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    Sooooo basically I’ve come up with an idea of buying cells for elemantium or elemental cells instead of gems. Essentially what this mechanic does is that you can buy 1 cell of a monster for 1 elemantium or elemental cell. This outclasses the “3 gems for 1 cell” mechanic in the current state of the game. Let’s say I want to buy 1 cloud cell for 1 elemantium (or elemental cell, which ever you prefer). I will get 1 cell for a lesser price!!! (Probably, since elemantium is the rarest resource in the game). $P please add this mechanic in the game so players don’t have to spend 120 elemantium or more to get 1 monster to get a monster ranked (If u didn’t get it, I meant that you don’t have to spend a bunch of elemantium on a monster ranked with 0 cells).

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    Iceberg- Applies freeze immunity (normal freeze and mega freeze) and applies freeze hater to all allies. Effects last 2 turns

    Stealth- Immunity to Total blind, Daze, and normal blind. Applies Evasion to self (1 turn)

    Avid- Attacks always hit (even Total blinded, Dazed, or Blinded

    Icebound- Enemies are frozen at every start of the battle

    Hurricane- Applies a random negative affect at the start of every battle (10% chance of landing control effects)

    Hygiene- Immune to negative effects

    Humid- Applies Water immunity and also applies water hater (2 turns)

    Deceased - This monster is immune to all negative effects and applies good legions hater to all allies at the start of the battle (1 turn)

    Competent- applies damage boost (50% more damage) at every start of the battle

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    Purge- Applies a instant death to a monster if life is below 5%. Does not affect if monster is immune to sudden death

    Stalker-increased accuracy once this monster is hit (1 turn)

    Infiltration- once this monster dies, 1 enemy is possessed

    Mob boss- regenerates health by 20k and gains double dmg once this monster is at 3% of health

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    @clackers yeah it’s like a co-op mode. Speaking of co-op low key I forgot that word lmao

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    For some reason the high winter dragon kinda dodo. C-. So much for the protesters of the dragons.....

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    This game mode is basically a team-type mode. Each team will have 3-2 players per team. The game starts out with a voting time period, meaning each player on a team must vote who shall go first. After the player is decided, the game starts. This game mode also has a feature where you can ask your teammates to take your place, but the other player has to accept(there will be a button saying: “This player wants you to take their place!” And you can press accept or decline). If you wanna win the game, you and your teammates must either destroy all the enemy monsters, or if the enemies all leave the game. He/She can either play with his/her teammates or with random players. If can, there will also be leagues and rewards after the game ends.
    Greatest reward for the player who takes out most of the monsters, and bad or small reward for the player who didn’t do anything or had the least monsters defeated.

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    Read description and dm me if interested 0_1544896161988_Screenshot_2018-12-15-07-26-57.png

    Edit: Moved to Monster Legends section. It was in Dragon City.

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    Here’s a new monster idea!

    Name: Bassilisk.

    Description: Ever since Bassilisk left his tribe to take a “rest” from the all wars and stealing his tribe did, he decided its time to change. He started to help out helpless monsters and even started to stop the crimes of his own tribe too! He and Deadwolf will soon be partners in crime

    Stats(level 100)

    Power: 3,458
    Speed: 3,345
    Life: 30,586

    Elements: Special, Magic

    Books: Good legions,Adventures,Families

    Skills(down below)

    (Skills group 1)
    I am not a criminal! (20 physical dmg) That’s not nice! (Deals 30 magic dmg) Bullseye! (Deals heavy special dmg to all targets and Activates cooldowns And stuns enemy)

    (Skills group 2)
    Stop it!(Deals moderate magic dmg,dazes target) I am not a criminal! (Total blinds target and does 30 magic dmg)

    (Skills group 3)
    I am not a traitor!(Gives evil legions hater and 1 extra turn to Bassilisk) Old tricks(Steals life from target,also does 50 dmg) Trigger finger (Total blinds and does 60 dmg to all enemies)

    (Skills group 4)
    Old friends (Heals all allies by 25%) No need for violence! (Stuns and Deals 50 dmg to a target) How bout tomorrow? (Gives evasion to all allies,doubles and applies taunt to self)


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    I’ve saw the video, and social point said they will do it, but I don’t see it happening. Anyone know if it’s gonna be a thing?

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    @keki14 that’s why is said may or may not exist dude

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