• LeAnn Lundberg

    Join a friendly and motivated team. 1 opening for the Alliance SENIOR DRAGON MASTERS 1. We won new heroic dragons on the last two alliance races. This alliance is for people who like to play dragon city everyday for fun. All members are expected to do their part on each chest. Must be willing to communicate on DC chat or our FB chat group. Minimum 40,000 master points. Search “ Senior Dragon Masters 1 “ on DC alliances to join. All the best from your friends at Senior Dragon Masters 1.

    0_1542735284879_SDM_NOV19.jpg ![alt text](image url)

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  • LeAnn Lundberg

    Hi. I would like to put in some funny or holiday dragons in league battles to give others a laugh during fights. (I will probably need to switch them out for some of the tougher battles.) How does Dragon City decide what team of yours others will see? 1. Is it the team of the last fight in the previous round? 2. Is it the team of the first battle of the current round? 3. Is it the dragons listed as your team at the moment? Thanks. I am having fun, and want others to have as much fun, too. - LeAnn

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