• kazwtto

    SPACE ELEMENT or VACUUM ELEMENT!(the concept is the same just change the name and symbol)
    this is my idea for Dragon City

    0_1608671154616_element.png space element flag
    1_1608671154617_element2.png vacuum element flag

    (just space element used for representation)

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  • kazwtto

    The Ancient World is the most useless part of the game, an update would be interesting....

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  • kazwtto

    I would like to understand how the breeding of dragons with 4 elements will work. Will it be through a combination of elements? But, outside the Breeding Sanctuary, this method does not work on dragons with 3 elements! Will this continue, or will it change with the next update?

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  • kazwtto

    I already lost hope. No matter how many times I contact the support, no one listens to me or is ignored with an automatic response.
    I did not use third party programs, airplane mode, use of bugs or anything that is against the policies of this game, even so, I remain banned.
    Sad. Disappointing.

    (google translate)

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  • kazwtto

    I have already contacted the support several times, and each time I received the same "automatic response", saying that I did something that I didn't do, even though I explained everything. The forum was my last hope to be heard.

    (google translator)

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  • kazwtto

    Hello, this is the tenth time I have tried to contact Dragon City support to explain my banning.

    A little context:
    Almost 2 months ago I went back to playing Dragon City after almost 2 years.
    I had forgotten my account password, so I created another one. A few days later I remembered the password for my old account and as I had already started a new one, I decided to play on both accounts simultaneously and multiplatform (cell phone and notebook).

    Almost a week after I created the account, I was banned for 30 days, exactly 2 days later my old account was also banned for 30 days. I didn't care much, as it was only 30 days, a few days after the first ban, it was banned again for 180 days in both accounts, one after the other, and finally, it was banned for 1000 days.

    From what I read in "Fair Play Guidelines" on the game support page and in "Ban Measures: official statement" on the Dragon City forum, there was nothing against playing on multiple accounts, as long as I am the legitimate owner of both, or play on multiple devices, as long as I'm not sharing my account with other users.

    I didn't go against the rules: I didn't use a hack, shared or sold my account, took advantage of a bug, played in airplane mode or any other possible violation of the rules. Even so, both of my 2 accounts were banned for 1000 DAYS.

    Every time I contacted support, I was answered with "automatic phrase". I hope that here I will be better served.

    (I don't know English, so I used the Google translator)

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