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    Add my name to the list of those who find this event absolutely boring, whoever thought this would be fun needs sacking, stay online to do tasks and then stay online to attack a Titan only to see another team kill it.

    Going to fill my hatchery and use the 7 days to clear a backlog of monsters needed to be hatched.

    Really do wonder what feedback they got from the test if this is the best new idea they could come up with

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    Osurs amulet has a bug with extra turn skills, I have mine on Samael and when using it on his first turn and using Samael Soldier the target monster just disappears from the turn list and never gets a turn. It only happens when you use Samael Soldier first move, use it any other time and it works fine as I guess it would do with Demise.

    Reported it to SP who didn’t bother reading the message fully and just replied that from their testing the amulet gives the correct boosts which yes it does but like many other relics they are having side effects to the turn order which isn’t right and this amulet isn’t the only one.

    I’ve seen a delayers trap kick in to reduce opponents speed only to give the opponents another turn as the turn order resets itself.

    I’d sack the testers

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