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    @testcyp said in Dwarven Mines Maze:

    @karryt so for Nabaline you need to get 245 coins every 4 hours to get her at 100. Sounds reasonable.

    I think so, yes. That is also un-discounted cost I think so it dips under 200 coins per pool period if you do the middle road 20%. Of course actually catching discounts kinda sucks now.

    Value goes way up once you can start collecting over the 225/period as incremental cost to rank is relatively low. I like this event style though as you can get value with a lot of dedication. A lot of other events are trending towards needing the same type of hyper vigilant time keeping, all to end up paying very close to "normal" cost for the reward at the end...which is really off putting.

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    If the info I saw was correct this is a comparison of cost in terms of coins needed to collect per day of the past 6 new maze monsters.

    0_1555699988145_Maze Monster Costs.jpg

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    @bellatrix said in 1000 orbs for one X rune???:

    If we compare recent offers (in terms of gems) of a X rune in the Shop, right now there's one for 575 gems at -75% and I think that became like the "regular price offer" instead of 345 gems at -85% . . . Doing the maths, getting a X rune from the dungeon it costs cheaper as long as the orbs are being bought in just the 1st discount (50 orbs for 20 gems). Not that I justify the price, I rather buy a bunch of lvl I runes from the offer and craft like insane or wait hopefully if there's an offer for 345 gems

    Haha when players are having to do mental gymnastics comparing a new offer to a cost that is 230 gems more expensive (almost a whole egg!) than what was typical, you know that new offer isn't so hot...

    And if 75% off for an X straight up is the new normal, then SP has a twisted way of making runes more accessible.

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    @armorgaming said in 1000 orbs for one X rune???:

    I think it's better to state that 990 Orbs cost 378 gems.

    And if you really wanted to purchase an extra 50 Orbs, to put you over the 1000 Orb mark, that would be an extra 20 gems for a total of 398 gems.

    But let's go with the first ratio, especially since we get 3 orbs per day through daily challenges.

    ~1000 orbs for 378 gems to get an X rune.
    But it's not just an X rune, you also get 4 other runes
    Node 1. lv 4-6
    Node 2. lv-4-6
    Node 3. lv 5-10
    Node 4. lv5-10

    Worst case scenario you are paying ~30 extra gems for 2 lv 4s and 2 lv 5s.
    But there is a chance to walk away with higher level runes, in which case it could very much be better than purchasing a single level X from the shop.

    Yes, but it's not even about the straight gem value of the X runes, it's the opportunity cost you lose because the orbs are probably waay more valuable used to get warmaster cells instead. For 99% of players it could only tip in value if the orb cost was way lower.

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    @mluser said in Rainbow Bridge maze:

    Do we know if they are going to allow for the discount times to be found/posted this maze?

    I'd guess not, like last maze.

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    @boris said in Rigged diamond relic chests:

    I've noticed the same thing. The same relics over and over, while others never appear. Didn't know it was so widespread. I got multiple Nadiel Staffs as well and that's probably the worst diamond relic, so it's disappointing. My teammate got 5 of them.

    Haha, opinions are very split on the Nadial Staff, I happen to like mine, others on my team don't. Perhaps it depends on whether you have better a better staff to inform your opinion (like Cane of Atlantis :+). I use it often on a secondary monster if my primary can use a stamina drain relic.

    Also, I don't have 5 of them, haha. I'm not any different though and have many more Uriel Essence than any other relic.

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  • karryt

    @david-ml said in Rune Removal Fees:

    @sinisism said in Rune Removal Fees:

    Keep the rune removal fees, but create a mechanic for unlimited rune type changes.

    I like this idea! You should be allowed to swap runes at the same level with what you have in your inventory. This means that you can swap types on your monsters (eg. lvl 7 speed with lvl 7 team speed) but you can't constantly swap around X runes to always have a 9 x X team. If you want to change rune levels, you get charged for unequipping the rune so that you can add a higher level one. It would allow flexibility in your team setup yet still maintains the need to obtain high level runes!!! @Fox can this please be passed on for consideration 🙏

    This has been discussed for a while in the Discord. There were a few reasons why we felt this was a reasonable change if SP didn't think allowing removal for gold wasn't a large enough boon to player experience to trade off against, what I'm guessing would be, a small loss in gem revenue.

    To me keeping removal for gold is the ideal, but swapping would be a decent alternative, as both of those allow for sensibly swapping runes between and even during wars. Giving the players the flexibility to do that will help narrow the increasing power gap between teams that is a huge contributor to getting matchmaking working in an ideal state, with close matches (which is still pretty erratic so far this season).

    Behind that is the rune cooldown system that could match the cooldown mechanic already present in the game. That allows us to at least occasionally change the runes on our monsters, but probably won't allow for flexing setups in back to back to back close wars (which is the goal, right?). It also doesn't address the huge issue the very top teams have with facing other top teams constantly, the cost of following intricate game plans that rely on detailed tweaking of monsters' speed/strength/life.

    In any case, reducing the cost from 35 gems to 25 gems is not going to have a large impact, at least within our team. Folks who used to remove runes will still do so, those who never did, will still never do, because paying 75 gems for a one time move is a long term goal drainer, as that's 30% the cost of a new monster egg, and it's already impossible to keep up with constant influx of new monsters.

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    @teh_alan Ah, it's kind of confusing and from some of the upcoming rumours it should be simplified at least a little bit.

    Currently if you don't have the monster hatched/in monstergram, you need 80 true cells to craft it. If you do already have the monster though you can use elementium to create new cells, even if you have zero (go to the craft screen and find your monster and say fill with elementium, but don't craft).

    If you use elementalium to rank, you need 80 true cells to do that.

    From what we've heard, they'll take away the 80 cell restriction when using elementalium so that will make it a lot easier to use that up instead of trying to play games getting your cell counts to just the right amount, or needing to save up hundreds of elemental cells to do a rank 3/4/5.

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    @francisco-franceschi said in Rigged diamond relic chests:


    Were you the one that posted in Discord and a SP employee opened a bunch of chests in order to prove they were actually random? If that's the only relic you've gotten, the chances of that happening are astronomically small. Even if you've opened many more chests that's still crazy. I think SP needs to double check how they seed their RNG calls as there are other areas of the game that seem unusually streaky, like how often you can breed only pandaken or greenasaur 8 times in a row.

    Funny enough Cane of Atlantis is the only original relic I still can't get, probably cause you have all of them 🙂 I do have 7 or Uriel Essence though, haha.

    @Fox It would be great if diamond chests actually showed what the possible contents are. The chests from various events seem to be different from chests that are bought from offers, etc. The event descriptions often tout the chance to get a particular "non-standard" relic even, implying that those are missing from some other chests. The whole thing makes it even messier on top of the gambling aspect, as we don't even know what the prize pool is most of the time.

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  • karryt

    @teh_alan If you already have a Cain you don't have to wait till hitting 80 cells if you're going to use elementium/elementalium. If you need 80 because you only have 40 elementium then never mind 🙂

    There seems to be 100 cells for Cain up to the mirror, but getting to the mirror is a cool 5k coins.

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