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    Looking for an ACTIVE alliance. I have bounced around a few but so far no luck. Started just 2 weeks ago, and will continue to be highly active indefinitely.

    English only, 25+ years old. Will talk some shit, sports, science, or anything else... Pretty laid back. Can stick to business only if that is what your alliance is into. No preference from me.

    I was fully prepared to carry a couple thousand points in this event, but no one else has even started for my alliance. I'm ready to move on.
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    Nothing impressive at the moment, but I have 2 more Ls cooking at the moment and plan on going hard in the paint for the race on the 19th which should net me a H or two (from what I've read).

    What I want: Activity. Strong performance in alliance events. Full alliance (or working towards it). Maybe a private chat for discussion.

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