• Jose Arrieche

    Hello! For 2 days I have been almost seeing the announcements to get orbs from the TeleDragon every time I see it, it takes me to the announcement, everything is fine but when I go to check how many orbs I have to know when I can invoke it, it marks me only 10. In these 2 days that I have been in that to be able to have it because it makes me happy to have rare dragons and more if they are legendary rare and exclusive for calling it that ... I play dragoncity since 2013 more or less, I had left it and until a few weeks ago I returned to take it again because It is a great game that I liked since I played it for the first time.
    Sorry if any word is misspelled in English, it's not my fault, I'm using the translator to communicate since I don't know much English, I'm from Latin America.

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