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    Here are some suggestions for some traits just in case social point wants to make a monster with an exclusive trait.

    Lone wolf(used to be called “tribe hater”)
    x3 more against monsters in the family book.

    If the monsters life is below 20%,incoming damage will be 40%less

    Won’t be affected by stamina removal,CDA,And total blind.

    Monsters in the same book as this monster will deal x2 more damage

    Will gain all stamina back if stamina is below 10%

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    Yup,All the monsters you just mentioned(Most of the monster I own)Really need a buff.I hope the moderators or devs notice this thread so they can make the “OG” useful again(The ones I am hoping to happens is firelequinn and rabies so I can at least have good fire monsters.Also social point should try to change rabies’s monster info just in case the do buff him).

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    Here is my list for the best youtubers in the monster legends community(in my opinion)
    1.Armor Gaming(Absolutely should watch him)
    2.WrathOfGod(New Players should watch him)
    3.Monster Gaming(When he does best monster videos,it’s mostly ranked by his favorite monsters)
    4.Rain Gamez
    5.Monsterlegendalldayeveryday(Team Afkk leader)
    7.Joker Gaming(old man 1)
    8.Maxi Tuning(old man 2)
    9.Wahab Gaming(old man 3)
    10.Tu Tran (Why? Cause his edits are cringey and unfunny,again my opinion)

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    I want a Buff on the 3 weakest legendary monsters in the game(Nebotus,Lagerchaun,and Thundhare).These monsters are currently not used by anyone in the top leagues and is basically irrelevant at this point of the game(Nebotus currently being used by rookies or new players in the competitive scene).I have some Buff suggestions for them.

    • 1.Power
    • 2.Speed
    • 3.BOTH OF THEM!!!!!

    1 for power Buff
    2 for speed Buff
    3 for speed and power buff

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