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    @ekto-gamat : ..."memory is a fickle thing" - wow I so agree and it never ceases to amaze me; I can't even remember four years back and answer a simple question as "was X-Runes released before or after the start of Team Wars".
    That shows the importance of taking notes (at least notes show an aspect of events, although not forcibly 100% correct). I do remember some month after Teams Wars started that I had spend more than 8000 gems on level VI Runes (because i wrote that to someone). So perhaps X was not available, to expensive or perhaps not relevant to me because my Rune Temple was just level VI or VII? Does not matter - what matter is that Runes was and still are expensive. Also Runes on wheels (changing Runes).

    With very small letters I have to write: I like Mutant Runes. I know most players absolutely hate the "Mutants", so: just hit me ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I believe Mutant Runes can bring back an element of strategy in the game - if allowed. For me any element that can bring back a bit of fun, surprise, new experience (besides mirror-mirror having magical side effects of course) is most welcome.

    I think is was Fox who wrote that Mutant Runes can have relevance even at level 5, 6 and 7. I have to agree. Example: I made a mutant X Power Rune with Stamina and replaced the Normal Power Runes on Prince. I replaced Princes Stamina Rune with a Level VII Stamina+Power (+8%) rune. So just that change increased The power of Prince by 8% and stamina went from +152% (Single Stamina X-Rune) to 159% extra Stamina (+116% from the Stamina Rune level VII and extra 43% from the new mutant Power rune with stamina). That makes me believe that lower leveled Mutant Runes are indeed very useful.
    For me, however, I am only interested in lvl X, so I made a Stamina Rune X with extra Power so Prince can deal with monsters equipped with health improved speed runes.

    However Mutant Runes are so expensive and (here comes my point:) the new Mutant Runes will be devastating for the game, if players are not allowed to reuse the rather few Mutant Runes they are capable of crafting.

    Just to begin with: we all have 2 teams tied up in PvP and two teams tied up in Team wars. Just to equip those 4 teams with Mutant Runes takes:
    4 Teams * 3 Monsters * 3 Runes = 36 Mutant X-Runes or 108 X Runes

    Double that up, in case of SX Runes! I believe SX runes can be important to: on paper only a small difference, but sometimes that is all it takes (you do not win a battle getting things 99,99% right: you just loose!).

    That is not all, however. To use the Runes strategically, you will need extra Runes. Perhaps 6 team-speed (mutant) Runes with extra stamina for some wars, health Runes with extra team stamina or team speed or power for other wars. Or perhaps you need another set of speed X Runes with extra stamina or health, or perhaps 3 extra power Runes with extra health or stamina.
    That is a lot of Mutant Runes. But not bad, if the idea is to (re-)create a game more fun and interesting to play. It surely also helps the communication between players.

    I know SP promised that prices of Runes comes down and more events with runes rewards are coming.
    That is good!
    But the whole idea is killed (I am afraid) if it costs gems once more to unequip runes.

    Imagine wars every second day where you need to change runes on two teams: that is 6 monsters with 3 runes: 18 runes! Even 5 gems pr rune is to much (equivalent to 90 gems every two days).
    Not possible, so if changing runes costs gems, well I think most players will reserve their gems for other costly events like Team Race, 72 hr Challenge, Progressive Islands, breeding events etc. or for getting Cells, Orbs, Runes, Relics - there are so many other monetizing aspects in this game today. Not that Mutant Runes will die, but just not as a fun or strategic element as could be.

    I believe that is something to think seriously about.

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    @carlos : Thank you - greatly appreciates the precise answers so we do not have to second-guess!

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    Today Mutant Runes Crafting and the Vault Keys was released.

    Both is working smoothly (for me, that is). Crafting Mutant Runes can be done without affecting normal runes crafting. That is very nice!

    The Vault Keys are also working smoothly and exactly as promised: 5 keys to open a slot and 400 keys delivered to level 150 players. No catch or extra charge. Thanks - that is a great relief!

    Crafting mutant runes for lower runes up to level 8 perhaps might be useful for events like Team Battlegrounds (yes, I know: all leads and co-leads favorite).

    But how about X-runes: it cost 3 X runes to create 1 mutant rune like a speed rune with a touch of health or stamina (not to mention double up for a Super Mutant Rune!), so it is not for everybody, but perhaps for a special occasion (adding stamina to an extra turner, life to a special support monster...)?

    If you have ideas of such "Special Occasions" - write about it here!

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    @death-march : I think you have great monsters for someone playing for only 3 weeks.

    I have been playing for four years and I still struggles with PvP, so welcome to the club ๐Ÿ™‚

    Patiense and experience are important. Even if you spend a mountain of gems on monsters, relics, runes etc - you still have to learn to know them.

    During battles you learn not just about your own monsters, but also the opponents and that experience you can use for selecting a defense and attack teams in PvP or elsewhere.

