• Jorgen Schultz122

    Mirak has very good trait and skills;

    • remove pos effects from all enemies and total blind them!
    • Random control skill + Metal Weakness to all enemies
      Amazing skills, but for a Metal monster, well: even Timerion is a good counter and Miraks many status effect skills has no effect on artifacts, unless their trait can be removed first (wink, wink).
      But nice to have either for a special situation (for instance female or superheroes book) or for support (3 TS)?

    I am not a big fan of random traits, the exception being Ragnarok. But on a mechanical monster (an "Artefact") status effects does not bite anyway, so the random protection trait is waisted as far as Mirak is concerned, I guess.

    With a little twist ("a small step for SP, a large jump for all the players") this monster could be super relevant!

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  • Jorgen Schultz122

    Works very well!
    A bit confusing in the beginning (needing to set the skills for monsters used in Tournament), but it does not take much time to learn.
    I think it gives a unique oppertunity to test PvP defense teams.
    I am sure some things are planned for "Tournament"?

    Just one thing: being pinged for a friendly battle while in Team Wars is very disturbing - after all: each of us prepare for, and go into, battle for our entire team, so if it is possible to turn "Friendly Battles" off while in Team Wars that would be great.

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  • Jorgen Schultz122

    @david-ml said in Use of Common, Uncommon, or Rare monsters in wars?:

    @jorgen-schultz122 wow, I would have thought that players of your calibre would embrace combat diversity!

    Combat diversity is great, CCC wars not so great. But to tell you the truth - even though our team voted no, we got bored and started a CCC war anyway 😀

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  • Jorgen Schultz122

    Oh, you read my mind (and many other players too, David ML)!

    If was just about to make this point in "General", but fortunately I saw your post here, so I will add it here:

    On facebook pages I see onces more that the race requirements of 15 players creates problems. Like the one here:

    "These joint tasks are killing me. I love my race team but we're so slow at getting 15 members to do anything. Anyone else struggling?"

    I commented as follows:

    "All the Teams I have been on have had that very "problem". One of the benefits from Team Wars is the global aspect: we are from all over the world. It breaks down walls, it promotes understanding, communication etc. But then there is Race, where the 15 members requirement makes global teams wait for hours and hours. To make it even worse - players jumps teams so global teams can be reduced to 28, 26, 24 - and still racing with the same 15 player requirements as 30 member teams. What is SPs interest in that (not money: they earn that on E/L breeding, Multiplayer task etc)? It seems counterproductive."

    All the teams I have been on suffered the same problem - and we all used FB, messenger or other means of communication.
    We have also tried to "vote" for specific time of Day to do a "Team Effort". In Theory it should be possible, but in praxis so many are of liberal profession, so their shedule is outside the bounderies of a 35 or 37 hrs working week.

    Perhaps the gems we use going for 50 laps are of no importance to SP. But is SP against global networking?

    Is there anyone who can explain why such a rule exist (and at least why it is not adaptive to the actual no of players on a team - that should be a very simple programming effort)?

    I am sorry I have not logged on with my usual profile - for some reason Facebook logon only returned an error message.

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  • Jorgen Schultz122

    Many does not like such wars. The team I am on has only "NO"-vote to do such wars - instead we take a 3 day break.

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