time-consuming (my guess), but also interesting/challenging (my hope) and not too grinding (my fear)

    Personally I hope the best. Dungeons has progressed far I think, whereas the rest of the game is stuck in the gambling machine mode (where I cannot participate). It is (as all gambling) devilish, but I guess many are tempted to take their chances.

    I remember what contrived wrote some time ago: expressing the hope the game would find it way back to fewer but more challenging events that thrill players by guessing and anticipating whats next (sorry for the mild exaggeration, but you get the point, I am sure).

    Could this be such an event? I hope so, but let us wait and see.

    On another positive note: Monsterwood seems to be working!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Hi again!

    We do not know if the players Fox was writing about is the same as being reported here. Anyway: who it is is not important and how exactly SP handles it, is a delicat matter and must stay between SP and the particular team/players.

    What is important is the principles: is cheating being dealt with and how it influences passed events.

    I reported this in the first case and I have not received any info from SP; if matters has been resolved or how they (SocialPoint) view the particular event and the prices involved (ie: does the cheating side loose their price and the rest of the teams involved in the event move up the price-ladder?).
    Doing anything about the event itself is all to late - team changes in 20 days! I for one is not even on any team at the moment.

    I do not know what SP regards as cheating. It is correct that some of the members on the mentioned team seams to have have gone, but as I said - the screendumps I made was just from 5 members of the team. SP said they would investigate.
    Here is another screendump from today (without name):


    Who is swimming around the island in the middle? - A fatamorgana or just another case of distorted reality and not cheating at all?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Just to let you know how things evolve: well, so far: nothing!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @Fox said in Should cheating teams be disqualified from events like Titan Invasion?:

    Hi @Jorgen-Schultz,

    We are currently investigating. As of now, we don't know if they are cheating or if it's a visual bug from our side. Please, let us first investigate and I will let you know as soon as I know anything more concrete.

    Thanks - since SP has all the data I trust your investigation!

    As Ekto Gamat pointed out: having E and R monsters in L habitats is not itself a sign of cheating in Titan Event. But it is a sign of a willingness to seek out "alternative" solutions - after all: 5 more or less random players seems to be capable of breaking the rules concerning Legendary Habitats (server side!) and apparently also the space they occupy.
    I have heard of tools that can manipulate the local memory, so one can "show off" making a video, but making it stick serverside shakes me a bit - what else can such a tool manipulate with: skills, power, health...gems?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Now that the Talos Events are over, I really must congratulate SP for this triple event.

    Yes: it was tough to fight the very good combination of monsters and their relics. But it was educational, challenging and interesting, I believe (I am talking about the "extreme" dungeons).

    Perhaps because it was the first time, but I was actually very impressed by the first "extreme" dungeons event: the variation and combination of the monsters. It certainly showed the excellent skills of so many non-nemesis monsters - it opened my eyes for some of them anyway.

    If someone at SP reads this - please forward this acknowledgement to the person or persons responsible for compiling the teams/relics in the Talos Dungeons - they certainly know their monsters!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Hi all,

    I Hope you have been succesfull in Race, Dungeons etc during the weekend. Busy time, I´d say!

    However I sent this message to Socialpoint (your comments are welcome):

    "Calling for the disqualification of the team XXX from the "TITAN INVASION" race.

    Dear Socialpointers,

    It is with much disbelief, but nevertheless well founded I have to ask you to nullify the participation of the team XXX from the current Titan event.

    Our Team, YYY, consist of very experienced players from former top 1-5 teams.
    As many other teams we participates in the current Titan Invasion event.
    We where well in the lead when suddenly another team literally over night (in europe any way!) managed to gain, pass us and double our points.
    Indeed an incredible achievement!

    It was so incredible we could not believe it - as you probably know: this event is more demanding/exhausting than any other event before.
    I personally had the longest battles - 2 hrs and 17 min before - in just one of the battles with the monster.

    Some of my teammates began looking deeper into the the above mentioned team. And they found unmistakenly signs of cheating.

    In the beginning I thought they just used one baby-account for cheating - after all that is all a team needs to win a team race (one account "gemming" the nodes of the event and thereby avancing the whole team).

    But in this case the cheating was much broader.

    I did not research the whole team, but just these five (not random, but just starting with the weakest members who by the way has all the past team race monsters, and ending with the lead). I found and documented cheating in all five:

    Team: XXX
    Name Screenshot
    Player 1 E an R in Legendary Habitats (Musu, Razfesh, Pandaken etc)
    Player 2 E an R in Legendary Habitats (Musu, Razfesh, Pandaken etc)
    Player 3 Super Habitat Management (either more than 4 Ls in each or multiple layers)
    Player 4 E and R in Legendary Habitat (Freeza, Orca and many others)

    Player 5 Freeza, Nautilus in Legendary Habitat
    Player 5 At least 8 Timerions floating behind Legendary habitat in foreground

    I am sure that all players participating in this "Titanic" event acknowledges the effort of the winning teams. That is just fair and square!