    In general legendarys are better than Epics, but not always: there are excellent Epic killermachines like Volray and Nautilus and also numerous excellent support epics. R's and C's are not so good, but they are easy to get and to rank up (for instance the R Pandaken that so many of us breed - in the beginning for gold, a little later to level up and as support (with Team runes). As you probably know Pandakens are excellent gold producers!

    I imagine at this stage you need food and gold to feed your monsters and progress through the game. So use Monsterwood and the Dungeons when you can.

    But monsters and levels are not all. Runes are very important, so when you can: activate and level up the rune building. Level 1 runes cost "only" gold (I know: in the beginning you really cant get enough gold). level 2, 3 and IV runes can be crafted with ease from here on.

    Use Dungeons and Monsterwood to get extra gold, food, relics and runes. Also pay attention to the news: for instance runecrafting with almost no timedelay for level 1,2 and 3 runes and 50% time reduction for all others.

    Legendaries are on offer all the time, but especially Team events (Team Race, Battleground etc) can help you get them or at least be helpful in building your account.
    Personally I would say: avoid gambling. You can get lucky, but - as with all gambling - you most likely will not! Gambling elements is designed to trick players into more gambling and thereby loose more money. Some like that kind of thrill, though.

    Breeding is another way of getting fine monsters. This post show how to breed Legendaries:

    Getting on active team is also very important. You get team mates, can ask questions, you can exchange monster cells and in Team Wars you can earn war - coins you can use in the team shop to purchase monsters and, at a higher price: runes. Find a team that is loyal to you and stay loyal to them. If you, for whatever reason, has to join another team, tell the lead in good time, so they have time to prepare. Same thing if you cannot play for a while.

    My "advice" here is only rudimentary - others might focus on other aspects, but anyway: look through the info on these pages, there is really a lot of good help - from very helpful players - you can benefit from!

    Good luck!

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    @esentis Thanks! So we must prepare for longer battles, then (or just try to avoid them).

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    @testcyp : obviously you have been alerted to some consequences of the Taunt Trait. In particular in relation to Shademoon. Please share your thought/observations (why Shademoon in particular - is it Taunt Trait from Dunn Ra?)
    Just a question for all who read this:
    When enemy team is under Dunn Ra's Taunt trait (receiving all damages and effects from both single and area skills) - how would Warthaks skill that erases positive effects first and then do damages work: only erases the positive effects of Dunn Ra and then damages Dunn Ra or will it erase the area Trait from all enemy monsters and hence damage them?

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    @testcyp - Congratulations! I tried to do all the collect I could (except PvP; it is just to impossible!), but I did not even get a single monster.
    Can you share your experience for all other players?

    Is this event equal to all players (does player level has any influence)?

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    I love games and so do my children. We all played DC and ML. After the lab, I was the only one still playing ML and that was a bit of fun for almost another year.
    I liked the three-levelled Nemesis dungeons a year ago (easy, medium and hard). They where a real challenge and very well dimensioned. Unfortunately they stopped (so did the progression of many players Nemesis monsters).
    I think the WM series of monsters where interesting and the last one: a great surprise.
    But besides that I play solely because of Team Wars and even that has been a bumpy ride lately.
    I have promissed myself that when I stop ML, I will never ever look for another android game (I caught myself in searching for a game like the one ML once was!); games on Steam, Blizzard etc are just so much better, I think, and there are no bad surprices such as hidden extra fees.
    But for players enjoying gambling it might be fun or ?

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    Indeed: top players have to get the current Premium Pass if they aspire to (or are) in top 3. I would say they are stressed to do so.
    Besides that: every player in this game has their reasons to do as they do - only they would know what is best for them (or their team). I have had the fortune of teaming up with players who (as you have done) actually help each other. In the end: helping your team or teammates is helping yourself (just as Team Fraternity events has helped a lot of players getting monster that would otherwise be off limit to them).

    For the Premium Pas though, my hope is it can be converted into something beneficial for all players. I think it is very, very useful for the beginner levels where food and gold is limiting players progress, I would really like it to be a constructive tool for more advanced players as well.

    After all: buying something because you are stressed to do so is destructive, getting something because it helps you - or others -is much more constructive. I have no dought what so ever that constructivity is a much more sustainable path. Also for a private company.

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    I agree - a new Island once in a while effectively increasing capacity with 40 monsters should be possible and cannot be a problem for those spending on the Vault as well. After all: we all have spend gems on the vault (after first selling out monsters just to find out we need them for books, Team Battlefield etc).
    As I documented many month ago some players solved the limitations of 4 Legendary monsters in one habitat (they had many more than 4 and not just Ls). So it is not a technical problem.
    Change of design? Hmm, be carefull - there are so many games "out there" that look like clones of {ok, I will not name them here}, so to be inspired by others is ok, but to be a copycat can be leathal.

