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    @ekto-gamat : ..."memory is a fickle thing" - wow I so agree and it never ceases to amaze me; I can't even remember four years back and answer a simple question as "was X-Runes released before or after the start of Team Wars".
    That shows the importance of taking notes (at least notes show an aspect of events, although not forcibly 100% correct). I do remember some month after Teams Wars started that I had spend more than 8000 gems on level VI Runes (because i wrote that to someone). So perhaps X was not available, to expensive or perhaps not relevant to me because my Rune Temple was just level VI or VII? Does not matter - what matter is that Runes was and still are expensive. Also Runes on wheels (changing Runes).

    With very small letters I have to write: I like Mutant Runes. I know most players absolutely hate the "Mutants", so: just hit me 😂
    I believe Mutant Runes can bring back an element of strategy in the game - if allowed. For me any element that can bring back a bit of fun, surprise, new experience (besides mirror-mirror having magical side effects of course) is most welcome.

    I think is was Fox who wrote that Mutant Runes can have relevance even at level 5, 6 and 7. I have to agree. Example: I made a mutant X Power Rune with Stamina and replaced the Normal Power Runes on Prince. I replaced Princes Stamina Rune with a Level VII Stamina+Power (+8%) rune. So just that change increased The power of Prince by 8% and stamina went from +152% (Single Stamina X-Rune) to 159% extra Stamina (+116% from the Stamina Rune level VII and extra 43% from the new mutant Power rune with stamina). That makes me believe that lower leveled Mutant Runes are indeed very useful.
    For me, however, I am only interested in lvl X, so I made a Stamina Rune X with extra Power so Prince can deal with monsters equipped with health improved speed runes.

    However Mutant Runes are so expensive and (here comes my point:) the new Mutant Runes will be devastating for the game, if players are not allowed to reuse the rather few Mutant Runes they are capable of crafting.

    Just to begin with: we all have 2 teams tied up in PvP and two teams tied up in Team wars. Just to equip those 4 teams with Mutant Runes takes:
    4 Teams * 3 Monsters * 3 Runes = 36 Mutant X-Runes or 108 X Runes

    Double that up, in case of SX Runes! I believe SX runes can be important to: on paper only a small difference, but sometimes that is all it takes (you do not win a battle getting things 99,99% right: you just loose!).

    That is not all, however. To use the Runes strategically, you will need extra Runes. Perhaps 6 team-speed (mutant) Runes with extra stamina for some wars, health Runes with extra team stamina or team speed or power for other wars. Or perhaps you need another set of speed X Runes with extra stamina or health, or perhaps 3 extra power Runes with extra health or stamina.
    That is a lot of Mutant Runes. But not bad, if the idea is to (re-)create a game more fun and interesting to play. It surely also helps the communication between players.

    I know SP promised that prices of Runes comes down and more events with runes rewards are coming.
    That is good!
    But the whole idea is killed (I am afraid) if it costs gems once more to unequip runes.

    Imagine wars every second day where you need to change runes on two teams: that is 6 monsters with 3 runes: 18 runes! Even 5 gems pr rune is to much (equivalent to 90 gems every two days).
    Not possible, so if changing runes costs gems, well I think most players will reserve their gems for other costly events like Team Race, 72 hr Challenge, Progressive Islands, breeding events etc. or for getting Cells, Orbs, Runes, Relics - there are so many other monetizing aspects in this game today. Not that Mutant Runes will die, but just not as a fun or strategic element as could be.

    I believe that is something to think seriously about.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @carlos : Thank you - greatly appreciates the precise answers so we do not have to second-guess!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Today Mutant Runes Crafting and the Vault Keys was released.

    Both is working smoothly (for me, that is). Crafting Mutant Runes can be done without affecting normal runes crafting. That is very nice!

    The Vault Keys are also working smoothly and exactly as promised: 5 keys to open a slot and 400 keys delivered to level 150 players. No catch or extra charge. Thanks - that is a great relief!

    Crafting mutant runes for lower runes up to level 8 perhaps might be useful for events like Team Battlegrounds (yes, I know: all leads and co-leads favorite).

    But how about X-runes: it cost 3 X runes to create 1 mutant rune like a speed rune with a touch of health or stamina (not to mention double up for a Super Mutant Rune!), so it is not for everybody, but perhaps for a special occasion (adding stamina to an extra turner, life to a special support monster...)?

    If you have ideas of such "Special Occasions" - write about it here!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @death-march : I think you have great monsters for someone playing for only 3 weeks.

    I have been playing for four years and I still struggles with PvP, so welcome to the club 🙂

    Patiense and experience are important. Even if you spend a mountain of gems on monsters, relics, runes etc - you still have to learn to know them.

    During battles you learn not just about your own monsters, but also the opponents and that experience you can use for selecting a defense and attack teams in PvP or elsewhere.

