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    The last 5-6 weeks I have been thinking of quitting; ML has never been "Micro"-paiment, but current pricelevels are way beyond what I can accept: Legend pass has more than doubled (in price), new single monsters can be bought for 26-33 Euros (a piece!) and the new idea of stressing weak players to use a fortune to acquire a monster "here and now" (because elemental cells or elementium cannot be used) is something I thought was reserved for the most primitive internet based games.
    "Every" thing is for sale all the time - even Monsterwood is blinking like a salespersons hellish version of red light district. Not exactly social!
    In the other end: the game is suffering. Not just has all fun left the game, but so many things simply does not work. I am not talking about Battlefields (once in a time event can have flaws: no big deal), but Monsters that does not work as they should, skills that acts weird or not at all under some circumstances (for instance extra turns given to enemy when enemy has mirror activated). I did not even participate in last month Fraternity event - even that event seemed futile.
    New "super"-monsters is being sold as missiles and anti-missiles in an ever increasing rate and now also: price. Even though I fully ranked up 3-4 monsters during the last month, I still have 18 monsters lvl 120 - and not much time to test them before new and perhaps better monsters turns up. So why bother at all?

    With the new monsters - starting with Pumpseed - this game stinks (sorry to say that so frankly, but I for one am no longer proud of have been playing this game at all).

    Game developers has clearly left the room. So why shouldn't I leave as well?

    I have played almost 5 years - thanks to all the teams and players I have known (btw: I used to have more than 150 active ML friends, but they have been reduced to a little over 50 - and even they are not different players: during last 3 exodus events some high level accounts has been bought or taking over by other high level players)!

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  • Jorgen Schultz122

    Oh, you read my mind (and many other players too, David ML)!

    If was just about to make this point in "General", but fortunately I saw your post here, so I will add it here:

    On facebook pages I see onces more that the race requirements of 15 players creates problems. Like the one here:

    "These joint tasks are killing me. I love my race team but we're so slow at getting 15 members to do anything. Anyone else struggling?"

    I commented as follows:

    "All the Teams I have been on have had that very "problem". One of the benefits from Team Wars is the global aspect: we are from all over the world. It breaks down walls, it promotes understanding, communication etc. But then there is Race, where the 15 members requirement makes global teams wait for hours and hours. To make it even worse - players jumps teams so global teams can be reduced to 28, 26, 24 - and still racing with the same 15 player requirements as 30 member teams. What is SPs interest in that (not money: they earn that on E/L breeding, Multiplayer task etc)? It seems counterproductive."

    All the teams I have been on suffered the same problem - and we all used FB, messenger or other means of communication.
    We have also tried to "vote" for specific time of Day to do a "Team Effort". In Theory it should be possible, but in praxis so many are of liberal profession, so their shedule is outside the bounderies of a 35 or 37 hrs working week.

    Perhaps the gems we use going for 50 laps are of no importance to SP. But is SP against global networking?

    Is there anyone who can explain why such a rule exist (and at least why it is not adaptive to the actual no of players on a team - that should be a very simple programming effort)?

    I am sorry I have not logged on with my usual profile - for some reason Facebook logon only returned an error message.

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  • Jorgen Schultz122

    Many does not like such wars. The team I am on has only "NO"-vote to do such wars - instead we take a 3 day break.

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