    But I am also sure that most Monster Legend Players fighting so hard and in earnest dislikes (to say at least) teams or players winning in dishonest ways and want to see such teams disqualified."

    In this forum I can show the screendumps (I erased the players names!):

    0_1518389056843_Player 1 E an R in Legendary Habitats.JPG
    0_1518389081942_Player 2 E an R in Legendary Habitats.JPG
    0_1518389100834_player 3 etc E and R in Legendary Habitat.JPG
    0_1518389112172_Player 4 Super Habitat Management.JPG
    0_1518389130609_Player 5 - Freeza Nautilus etc in Legendary Habitat.JPG
    0_1518389139360_Player 5 Habitat in foreground with at least 8 Timerions under it.JPG

    Tell me - is it as apparent to you as it is to me?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Thank Fox,
    for the heads up. I believe this could be a very important event - perhaps one of the most important in the history of this game.

    Here is why:
    As some others I also started this game because my children played it (first Dragons, then monsters). If I had known money would be involved I would have banned it from the very beginning. But I did not know, and I used the two games as edutainment: combinatorial theory, the idea of "classes" (my kids were 5 and 7 Years at the time, so it was new to them), biology (genetics) and probability. Great because these subjects are somewhat hard to grasp (even for adults), so the earlier you get it, the better.
    Great games - excellent ideas.

    Team wars was introduced - great for me. But boy - was that expensive to get those runes. I spend more than 8000 gems just for level 6 and some 7 runes!
    Then came X-runes. Boy, more money. And just going to war was more than a shipload of gems. Per month. Just to put those wheels on the X gems. What a waste!

    The VIP monsters was introduced. Their attack-skills was not very impressive. But their trait made them perfect for defense. I bought the first one, then the second, the third etc. Little did I know the Lab would be introduced, killing the game with their requirements of 18 monsters - and hence 18 VIPs!
    New team for me (a merge) and Team Fraternity events "saved" us: we could help each other evolve - for a price as you all very well know.
    Then came the Nemesis monsters. Doubling the price tag of playing this game. But Nemesis monsters at least has great playing skills and not just defensive as VIPs with health runes: slowing down the battles.
    Relics - do I need to say more?

    So - here we are now. Lets face it - some teams did not survive and even today the game is bleeding in two ways: players still leave and remaining players stress - sometimes even in teams, between leads.

    A game of multiple imbalances, I am afraid.

    Paying players do not like free-players to get the monsters they paid deerly for - for free.

    Non paying players get demotivated by the - lets face the reality - gigantic imbalances in the playing field. Before you could get a top team, get crunched but actually enjoy the war learn from them. Today you just get run over. No fun, no experience, nothing interesting.

    And even those of us "just" throwing the price of a new car after this game does not enjoy it: either the wars are so easy it is “bof bof” or so ridiculous it is not even worth playing. Forget about breeding events or some of the many other gems- and time consuming events.

    I understand the emotions of paying as well as non-paying players.
    I believe all agrees that paying players should get value for their money. And they do: in fact so much it is a major problem.
    Making breeding event is NOT giving away monsters for free, though. The last 1½ years has been downhill for breeding events. Before that at least you could calculate the odds and hence the price level - and for example stay away from anything below 10% chance. Now: you do not know! The chances are hidden and might even be individually calculated according to the players purchasing behavior (remember that everything you do in a game is recorded and used to update your player profile: with this data the apps know much more about you than you ever will! The regulation in Europe is very clear on gaming and gambling apps - it is just they are not yet enforced).

    So a big NO: there is no free ride. I have been playing and paying for years: I hope non paying players do have a chance to get some VIPs (or other items in this game), level them up etc. If they can afford to get 18 VIPs and level up to 130 - go for it! But before you jump to conclusion: calculate the price-tag. I have not calculated it precisely, but as I remember it - a 5% chance did cost me more than 400 gems in average. That is 7200 gems or 232 Euro. Not exactly "free", and even more if the chance is lower.

    What I do hope, however, is that really many players - free as well as paying - get the metal nemesis monster. With mechanism now or later to level them up. We need that to level the playing fields just a bit. A team with 9 (or 27 - each one has 3 different versions!) nemesis monsters are still way ahead of everybody else, so it is no threat to anyone, but I hope it will help teams to be just a little competitive once in a while.

    So from that perspective: I wish every player - paying as well as free - a successful Nemesis Talos Event.

    See you in the Dungeons (and in team wars)!

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