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    After testing this new island I thought of writing here, that although it works very well I would suggest that SP differentiated the rewards so that more experienced players could get more relevant rewards (instead of gold or food). Some games rewards tokens (the same for everybody) the players can exchange for rewards relevant to the players situation. That is even more player friendly.
    I did not imagine higher ranking players spending good money on a rather mediocre amount of gems only twice a month. But some did. To bad: if players continue to do so, it will be difficult to convince SP to change it into something useful (normally a Premium, Season or VIP Pass is a fee that basically gives all that is needed to progress in the game).
    I hope it is just a temporary phenomenon. I believe the idea is excellent if converted into something useful (orbs, cells, runes, skins...).

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    Good for you but a loss for the community!
    Thanks for years of positive contribution - always relevant, helpful and inspiring communication to experienced players and beginners alike.
    Besides that i can only add one thing missing in Ekto Gamats list: You can always load ML and start all over again -:)
    I wish you best of luck.

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    Great change!
    Now every player can get to learn their monsters and for wars etc it makes room for reflection/discussion on defense/attack ideas. Should make game more fun (very needed now after years where you have to pay up huge sums of money just in order to participate in almost all other events).
    I hope SP is in going in the right direction, because preventing players from having a good time, using high pay walls etc is counter productive for everyone. Is it not better to receive 15 USD/euros a month from 1 million customers then 200 USD/euros from perhaps 1000 players (I do not know the average, perhaps some pay more, perhaps 1000 players is in the high numbers)? Customer support can not handle players in the millions as is, so focus should be made on making players happy - not making them complain -:)

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    @marianne-van-es - Thanks for the reply. I just tried it again: setting a defense using some monster I know I used this morning. Alas, the apps displays the "Something went wrong" box with the usual "reload" button.
    But after the reload everything works again ๐Ÿ˜Œ .
    Thanks to whoever solved this strange situation ๐Ÿ˜€

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    This one has taken me some time to figur out - its a kind of error from consequence of another error as I will try to explain here:
    When TB started we where two players putting up defenses against an opponent with just 23 players.
    Some time later other teammates woke up and reported that their TB was not done matchmaking yet!
    I restarted the ML APP and right away encountered the very same thing: no access to TB, matchmaking not ready (and that was hours after I placed my first defenses).
    When matchmaking was done and we all had acces to TB, we had another opponent - not the opponent mentioned above. The defenses I had made where gone.
    I restarted the ML apps and a couple of the defenses i had made re-appeared, but most where gone. No problem - I just make them again, I thought. I have tried at least 10 times and everytime the ML apps crashes with a "Something is wrong.." and a Restart button.

    I guess the problem is that the monsters I have prepared and used in the first place never got "recalled" - they are still "out there" somewhere either in the twilight zone or on a real Team Battleground on a unknown Team (I know the name of the opponent, though).
    So if any of you has the same strange experience or even see my name appear as if I where on your team (besides my own teammates, that is!!!), then please write here!

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    You are so right David Mei. Sadly: when states engages in gambling it is even harder to get rid of. Not just players get addicted, but also institutions benefitting from it. Even though state run gambling like lotteries are better regulated (payout is typically 2/3), used for public benefit (schools, sport etc) and sometimes bound to pay for research or helping people who are addicted, it is nevertheless the same.

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    Yes, ranking monsters up is to be a bit easier - and that is good for newer players (I have absolutely no problem with easing the situation for new players: the game has to "feed" so to speak and there is really so many hurdles: getting monsters, ranking up, getting relics, runes and what not).

    That being said (since the new Team Shop connects with the new Team Wars): so far (like in Multiplayer) that has not been a good experience (total mismatch โ€“ is all that intended?).

    As many have said: gambling is even introduced in the Team Shop. Gambling is prohibited in most religions, so that should count out half the world, but besides that:

    • gambling is regulated in big parts of the word,
    • it is surely antisocial (benefiting the very few, putting an emotional strain on players to use more money than they can afford in order to release some of that strain,
    • increasingly in conflicts with national and supranational regulations (even the European Union speaks more about the term "gambling" than actual gaming the relevant documents.
    • Social, psychological, financial and perhaps even neurological consequences for the victims (many totally unaware of the problem).

    In any case: online gambling (casinos, loot boxes etc) might find itself in rough waters: The European Union will no longer protect gambling from national regulation, 14 European member states has joined Washington in an effort to prevent or at least severely reduce online gambling, single nations has already banned some activities etc.
    Masked as a game it is perhaps already in violation of the EU legislation (which is superior to national legislation).

    "Addiction" due to a game is being engaging, interesting, good, intelligent (as ML was some years ago) is one thing,
    "Addiction" when an industry has the data, the knowledge and the will to manipulate players as they see fit, is just antisocial, disgusting - in fact: an unwanted behavior in a modern world.

