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    @sansot said in New speed up for breeding:

    My understanding of the announcement is this: "Hey guys! We're going to give you a DISCOUNT now when you spend gems to speed up hatchings and buildings! The more you spend, the more you save! What's the discount going to be? Well, we're going to INCREASE the cost of lower-end speed ups. Now the upper-end ones are a discount!"

    Y'all that's a pretty stinking vile business practice. I try not be a whiner on here, but if you DON'T want to look like you're trying to squeeze more money out of your players, you're doing it wrong.

    I already can't complete a 72 hour challenge and often only get a single new legendary from events (none in this one), so why not make it harder to succeed at a breeding challenge?

    Agreed, trying to frame this change as a great discount for players is disingenuous at best. I'm sure they'd never release their data, but I would bet that there are exponentially more speedups of an hour or two then there are at the 45-50 hour level, where you'd receive the new discount.

    I haven't sped anything out at that level ever since they changed the format for breeding events, as there is no longer any value to do so.

    To making the game "fair", I imagine since they are keen to point out that they are making it easier to earn gems while playing, they're also going to make things more expensive (i.e. new normal cost of Legendary eggs), which really doesn't leave any of the players better off.

    Inflating the gem economy like that only causes players who pay for gems to get less value since they haven't increased the amount of gems per purchase, but have slowly increased the cost of in-game items.

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    I will say, I did not care for how this event was run (probably because I personally did not receive particularly great rewards, LOL), but I am very pleased that they at least provided real odds for the prizes within the chests.

    If they aren't getting rid of the chests/gambling, I would really like to see the actual odds on every chest (and further to other things like breeding, now that the wiki no longer publishes that info).

    Posting detailed odds allows for two big things to me:

    • The community, with some effort, can fact check that things are being rewarded accurately
    • Players are able to make informed decisions as to the value of certain chests, allowing folks to know just how much of a long shot some things are and to adjust their expectations appropriately.

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    @Marianne-van-Es said in Poorly Executed Birthday Event:

    So lets say they build this progressive different in stead of chests you could have gotten all the same relics starting with a specific silver relic ending with a specific diamond one this would mean that all players that participated gets the same relics. Sure not all get to the diamond one but also some would do several rounds so ending up with say 3 canes of Atlantis (=example) so now we have a new problem the p2w players "buy" their canes and f2p and small spenders again have no chance on diamond relics.

    This could be dealt with easily by not allowing round 2/3 for the event.

    This game isnt fair, mobile games aren't fair, life isnt fair. This is the way it is

    I find this kind of attitude troubling, I'm sure everyone realizes life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to better things when possible. Obviously SP doesn't do as all players wish, no game company does, but providing feedback is our main way to give some community input on game play.

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  • karryt

    Yep, even as a level 110 player, who earned a lot more coins per tomato than 130+ players, I managed to get Muerte and only got a little more than half way through the second one. As luck had it I didn't get the black candle there and ended up receiving 4 white candles in monsterwood. Instead of playing the 20% gamble for a black candle I just bought the cell chests since I could use the Gregorz cells on "misses". If I had no use for Gregorz I'd be even more disgruntled at having to spend so much, just to be able to participate in the event.

    SP has showed signs of giving players a little more help to advance lately (which frankly is needed if they ever hope to get the huge gap in team/player strength to close a little), but this event reminds me of their Black Friday and other special sales where they price almost all the monsters above their "normal" "sale" price.

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    @Marianne-van-Es said in ML Wiki:

    @tintum A couple of players are working on it you can complain or help its up to you if Interested you can contact me or @sansot

    The complaint isn't in the after release posting of the info...it's that unless monster-wiki posts the upcoming monster's stats/skills before they are released, how are folks to know whether it's worth obtaining or not? If monster-wiki stopped altogether that's a serious blow to new monster "hype".

    That said, if I get some time in the next couple of weeks I'll see if I can chip in to help update the wikia pages. Having the info available from another source is always good.

    Not sure if I ever thanked you or not @sansot but thanks for maintaining that spreadsheet of monster info!

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    @Portgas-D.-Ace said in Relic bugs:

    @Ekto-Gamat said in Relic bugs:

    @Carlos , what I said above still is the case. 🙂

    Other than that something small: 'Avenging Energy Staff' sometimes triggers but does not take away any stamina. I am not sure why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

    For me, I noticed that for Avenging Energy Staff and Cane of the Atlantis, it tends to trigger and not do anything when there is a dead monster on the target team. See if that is the same for you.

    This doesn't appear to be fixed yet. It does indeed look like that staff/cane will target monsters that are already dead, producing no visible effect after a proc.

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    While I think refreshing their permanent breedables would be a good change, it looks like one of those is Exo Skeel, who is a current 305GPM monster.

    Really hope SP can figure out how to introduce new content without forcefully reducing the value of the old. I bought many Exo Skeel just to produce gold, so if their production gets halved then that investment is severely devalued.

    I feel like half of this game is like playing a stock market game, trying to gamble and speculate as to what is going to be valuable based on bits of info and whims.

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  • karryt

    @Lin-Mei said in Why do SP penalise spenders???:

    @karryt If you buy a lightbulb that is said to last 200 hours on average, but burn out in 20 hours, is that purchase gambling?

    You buy a PC with one year of factory warranty and last anywhere from 1 to 5 years, is that gambling?

    In today's world, most things have a large amount of uncertainty. As with most gambles, only gamble what you can afford to lose. If you cannot afford to lose anything, don't buy anything.

    I'm not sure if you're being serious or not...those examples have nothing to do with the game industry wide issue of predatory loot/gacha boxes.

    I mean, do your 130 ranked monsters suddenly disappear completely sometimes from their habitats? Is that gambling??

    I obviously understand the risk/potential value proposition with gambling, but I don't think having that in games is a good thing. There's many studies out there about how the "potential" to win big affects many people psychologically and the related addictions.

    There are a lot of what I would call "anti-human" tactics built in to the game, like needing to log in every 4 hours, or making monsters have a "normal" price of a monster be 1700 gems ($50!), or constantly rotating the sale price of gems. Those practices are used to create a false sense of urgency to buy things now. For me, adding in all this extra gambling kind of shows that SP doesn't really have the right kind of appreciation for their customers.

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  • karryt

    I think the big question is why is the game littered with chests now. Even reward items (like scrolls) are in chests...really??

    I try to avoid them as much as possible as I don't want to encourage even more use of them, but admittedly did buy some, like the golden relic chests, only when on sale. Hard to stay competitive without at least a decent stash of relics.

    The rate at which this game is turning in to just a gambling machine is pretty worrying to me, especially in a time when many game companies are under fire for including borderline predatory loot/gacha boxes.

    Right now there is very limited regulation at all for this type of tactic so there's no accountability on the game maker's side. They could do as some folks imply and reduce the odds for better rewards to bigger spenders and how would we know?

    I'm almost to the point where I think they are trying to cash in on the gambling trend quickly before governments come down hard on the game companies for implementing them.

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  • karryt

    Ahh, no wonder I was dangerously close to KOing one of my monsters (from full health) when using him on offense today.

    I didn't remember him doing so much damage, and this was with only 2 of the 3 enemies still alive. If all 3 were still there...oh my.

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