• Kle Uwu

    Just Imagine a Dream Titan 😍😍 would be my favorite

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  • Kle Uwu

    Cosmic sounds interesting

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  • Kle Uwu

    Like Fire Vs Ice, Dark vs Light etc. Events
    You could make some events for the Ancient Elements Titans

    Beauty vs Magic
    Chaos vs Happy
    Dream vs Soul

    Just Imagine a Dream and Soul Titan 😍😍😍

    Also these Titans (+The Legendary Titan) make 4 perfect Collections.

    Social point, please don't ignore that much the Ancient Elements, like come on they are everyone's favorite Elements. You haven't make then Tokens, Arenas, Weakness/Strengthness, Titans and only 61 dragons have at least one ancient element

    I have a question, is anyone from SP actually reading these, or are we writing stuff for nothing?

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  • Kle Uwu

    If they would make the Ancient Titans there would be 4 perfect collections.

    3rd Collection:
    Dark Titan
    Light Titan
    Wind Titan
    Beauty Titan
    Reward: Legendary Titan

    4th Collection:
    Magic Titan
    Chaos Titan
    Happy Titan
    Dream Titan
    Reward: Soul Titan

    In my opinion they won't make that because they don't care about the AW Elements, even though they are the coolest

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  • Kle Uwu

    Heroic Dragon: High Dreamer Dragon
    Elements: Dream, Dark, Pure and Soul
    Other 3 gifted dragons: Sketch Dragon (L), New: Sleep Paralysis Dragon (E) (Dream, Dark, Chaos, Fire), Dreamgaze Dragon (VR)

    This could be a very nice and super interesting event, and I put Dream as theme Element Because there are only 7 dragons with the Dream Element and that is very sad Because it is one of the most interesting Elements

    And I'm saying again PLEASE add weakness and strength to ancient Elements PLEASE I BEG YOU

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  • Kle Uwu

    Hope that SP will make more dragons with Ancient Elements

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  • Kle Uwu

    Dear Dragon City Team,

    Me and many more people have a problem with the ancient elements, I feel like the Ancient Elements are very original and SO SO UNDERRATED. Some people really want to see more things with them

    Some people don't really care about the Ancient Elements Because they actually act like a normal attack, they have no Strength or Weakness. I think you could add them some.

    There aren't many dragons with the Ancient Elements, making them less interesting. The Chaos or Magic in my opinion should have been one of the most used elements. Chaos just sounds so powerful, Magic is amazing element for many dragons, Because yeah Dragons are some Magic creatures. Soul is very very interesting and It should have been one of the most powerful elements (my favorite too), Happy, Some Dragons have the Happy element yeah but still it could fit in more dragons too (ex: High Positivity Dragon). Dream, Dream is very interesting too, I can understand it's a hard element to have ideas for but I'm sure you could do some more stuff with it, same For Beauty, Beauty in my opinion Should have been in more dragons. Hope you will make more dragons with Ancient Elements

    I've always dreamed about an event with the Ancient Elements, it would just be the most interesting thing that ever happened and I am pretty sure People would be more interested in the Ancient Elements. A Ancient Heroic Race would be amazing too

    Just like some other people I think your team is not that interested in the Ancient Elements, I really think you should make arenas with the ancient Elements that would increase more the interense of the players.

    And that is all I want to say, Thanks for reading and Hope You will make my ideas real. Good Luck and Thank you for giving us a great experience in your game

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