    If you do not believe that such kind of addiction has consequences - just search the internet for the countless associated disorders (social as well as financial).

    SP was not that kind of a company before, they just jumped on the train. Nevertheless it draws responsibility not covered by other seemingly social actions like the war child fund.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Just my thoughts!
    In the beginning of the last seson it was also flawed. When SP changed how Multiplayer worked (win/loose ratio was like 4:1and it seamed to me the matching got much better) activity skyrised. That felt good.
    Now everything is reversed:

    • "Enemy" teams are far stronger than you,
    • they repeat when you try to renew opponents and
    • to make matter worse, AI has improved and when loosing: more points are taking away from you than when you win.

    I thought that the new Multiplayer system was to reward activity, but apparently I was reading that wrong -:)

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Thanks, Ekto-Gamat. Kudos to your teams "add" earlier today. Simpel, yet inventive. May it be fruitful!

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    When I try to enter the third last node in the Nemesis Dungeon, the game crashes totally. I have tried on Cell Phone (Sony XA2), Tablet (Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 PRO) and PC (Nox). I also tried to unequip all relics (using the Relics Forge) on the monsters I used (Samael, Llum and Warthak - all lv 130). I also cleared the cache. All with the same result.
    I cannot change the monsters to try another combination, because the crash happens entering the node, so I am stuck - with only 3 more nodes to go (I have made a video on it, but I only see links to images here?)!

    Am I the only one with that experience?

    I also had "unluck" with the Igneus Dungeon btw: I bought the key to the Dungeon when a Teammade said the last node would reward a Diamond Relic, but alas: I had a disconnection from internet just as I won a battle. When I exited the apps and entered again, my three fire monsters where registered as dead. If I knew it was a survival dungeon I would not have spend money on such an event (Fire monsters are not known for their ability to heal). After that experience I decided it was time for me to look for more positive events elsewhere, so I left my team (as a lv 150 player there is really not much fun left in ML. Strange because normally a company would both value, and do whatever it takes to keep, loyal customers).

    I have not send tickets to SP on either events(seems futile to do so, doesn't it?).

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    I understand your anger, what a low morality. Nothing we players or SP can do about it. As you suggested: perhaps there should be a lock preventing kicks after half the race time.

    Besides that, as Ekto Gamat stated, "There are many ugly people in this world and races bring out the worst in them". Races - and other competitions - do that to peoble unless they have a better social understanding. Fortunately a good event like the present team race can also bring out the best in a team (I am fortunate enough to be on such a team).

    As both Ekto and Haka Taka - among this games most experience players - has suggested: it payes of to find a good team with a good and descent leadership. Fortunately there are many: so do a little time investment: find a trustworthy team, be loyal to them - and they will be loyal to you, I am sure. Use this forum or use a Monster Legends Facebook group!

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    Warmasters are OP and at least as good as the Nemesis series. They have to (or else we just have a status quo in team rankings and in PvP "forever"!).
    But the new thing is: they are not for sale - they must be earned in the new dungeons. That can actually be good for the game, but it will not be easy (as I understand it):

    1. To gain acces to the (6 floors!) dungeons, you use the new Heroic Orbs. Orbs can be earned (PvP etc) or bought (that might be the pay to win aspect). Players with good Nemesis monsters (and high ranking in PvP) have positioned themselves well, but how well is not possible to say until we know more.
    2. Dungeon battles are tough. The conditions change in new ways and there are monster requirements like the nemesis dungeons.
    3. Besides that it will be time-consuming (my guess), but also interesting/challenging (my hope) and not too grinding (my fear)

    Personally I hope the best. Dungeons has progressed far I think, whereas the rest of the game is stuck in the gambling machine mode (where I cannot participate). It is (as all gambling) devilish, but I guess many are tempted to take their chances.

    I remember what contrived wrote some time ago: expressing the hope the game would find it way back to fewer but more challenging events that thrill players by guessing and anticipating whats next (sorry for the mild exaggeration, but you get the point, I am sure).

    Could this be such an event? I hope so, but let us wait and see.

    On another positive note: Monsterwood seems to be working!

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    Hi again!

    We do not know if the players Fox was writing about is the same as being reported here. Anyway: who it is is not important and how exactly SP handles it, is a delicat matter and must stay between SP and the particular team/players.

    What is important is the principles: is cheating being dealt with and how it influences passed events.

    I reported this in the first case and I have not received any info from SP; if matters has been resolved or how they (SocialPoint) view the particular event and the prices involved (ie: does the cheating side loose their price and the rest of the teams involved in the event move up the price-ladder?).
    Doing anything about the event itself is all to late - team changes in 20 days! I for one is not even on any team at the moment.

    I do not know what SP regards as cheating. It is correct that some of the members on the mentioned team seams to have have gone, but as I said - the screendumps I made was just from 5 members of the team. SP said they would investigate.
    Here is another screendump from today (without name):


    Who is swimming around the island in the middle? - A fatamorgana or just another case of distorted reality and not cheating at all?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Just to let you know how things evolve: well, so far: nothing!