    In general legendarys are better than Epics, but not always: there are excellent Epic killermachines like Volray and Nautilus and also numerous excellent support epics. R's and C's are not so good, but they are easy to get and to rank up (for instance the R Pandaken that so many of us breed - in the beginning for gold, a little later to level up and as support (with Team runes). As you probably know Pandakens are excellent gold producers!

    I imagine at this stage you need food and gold to feed your monsters and progress through the game. So use Monsterwood and the Dungeons when you can.

    But monsters and levels are not all. Runes are very important, so when you can: activate and level up the rune building. Level 1 runes cost "only" gold (I know: in the beginning you really cant get enough gold). level 2, 3 and IV runes can be crafted with ease from here on.

    Use Dungeons and Monsterwood to get extra gold, food, relics and runes. Also pay attention to the news: for instance runecrafting with almost no timedelay for level 1,2 and 3 runes and 50% time reduction for all others.

    Legendaries are on offer all the time, but especially Team events (Team Race, Battleground etc) can help you get them or at least be helpful in building your account.
    Personally I would say: avoid gambling. You can get lucky, but - as with all gambling - you most likely will not! Gambling elements is designed to trick players into more gambling and thereby loose more money. Some like that kind of thrill, though.

    Breeding is another way of getting fine monsters. This post show how to breed Legendaries:

    Getting on active team is also very important. You get team mates, can ask questions, you can exchange monster cells and in Team Wars you can earn war - coins you can use in the team shop to purchase monsters and, at a higher price: runes. Find a team that is loyal to you and stay loyal to them. If you, for whatever reason, has to join another team, tell the lead in good time, so they have time to prepare. Same thing if you cannot play for a while.

    My "advice" here is only rudimentary - others might focus on other aspects, but anyway: look through the info on these pages, there is really a lot of good help - from very helpful players - you can benefit from!

    Good luck!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @esentis Thanks! So we must prepare for longer battles, then (or just try to avoid them).

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @testcyp : obviously you have been alerted to some consequences of the Taunt Trait. In particular in relation to Shademoon. Please share your thought/observations (why Shademoon in particular - is it Taunt Trait from Dunn Ra?)
    Just a question for all who read this:
    When enemy team is under Dunn Ra's Taunt trait (receiving all damages and effects from both single and area skills) - how would Warthaks skill that erases positive effects first and then do damages work: only erases the positive effects of Dunn Ra and then damages Dunn Ra or will it erase the area Trait from all enemy monsters and hence damage them?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @testcyp - Congratulations! I tried to do all the collect I could (except PvP; it is just to impossible!), but I did not even get a single monster.
    Can you share your experience for all other players?

    Is this event equal to all players (does player level has any influence)?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    I love games and so do my children. We all played DC and ML. After the lab, I was the only one still playing ML and that was a bit of fun for almost another year.
    I liked the three-levelled Nemesis dungeons a year ago (easy, medium and hard). They where a real challenge and very well dimensioned. Unfortunately they stopped (so did the progression of many players Nemesis monsters).
    I think the WM series of monsters where interesting and the last one: a great surprise.
    But besides that I play solely because of Team Wars and even that has been a bumpy ride lately.
    I have promissed myself that when I stop ML, I will never ever look for another android game (I caught myself in searching for a game like the one ML once was!); games on Steam, Blizzard etc are just so much better, I think, and there are no bad surprices such as hidden extra fees.
    But for players enjoying gambling it might be fun or ?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Indeed: top players have to get the current Premium Pass if they aspire to (or are) in top 3. I would say they are stressed to do so.
    Besides that: every player in this game has their reasons to do as they do - only they would know what is best for them (or their team). I have had the fortune of teaming up with players who (as you have done) actually help each other. In the end: helping your team or teammates is helping yourself (just as Team Fraternity events has helped a lot of players getting monster that would otherwise be off limit to them).

    For the Premium Pas though, my hope is it can be converted into something beneficial for all players. I think it is very, very useful for the beginner levels where food and gold is limiting players progress, I would really like it to be a constructive tool for more advanced players as well.

    After all: buying something because you are stressed to do so is destructive, getting something because it helps you - or others -is much more constructive. I have no dought what so ever that constructivity is a much more sustainable path. Also for a private company.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    I agree - a new Island once in a while effectively increasing capacity with 40 monsters should be possible and cannot be a problem for those spending on the Vault as well. After all: we all have spend gems on the vault (after first selling out monsters just to find out we need them for books, Team Battlefield etc).
    As I documented many month ago some players solved the limitations of 4 Legendary monsters in one habitat (they had many more than 4 and not just Ls). So it is not a technical problem.
    Change of design? Hmm, be carefull - there are so many games "out there" that look like clones of {ok, I will not name them here}, so to be inspired by others is ok, but to be a copycat can be leathal.

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