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    Hello Kylibob,

    My team is very friendly and we are happy to help new players grow as long as they are willing to be active and participate in events. We ask that our members maintain a minimum 30% participation score (3/5 attacks per war, you dont have to win. We just want you to try) and 200 points minimum per race. In exchange we have several veteran members who are happy to donate cells for good monsters, and we will help you build a strong team.

    Our minimum MP to join is 700. I can try asking our team leader to lower that so you can join if you are under that ammount.

    We would love to have you if you are interested.

    Kastiel Corvinus, Sublead of Legendary Blades Of War

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    I am KastielCorvinus. I'm a co-lead of the Legendary Blades Of War team. We are a FTP team who are looking to fill our ranks with dedicated, daily players who will participate in team events and help our team rise in the ranks.

    We do back to back wars, and have high donation stats. We have many veteran daily players above level 50. Until recently, we were consistantly Champion II or above in wars, but lately we have struggled with newer players doing their part. We want to replace them with dedicated players who are as enthusiastic about the game as we are.

    All we ask to be on our team is that you maintain a minimum 30% participation score. That's an average of 3/5 attacks per war. You dont have to win every fight, we just care that our members are trying. We ask that you do your best in the battle field events, and fill as many slots as you can. We ask that in the races you help with the do your part nodes, and score a minimum of 200 points in the war.

    We are a very friendly, easy going team and If you need to go on a haitus or cant do your attacks we are understanding and will hold your spot so long as you have a history of maintaining your participation scores and warn the admin.

    If you would like to join our team, please post below with your

    • Username
    • Your current PVP Attacks Won score
    • Favorite monster, and why?
    • Least favorite monster and why?

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