• karryt

    Ahh, no wonder I was dangerously close to KOing one of my monsters (from full health) when using him on offense today.

    I didn't remember him doing so much damage, and this was with only 2 of the 3 enemies still alive. If all 3 were still there...oh my.

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  • karryt

    @Fox Was just delaying the next PvP season considered? That seems to me to be the most straightforward way to keep folks from taking an unfair advantage until it's fixed. Wouldn't help for wars, but right now it's not fixed for either.

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  • karryt

    @C0ntr1v3d said in Hack and Corruption Nerf:

    It would be very unwise to make this change now. Players have made investments based on that earlier change to the meta. They can be justifiably unhappy and angry if the proposed change is implemented at this point.

    I think this is the predicament SP is now in. They made the costs to "level up" in this game way too high, which to me, had two major effects:

    • Large disparity in individual and team strength (separation between those who spend and those who don't)
    • Difficulty to re-balance elements of the game, since as @C0ntr1v3d said, changing the in-game value of something that costed a few bucks is received by the players quite differently than something that costed $20-50, or more!

    At this point I'm not really sure what they can do to dig themselves out of that hole, and maybe they've had discussions about it and decided to just milk the game as long as possible. Or perhaps they've not discussed it at all, who knows.

    The introduction of relics (which an earlier @Carlos comment seemed to imply that it wasn't going to be another P2W race for power) and especially the distribution method being a gacha I think is just digging deeper.

    I really wish that changes were thought through completely and implemented holistically rather than in a scattergun thought-bubble fashion. I grow tired of the continual dissatisfaction seething through the community, much of which could be avoided or reduced by adequate planning and impact analysis.

    Absolutely this! I was so disappointed to learn that SP had not really mapped out all monsters in to books with fairly equal representation before the roll out of books, thereby changing the values of monsters all over again. This lack of planning (and testing!) seems to be par for the course right now though, sadly.

    On a bright note, at least there are somewhat more patch/change notes in the game...

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  • karryt

    @Suzznee said in The most unbalanced skills:

    I don't believe any monster should be nerfed. I believe they should create monsters to counter them, but I have beat Zyla and Voltaik and Demise. It just takes the right monsters and moves.

    I'll try to come back to this thread with some of my thoughts on skills, but just wanted to note quickly that when a monster becomes "OP" and dominates play, adjusting what makes them OP is normally a far better way to fix. Introducing new counters just makes folks have to obtain/rank new other specific monsters and is counter to the whole "diversity" thing SP said was a goal.

    Ideally we never run in to these situations but even if things were playtested there's always scenarios that come up. Clash of Clans has continual balancing even though the compositions of attacking teams is way more limited than ML.

    ML is in a tough spot though as most folks have a very limited pool of resources to obtain/rank monsters so pivoting away from changes is difficult. That's why I think IF they make any of these changes to longstanding monsters it needs to have some kind of compensation/plan for replacement for the players.

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  • karryt

    Yeah I think it's a sensible change and probably how it should have been from the start. As contrived said, it didn't matter too much since Tim didn't have attack skills, beyond looped damage. But when looking at the trait itself it makes sense that no effect, positive or negative, should stick.

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  • karryt

    @C0ntr1v3d said in 72hr challenge - NO coins from collecting food !:

    @karryt at level 130 I received 48 coins for each crop of 14 x Black Lotus in the last 2 flip card events. Needless to say I got zero monsters.

    Haha, sounds like maybe SP did just decide to make the exchange rate useless for higher level players then. Separate thing from the bug of getting 0, but hopefully they take a look at that and readjust for next event.

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  • karryt

    @David-ML said in 72hr challenge - NO coins from collecting food !:


    I'm not concerned as much with the rate,...

    I was lucky to find out about the zero drop rate before activating my temple. When the coins finally dropped, I received 38 coins for 1.4M food. This is almost as bad as zero, so I just didn't bother. I now also don't bother with the maze as I got zero coins for breeding and hatching for almost an entire week.