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    @Fox said in Should cheating teams be disqualified from events like Titan Invasion?:

    Hi @Jorgen-Schultz,

    We are currently investigating. As of now, we don't know if they are cheating or if it's a visual bug from our side. Please, let us first investigate and I will let you know as soon as I know anything more concrete.

    Thanks - since SP has all the data I trust your investigation!

    As Ekto Gamat pointed out: having E and R monsters in L habitats is not itself a sign of cheating in Titan Event. But it is a sign of a willingness to seek out "alternative" solutions - after all: 5 more or less random players seems to be capable of breaking the rules concerning Legendary Habitats (server side!) and apparently also the space they occupy.
    I have heard of tools that can manipulate the local memory, so one can "show off" making a video, but making it stick serverside shakes me a bit - what else can such a tool manipulate with: skills, power, health...gems?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Now that the Talos Events are over, I really must congratulate SP for this triple event.

    Yes: it was tough to fight the very good combination of monsters and their relics. But it was educational, challenging and interesting, I believe (I am talking about the "extreme" dungeons).

    Perhaps because it was the first time, but I was actually very impressed by the first "extreme" dungeons event: the variation and combination of the monsters. It certainly showed the excellent skills of so many non-nemesis monsters - it opened my eyes for some of them anyway.

    If someone at SP reads this - please forward this acknowledgement to the person or persons responsible for compiling the teams/relics in the Talos Dungeons - they certainly know their monsters!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Hi all,

    I Hope you have been succesfull in Race, Dungeons etc during the weekend. Busy time, Iยดd say!

    However I sent this message to Socialpoint (your comments are welcome):

    "Calling for the disqualification of the team XXX from the "TITAN INVASION" race.

    Dear Socialpointers,

    It is with much disbelief, but nevertheless well founded I have to ask you to nullify the participation of the team XXX from the current Titan event.

    Our Team, YYY, consist of very experienced players from former top 1-5 teams.
    As many other teams we participates in the current Titan Invasion event.
    We where well in the lead when suddenly another team literally over night (in europe any way!) managed to gain, pass us and double our points.
    Indeed an incredible achievement!

    It was so incredible we could not believe it - as you probably know: this event is more demanding/exhausting than any other event before.
    I personally had the longest battles - 2 hrs and 17 min before - in just one of the battles with the monster.

    Some of my teammates began looking deeper into the the above mentioned team. And they found unmistakenly signs of cheating.

    In the beginning I thought they just used one baby-account for cheating - after all that is all a team needs to win a team race (one account "gemming" the nodes of the event and thereby avancing the whole team).

    But in this case the cheating was much broader.

    I did not research the whole team, but just these five (not random, but just starting with the weakest members who by the way has all the past team race monsters, and ending with the lead). I found and documented cheating in all five:

    Team: XXX
    Name Screenshot
    Player 1 E an R in Legendary Habitats (Musu, Razfesh, Pandaken etc)
    Player 2 E an R in Legendary Habitats (Musu, Razfesh, Pandaken etc)
    Player 3 Super Habitat Management (either more than 4 Ls in each or multiple layers)
    Player 4 E and R in Legendary Habitat (Freeza, Orca and many others)

    Player 5 Freeza, Nautilus in Legendary Habitat
    Player 5 At least 8 Timerions floating behind Legendary habitat in foreground

    I am sure that all players participating in this "Titanic" event acknowledges the effort of the winning teams. That is just fair and square!

    But I am also sure that most Monster Legend Players fighting so hard and in earnest dislikes (to say at least) teams or players winning in dishonest ways and want to see such teams disqualified."

    In this forum I can show the screendumps (I erased the players names!):

    0_1518389056843_Player 1 E an R in Legendary Habitats.JPG
    0_1518389081942_Player 2 E an R in Legendary Habitats.JPG
    0_1518389100834_player 3 etc E and R in Legendary Habitat.JPG
    0_1518389112172_Player 4 Super Habitat Management.JPG
    0_1518389130609_Player 5 - Freeza Nautilus etc in Legendary Habitat.JPG
    0_1518389139360_Player 5 Habitat in foreground with at least 8 Timerions under it.JPG

    Tell me - is it as apparent to you as it is to me?

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Thank Fox,
    for the heads up. I believe this could be a very important event - perhaps one of the most important in the history of this game.

    Here is why:
    As some others I also started this game because my children played it (first Dragons, then monsters). If I had known money would be involved I would have banned it from the very beginning. But I did not know, and I used the two games as edutainment: combinatorial theory, the idea of "classes" (my kids were 5 and 7 Years at the time, so it was new to them), biology (genetics) and probability. Great because these subjects are somewhat hard to grasp (even for adults), so the earlier you get it, the better.
    Great games - excellent ideas.

