• Judith Bigley

    After paying for an upgrade on my hatchery .... 120 gems! And guess what came back on my game 120 gems where gone but my hatchery was still the same please return my gems if you are not given me my up grade, I can't afford to loss 120 gems for nothing. Please?

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  • Judith Bigley

    Just how do you play fair when a person win all 3 fights then you tag them as a loser and then the dragons that they or defeated! You give them the win. And when I move on you do the same in that game by given the upper hand to weaker and lower dragons then mine! Let me ask you how can you treat someone who has spent so much Building there dragons up and getting defeat by common dragons when mine where 21 level and mine are leagendary? I have been playing a long time and what you just did for get this! You will get know more chances to take from me or cheat me out of my wins or battles, farther more there is no way in **** That a level 8 is going to bet a level 21! Especially against all three of my upper level dragons and on top of that you let some one just steal and take my trophys when I am away by attacking me when I am away! And not there? The *** with your games! You can forget this game, This has turned into a cheaters game and I want a refund on all my purchases and keep your game there is too many other games and return my $$ or I will make a complaint to Facebook about your business approach and the cheating and stealing that goes on in here! This was a fun and entertaining game years back but you have let it turn into something that is totally the opposite! ***** <aka> *******
    PS I have joined and been a player longer then you are claiming, I would not be level 38 going on 39 if I had just joined this ***game or group! But it is the last! I don't play where people are aloud to cheat and you back them up!

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