• KingADC

    Not my image, but this is the current highest damage record. I think Prideful's max damage record is about 560k for now.

    0_1643164935960_Screenshot_20220123-215415_Video_Player (2).jpg

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  • KingADC

    This is a chart based on the guide above. The sole purpose of this chart is to list the most efficient path for chests. This chart only is for event chests and does not take into account getting anything except event chests.

    NOTE- This chart was approved by Bettina. If you have any questions or concerns reply to me or DM me. I would be happy to fix my guide if you believe any errors were made.

    0_1641674935983_Mirror Maze Chest Costs.png

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  • KingADC

    @nynaevelan I'm sort of confused by what you said.

    A- Why would I need to strictly state it is for the elemental arenas? I think it is fairly obvious from the non-masters icons and only the inclusion of the normal name (ie. Legend II not Master Legend II), that the rules are for the elemental arenas. I'm not trying to be difficult, I just think the guide is self explanatory.

    B- I would be interested to see the Masters Arena rules topic. I have never made a graphic relating to Master Arenas because the rules can change, notably during a few arenas this year only one element was banned in a few arenas. That makes it difficult to make blanket rules for Master Arenas I would suppose.

    C- I'm kind of confused about the categories and would like a further explanation. I posted this in Dragons Discussion because I assumed events was for just that, events. Arena Rules are static, so I presumed they would go in this channel.

    So what exactly is dragon discussion and what exactly is events then? I understand how this isn't "directly related to dragons", but I don't understand how it would be categorized as an event.

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  • KingADC

    Hi everyone this is my first meaningful post on the forums so let me introduce myself. I'm KingADC, and I am very active in Dragon City and on the Offical Dragon City discord. I began making guides over the summer and posting them there. I've finally got them to the point where they are polished enough to be shared here.

    I poked around the forums and couldn't find a recent post with updated arenas requirements, so I decided to post this.

    And for the mods don't worry. I have no website or ulterior motive. I simply wish to help players with my guides. If you have any questions please ask, I am absolutely willing to comply with any rules. Although when I read the rules it seemed I could post info I complied and made myself.

    0_1641088510106_Arena Requirements Final.png

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  • KingADC

    Hi, my name is KingADC. I'm a glitched dragon collector, and I love learning more information and acquiring more glitched dragon orbs.

    If you have any info about glitched dragons, I would absolutely love to hear it.

    These are the glitched dragons I know of:
    Copy, ????, Special Cool Fire, Trend, Ancient, light dragon test, eternal dragon test, war dragon test, dragoonie dragon, flying chest dragon, Tid_unit_name_1113, and special flame.

    I know Copy was acquired through the now-defunct gift system and Special Cool Fire was acquired from an FB gift of sorts before the Elements Dragon was added. I know the test and unit tids were available in the divine pass, as I saw them with my own eyes.

    I own: Copy, Ancient, and Special Cool Fire, along with the recently added Scorer T, a previously glitched dragon added to the game.

    Does anyone have orbs of these dragons? They are glitched and quite rare, I'm wondering if anyone even has them at this point:

    light dragon test, eternal dragon test, war dragon test, dragoonie dragon, flying chest dragon, Tid_unit_name_1113.

    If you do have orbs of these dragons or any other glitched dragons, I would absolutely be willing to trade any orbs I have for them, up to Corrupted Chaos orbs or other glitched dragon orbs. Even if you don't have orbs, any information on how these orbs were created or acquired would be appreciated.

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