    Team wars was introduced - great for me. But boy - was that expensive to get those runes. I spend more than 8000 gems just for level 6 and some 7 runes!
    Then came X-runes. Boy, more money. And just going to war was more than a shipload of gems. Per month. Just to put those wheels on the X gems. What a waste!

    The VIP monsters was introduced. Their attack-skills was not very impressive. But their trait made them perfect for defense. I bought the first one, then the second, the third etc. Little did I know the Lab would be introduced, killing the game with their requirements of 18 monsters - and hence 18 VIPs!
    New team for me (a merge) and Team Fraternity events "saved" us: we could help each other evolve - for a price as you all very well know.
    Then came the Nemesis monsters. Doubling the price tag of playing this game. But Nemesis monsters at least has great playing skills and not just defensive as VIPs with health runes: slowing down the battles.
    Relics - do I need to say more?

    So - here we are now. Lets face it - some teams did not survive and even today the game is bleeding in two ways: players still leave and remaining players stress - sometimes even in teams, between leads.

    A game of multiple imbalances, I am afraid.

    Paying players do not like free-players to get the monsters they paid deerly for - for free.

    Non paying players get demotivated by the - lets face the reality - gigantic imbalances in the playing field. Before you could get a top team, get crunched but actually enjoy the war learn from them. Today you just get run over. No fun, no experience, nothing interesting.

    And even those of us "just" throwing the price of a new car after this game does not enjoy it: either the wars are so easy it is โ€œbof bofโ€ or so ridiculous it is not even worth playing. Forget about breeding events or some of the many other gems- and time consuming events.

    I understand the emotions of paying as well as non-paying players.
    I believe all agrees that paying players should get value for their money. And they do: in fact so much it is a major problem.
    Making breeding event is NOT giving away monsters for free, though. The last 1ยฝ years has been downhill for breeding events. Before that at least you could calculate the odds and hence the price level - and for example stay away from anything below 10% chance. Now: you do not know! The chances are hidden and might even be individually calculated according to the players purchasing behavior (remember that everything you do in a game is recorded and used to update your player profile: with this data the apps know much more about you than you ever will! The regulation in Europe is very clear on gaming and gambling apps - it is just they are not yet enforced).

    So a big NO: there is no free ride. I have been playing and paying for years: I hope non paying players do have a chance to get some VIPs (or other items in this game), level them up etc. If they can afford to get 18 VIPs and level up to 130 - go for it! But before you jump to conclusion: calculate the price-tag. I have not calculated it precisely, but as I remember it - a 5% chance did cost me more than 400 gems in average. That is 7200 gems or 232 Euro. Not exactly "free", and even more if the chance is lower.

    What I do hope, however, is that really many players - free as well as paying - get the metal nemesis monster. With mechanism now or later to level them up. We need that to level the playing fields just a bit. A team with 9 (or 27 - each one has 3 different versions!) nemesis monsters are still way ahead of everybody else, so it is no threat to anyone, but I hope it will help teams to be just a little competitive once in a while.

    So from that perspective: I wish every player - paying as well as free - a successful Nemesis Talos Event.

    See you in the Dungeons (and in team wars)!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    "Island Boost" not working for any on my team. I have tried the 4h period twice and one full 8h period (just in case SP decided to follow their description and actually double items after a full time). Nothing works.
    Perhaps it is for another island we do not have yet -)

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @Haka-Taka I agree with you - using in game utils as facilitated by SP can never be cheating. In my yes not even when used unintended ("glitches") - in these cases SP can react if the consequences are too unbalanced.

    In my point of view, cheating is to gain advantages in unfair ways - like using third party gems or tools and that was my question: if there exists external tools that allows a user to manipulate relics and somehow saves it server-side. It should not be possible, but recently (up to a couple of weeks ago) I have seen so many "funny" things in ML that does not seem to belong there (occasionally there are errors - perhaps definition or label errors, so instead of a number there is a text or instead of the description of a skill you see a programming reference, but this time it was much more and influenced the images as well). So that made me wonder...

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Thanks Contrived - so nice getting the clear facts on the table!

    And now when we speak of facts:
    During the years so many raised their voice concerning cheating. We - the players - does not really know much. SP however monitors everything, so they should know.

    I have been surprised in the past. Sometimes a new team excells in monsters and runes other teams (even the best) did not yet have. Cheating with gems? That came into focus some time ago.
    I would like to know if that still exists?

    Cheating with some kind of "dublicator" - getting one monster and being able to dublicate. Is that possible today?

    Is it possible to cheat with Relics? I ask because Players I never previously meet suddenly has diamond relics on all monsters (even with 2 Uriel Essence) even though they have no monster at all fully leveled. I have never accused anybody of cheating and I am not about to start now - I would just like to know if tools like that exists.

