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    Hey everyone,
    In this blog post, I will be reviewing my thoughts on the cosmic era update. You can find info about that here -> (https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/16012/cosmic-era-everything-you-need-to-know).


    First, I find this decision to make Cosmic Mythics somewhat forced. I feel like this really wasn't necessary, and I can't really think of a good reason to make them besides, well, money.

    First, Stardust. This is the thing that bothers me the most about this. People were already mad about elementium being deemed useless and untranslatable (And despite SP indicating they were thinking about making a way to help transfer elemental cells and elementium to the Mythics, the never did). Essentially, they're doing pretty much the same thing, unless the cosmic era ends and they being making regular Mythics, but I doubt that.
    The Gauntlet seems pretty nice, but honestly they were pretty vague about this so there's nothing I can really say.

    I'm not gonna discuss about the books since it's nearly the same with elites , I presume.

    Era events seem like a nice way to get free stuff, so cool!

    King Live duels is a addition I don't have much issue with, but it seems to heavily favor those who pay, as well as pretty much excluding beginners from participating in them.

    Survival Dungeon is a neat addition as well.


    I really like this. I always thought that the rewards were uneven, underwhelming and kind of bad, besides the End Of Season ones obviously. I also feel like it gives free to plays a nice chance to get cool rewards. Overall not much to say about this since I haven't seen the amounts rewards from the chests, but unless they majorly screw up the amounts, very cool.

    SECTION III : Forsaken Days

    I also think this is pretty cool. The main issues I had with Forsakens is the fact that only the people playing at the time could get it and that their avaiability was limited for rank ups. This helps with that. However, I also feel this came too late. This was only added a good way into the Mythic meta, and I can't help but feel that this is another money grab when a lot of Forsakens already have a bad usage due to the Mythic meta. Not to mention this is going to be added when Cosmics are added, so there's a good chance that all of them will be outclassed instantly. So even though it's nice, I feel this is a late money grab.

    Overall, I don't really like Cosmics, but I feel the Multiplayer changes are cool! The Forsaken days seem like a late money grab that will quickly be outclassed by new cosmic mythics.

    Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully SP doesn't take this blog post down.

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    With the new mythics on the rise, I've been quite toxic recently. This post isn't meant to be that. It's meant to give constructive criticisms and express the concerns the community has.

    Thanks for reading

    Concerns and Suggestions : By TechnoPat/Legendary

    Money loss for players
    As many know, tons of players love to spend money on the game to get monsters. This new update, I feel, neglects these players. Since Legendaries will be likely made obsolete later on (I explain why later on in this post), they essentially lose the money they spent expecting meta monsters.

    Solution? I feel that players should be able to extract Forsakens or elites for Mythical amber to get at least some of what they paid back. As for Warmasters, I feel that they could maybe be buffed to fit in? Not entirely sure what to do about them, they required a lot of grinding for some players to get, and they deserve to be compensated. Maybe a Warmaster Rework later on. After all, they're supposed to be some of the most powerful monsters.

    How can we be guaranteed this will be any different?
    SP created Mythicals to hard reset the meta and to increase the longevity of the game. However, Social point hasn't shown control over monsters and their power, as shown in the past for years, especially with the likes of Pumpseed and the Forsakens. How can we be guranteed this is any different?

    Social Point has to really discipline themselves. Instead of making more powerful and powerful monsters, they need to make unique and intuitive monsters. I also feel they should have monthly balance patches, and maybe rework some Mythicals to be more powerful.

    A potentially bigger free to play gap?
    So even though the Mythical Amber dungeons supposedly make Mythical's more accesable for Free to play, and decrease the gap between F2P and PTW, it doesn't seem like it. With Calculations, it'll take anywhere from 4-6 months to rank a Mythic to rank 5 with the dungeons. By then, with ML trends, there'll be around 15-30 new mythics by then, meaning you'll be way behind. Also, P2W players can buy offers, which means the Mythics actually severely increase the gap.

    Basically, I feel that they should, like the other heroic dungeons, create more tiers. Like a node for rank 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Mythic amber nodes, so that it'll be faster for free to plays to get ambers.

    Legendaries will eventually be made obsolete
    Again, unless SP can discipline themselves, Legendaries will eventually be made obsolete. Even though SP says that through playtests, the best teams consist of Legendaries and Mythics, that's only with the Coming soon and present Mythics. Eventually, it seems likely that they'll kick the high gear and make mythics to replace the NER Area dodgers, the Anticipators, and the tanks. (Armor Claw already outclasses Koralle in use of Taunt+AD!)

    Either we need a way to compensate our current Elites and Forsakens, or again, SP needs to discipline themselves with the making of their monsters.

    Alternative to releasing Mythics : Make new and more intuitive Legendaries, and release monthly balance patches for the Legendaries to keep the meta new and fresh.

    Well, thanks for reading! I really hope SP sees all of these and considers them.

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    A competitive discord and fandom for monsters legends is trying to make a comeback, and we need as many people as possible to join this community and help out.

    You may have heard of theMonster Legends Competitive Wiki before. We had a bad reputation of being extremely toxic, completely outdated and generally disorganized.
    This has changed. A former member who left the wiki due to its toxicity has said that it's become a softer place, and the general place has been cleaned up.

    What does the wiki and discord have?

    • Fun Bots in the discord like the Dank Memer Bot.
    • Ranking Council that takes the public's opinion and ranks monsters on viability rankings.
      -Through analysis on each legendary monster and the best moveset for each one
      -Active Administrators
      -Community and Council that knows what they're talking about when it comes to the meta.

    So if you want to help this community grow and you want a competitive community to discuss monsters on, feel free to join. We took a huge blow after a bad Buerecrat deleted our discord, so we need a desperate Uriel Essence! Bear in mind it's based around the meta.

    discord. gg/ dFqnk9V - Discord
    monster-legends-competitive.fandom .com/ - Fandom

    MLO staff. I didn't see any rules against this, notify me and delete this post if it's against the rules.

    Any Trolls or Vandalizers will be punished, no questions asked.

    EDIT: live links removed, per forum rules. Moved to Off Topic as this is not directly related.

    Edit fro Legendary : As said from Nyan, we are in no way affiliated with Social point! We are just a community that likes to talk about the meta and thoroughly discuss each monster and rank them. This is in no way affiliated to any official Social Point discord either.

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    Is it just like a regular race but harder?

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    When I think tokens and events, I think Cain. However, Cain was an amazing elite monster. Hyperia is lackluster at best, I would compare him as a less powerful Dunn 'Ra, and he's not an elite monster. Why not just make an island about him, or maybe a side legendary in a maze?

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