    @Carlos the unhappiness in the forum is stemming from countless bugs and other issues that interfere with gameplay and the lack of any compensation for the loss of time and effort (and some cases money) that players put into the game. Without some serious improvements in regards to SP handling the game, this won't go away in a hurry.... :(

    Well, the rate in of itself isn't really a bug, although if you're not getting the right amount of coins still that could be.

    What level are you? I was carefully hanging on to my under level 90 status and tipped over at the end of the 72H event. From memory I was getting about 1k coins per boosted full black lotus farms, and when I hit level 90 it was cut down to around 600 I think. I think they did introduce more steps in the last 72H event whereas before I think the cutoff for worst rate was at 90 or 100. Maybe 110+ gets super punitive, which probably should be looked at if so.

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  • karryt

    @Carlos said in 72hr challenge - NO coins from collecting food !:

    Wow. Long thread!

    It is possible that we didn't realize about the coins problem. Im not in the office right now and cannot ask. I learnt about this issue just now reading this post. And Im coming back in a week, so I wouldnt be able to give you an answer soon.

    I would like to encourage everyone giving his opinion. Bad or good. I understand closing duplicated threads, and I would prefer a polite way to express opinions before some harsh languaje, but if somebody is unhappy, I would also understand it.

    Moderators are volunteers. Users with privileges in the forum, earned with dedication and common sense (the less common of the senses). They are helping us all, players and developers. Lets try to make his job easier.

    Some of our users are giving us very good ideas, but we have a roadmap and limited resources. Those ideas may come, but not immediate.

    And my opinion about why the lots of negative comments recently is because things could have been done much better recently.

    Hi Carlos, thanks for responding.

    I'm guessing SP was aware as on post 72 or 73 on page 2 of this thread Fox asks folks to see if growing food results in any coins.

    As Haka mentioned I think there were two things talked about in the thread, one was a bug where folks were getting 0 coins from food. The other was the balancing of food/coin exchange rate which was adjusted drastically downwards from the generous rate of last 72H.

    I'm not concerned as much with the rate, although would love for that to be higher, but the bug where we got 0 coins really put people in a bind (wasted gold/wasted boost/wasted opportunity to grow food for the full 3 days and get coins).

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  • karryt

    I'm glad SP put in the work to remove the coins (along with fixing the glitch), but disappointed they didn't do so with food/gold also, and that they for whatever reason decided to only go a few wars back when the bug has been running for a lot longer.

    I think the calls for bans were a little unrealistic in this case as I for one would not trust SP's judgement on determining who did it purposefully, other than those who publicly said so of course.

    Add these questions to the growing list of things SP could answer to help ease the community.

    • Why was the correction only applied to such a short time frame?
      -Answering this puts the top team favoritism thing to rest, as some of them have had glitched wars for a while but those coins weren't included in the adjustment.
    • What was the difficulty in fixing the bug?
      -It was reported quite a while ago but urgency was only seen once other teams started to be affected. Reports of bugged war ending, which apparently was a related issue, popped up around the same time so that correlation was made right away I'd hope. Perception for some on my team is that SP didn't care to fix it while it affected mainly the top teams only, just when it filtered down.
    • Does SP have dev/test/staging servers and do they do any unit/regression testing on code releases?
      -It sure seems like they don't.

    And for those teams that were affected, said they don't want the coins, and didn't get the correct correction, now that SP has issued their resolution, you can now self correct by buying the duplicated coin amount in eggs or runes from the Team Shop and then selling them.

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  • karryt

    I am in favor of almost anything that allows for more actual diversity in wars. My one reservation with this system is that you'll be more reliant on having good synergistic rune setups, which may need more rune swapping and associated increase in gem cost. If that was alleviated somehow that would be awesome though to be able to affordably play with runes like the top teams do. It's like a whole missing dimension to gameplay that most teams who don't spend gems to swap runes miss in wars.

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