    Players could use a lot of gems to get the relics, but there are so many relics and it is just blows my mind thinking about how many chests they must buy to get (for instance 2) Uriel Essence Diamond relics.

    That by the way constitutes something very close to cheating. Not by the players! Unregulated gambling.

    I am disgusted (as I am with other kind of cheating) and wants nothing to do with that, ever.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @Fox :
    Buffed Island added a little more work to those of us calculating speeds etc for tough wars. But only in the beginning. And since none of my teams have done speed-chart since the relics (the team I was on disintegrated), it does not matter at all. Most monsters are buffed for a reason (as a sales argument and speeding up hatching/extraction and ranking for those monsters), besides those featured monsters very few monsters that are affected and only with very little effect (like 3% extra speed).
    So it is no bother really - and not a discussion point at all between players as far as I know.
    The only remaining question seam to be if the "buff" can influence the purchasing situation or the "speed" (use of gems) for hatching etc. That might be the case for Nemesis monsters, but it is hard to tell really since Nemesis monsters is launched when war restrictions is triple the element of the nemesis monster.
    Now with the relics I think the buffed island and perhaps even the nemesis monsters are without importance. For instance last war we fought, some of our enemy had Diamond Relics on all spots (so much for "this is going to take month..." spin) - at least one with 2 Uriel Essence.
    So many things does not really matter anymore.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @Ekto-Gamat said in History of Resurrection of AMAB pt. 2:

    @Jorgen-Schultz thanks for your perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One thing I believe is not entirely correct: Fatal Assassins beat 'Brute Force' shortly after they had reunited (months after the bans). They disbanded again after that, but not because of the cheating.

    Minor thing: it was Sphyrrnus, not Caillech, that did the C killing.

    Well - you are the Historian: Sphyrrnus it was (Energized). I have forgotten because I no more use the monsters from that Era (!).

    I did not know the team in mention managed to get 30 players again. The last two times we (FA) got them in the end of September (where they beat us) and 4 wars later where we (during preparation day) could not figure out what actually happened (Too Many Rumours), but when war-day came they where reduced to just one player - I think it was a way of keeping the team alive (although inactive).
    Either way, my point being: We where not to happy about getting them again so shortly after our last defeat and then we literally saw the team disintegrating before our eyes. We only manage to beat them because of this - they did not make one single attack!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @David-ML said in History of Resurrection of AMAB pt. 2:

    @Jorgen-Schultz I'd be interested to know if any team has found another team based cross-platform game that provides entertainment and a good team environment!

    Sorry - I have not seen anything posted yet. Problem is how to know!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Thanks Ekto Gamat, I commented on Part one, I will comment on Part two as well.

    The team I was on could not survive the Lab. We merged/split. As I wrote in a comment to Part one: the only thing that made our new merged team survive (Fatal Assisins came from Sparta Coq+MobDeep) was (besides good teammates!) Fraternity Event. By focusing on Frat. event we - as many other teams - managed to concur our own sentiment and make it possible for us to level up some of the generals (in the beginning it was Thetys). That was the reason for our surprise win over Amab.

    We also won over "Brute Force" - we where the last team to confront them when they blew up because of cheating. So in a matter of hours there where only one player left!

    Back to the history of Amab. I think our win was a wake-up call for Amab. Amab has always had excellent players (knowledgeable and intelligent - that is how Amab could stay in the lead for so long).

    Later we meet Amab was in a Water-C war. We where still focusing on getting generals leveled up, but Amab was prepared in other ways: Many used a water C and some used Caillech. Both was a surprise to some on my team: a C that could survive a water-blow and a L that could gain enough stamina to blow a 0 CD skill even after hit by Thetys Stamina Removal and actually kill a C.

    That made the difference - and, so I believe - has always made the difference between Amab and many of the other teams.

    That was also the difference making it interesting to meet Amab in war.

    All top teams wanted to beat Amab - of course! But some players hated Amab. We even saw Amab being accused of being almost SP agents or somehow "bought" by SP! Is that a game that does so to players (competition that makes people blind) or is that just the result of the negative sentiments in Gods "preferred and superior beings - created in his image" (I hope a little sarcasm is in order here or I am toast!).

    I am sorry you are not around for part 3 (or ???). We are again in a new crossroad. "Brute force" where back (I mean being hit by 30 Samaels) and relics made players stop. Once again my team did not survive (we where Rank 5 at the time). Players on different teams are - independent of each other - looking for other games the entire team can migrate to.

    So in that sense - a part 3 could be interesting!

    Thanks Ekto - and thanks to other Amab Players making contributions to the game and/or to these pages.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @C0ntr1v3d! So nice to read a post from you!

    Well, someone that actually like Relics - that is refreshing!

    I was on Titans (at that time rank 5) when a the team of 30 Samaels got 450 coins against us, so I can follow you a long way, though. The game needs to be refreshed and re-balanced.

    I like the nemesis monsters, though. They are not easy to get or to level up. But as with the lab (when it was introduced) a serious team effort really helps and that is good for the individual player and the team.

    Back to PvP. I also stopped. I battled a level 105 Hackster with a lvl 100 Cyan. I started, executed a dbl dam + extra turn to a Llum, but neither Llum or any other of my monsters ever got a turn. So - rebalancing, yes but this is perhaps a little to much (I am laughing - I know it is an error).

    Perhaps SP should ask you to be a tester for them, so we could avoid destroying entire teams every time SP throws in something new!

    Frustration always triggers some kind of "darknet" response - I am so sorry to see that happen to you, Contrived. Not fair. I for one has benefited and appreciated when you share your experience on these pages. So, please continue to surprise!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @Sam I totally agree with you. SP however might not. When they look at other games like Clash of Clans, Game of War, they see players use a lot of money each month just to get the latest items to destroy your enemies.

    I will add some points to your very good analysis:

    1. Some players - I do not know how many - actually comes from those games. Seeking teams, friends and enjoying a strategy based game as ML was before. Some call them mature players. They reacted when SP wanted to introduce the Chance Rune. They also reacted when SP destroyed breeding events / but to no avail. In my experience mature players - I have meet so many - are liberals (doctor, lawyers, business people) or just very well educated (teachers, professors, engineers etc.). That makes teaming with them agreeable and interesting. Perhaps SP do not know their players or perhaps SP want to change their customers to the game of war type. SP knows - we do not.

    2. The element of chance can - for a game developer - be seen as a way of controlling a game and how players spend. Players that invest in a game are hooked and by frustrating them create a need for getting rid of that frustration and offer them a solution (buying monsters, runes, items etc.). When this solution is chance based (relics) the game developer can introduce algorithms tailored to address the individual player (increase players spending, motivation to get back to the game etc.)

    3. Mobil gaming is - so far - unregulated. Europe is slowly looking at it (they actually has a regulation it is just not enforced!). China is on the move. That makes it tricky for game developers, but so far it does not seem to bother them. For survival I think they should take it very seriously. But there is also a fierce competition. Also for retention (collecting things, PvP, Team Wars, the chest etc. are retention things (and they work!).

    4. I think all top teams and their players (mature players) want transparency - so a team is able to plan, calculate and communicate.
      SP knows if those players or teams are important or if they just want to skip to an entirely chance based system.
      I believe most of those teams and players appreciate and recognize the the good basis of monster legends. Many are still not happy about the Lab.

    5. As for marketing - well time has certainly changed! It is so costly to make mistakes as is gaining new clients/customers. So normally a company will try to adapt a win-win situation.
      But not mobile gaming.
      There is still so many potential players out there, so is that why they do not want to bother with intelligent marketing? We saw it with the flop of the you-tubers. Wow was that embarrassing or what? I promise you when I saw that - and the monsters they introduced me feet retracted from a size 44 to a size 39!

    There are so many things game developers can do to attract new players and at the same time maintain their player base. Mobile gaming is a serious business, for their survival I think they must go new ways to instead of competing so superficially. But can they ???

    It is a bit like Personal Computers in the beginning. Every one bought IBM PCs. They where expensive and really not good. But as most admins would say: you don't get fired for buying IBM!

    I hope SP has the courage to go new ways though. The idea is excellent, the player base is so incredible loyal it would be a waste to let that fall apart.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Hmm... The idea could be interesting, but:

    1. This was a game of strategy. That attracted high level and well educated players. Every top team had players doing the charts before a war + strategist that would help team doing their battle. With relics that seems to be lost.
    2. Personally I hate slot machines. And this one is a slot machine right now. And (like breeding) it is a pre-regulated slot machine - one that can be individually tailored to your way of spending!

    I am sad to see highly experienced and esteemed players (who for so long has done so much to promote the game and help new players) leaving the game.

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    @annihilator I have to say I agree with you, Lol. Swapping Islands every week and almost not participating in events in a year is to much. SP Has solutions - a similar function was implemented in Dragon City years ago. So it has nothing to do with considerations in respect to older phones etc.
    SP might have many other technical issues taking up their resources though (glitches, the new multiplayer mode, complaints from users, Team Wars issues) - issues that might prolong their effort to deal with this matter. Personally I wished that monsters could hatch directly to extraction or go to storage. Both should be a non-issue solution (?!?).

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    Oh, Sorry - I just saw that a similar thread has been posted. My bad!!!

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  • Jorgen Schultz

    The Gems Purchase timed Challenge did not last for long. On my app. it was replaced Friday or Saturday with feeding challenge, so obviously i feed a lot of Legends. However the challenge disappeared and never came back. The gems purchase challenge did come back sunday though.
    Today, Monday, I waited 5 hours for a new timed challenge. So far it has been a now show.
    Anyone knows what's happening?

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