• Malteusa

    W2S Dragon

    Callux Dragon

    Vanoss Dragon
    Bananoss Dragon
    Hoodini Dragon

    Crazy (H20 Delirious) Dragon

    Mr.Beast Dragon
    Super Beast Dragon
    Beast Mode Dragon
    Beast Gamer Dragon

    Lachlan Dragon
    Lachy Dragon
    Lachlan PWR Dragon

    McCreamy Dragon

    LazarBeam Dragon

    Preston Dragon

    Mully Dragon
    JoshDub Dragon
    EddieVR Dragon

    Sidemen Dragon

    Fresh Dragon
    Super Fresh Dragon

    Ali-A Dragon
    Matroix Dragon

    TheDooo Dragon

    Muselk Dragon

    Dream Dragon

    Dude Perfect Dragon

    FaZe Rug Dragon

    Socksfor1 Dragon

    GeorgeNotFound Dragon

    Sssniperwolf Dragon

    The Boys Dragon

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  • Malteusa

    Edit: info from support removed as per forum rules. I believe I have already warned about this, please do not do it again as that will result in bans.

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  • Malteusa

    Looks like you can complete the Art of Magic Quest with just 5 hours to spare.

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  • Malteusa

    Profiles are bizarre, sometimes they are sorted alphabetically by nicknames sometimes they are not.

    However regular category-9 have a lower priority over category-10 and category-11.

    Empowerment stars don't do much in the profiles.
    Only levels, combat rank and rarity are counted.

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  • Malteusa

    @wildcard Yeah I'm still able to send another ticket.

    Now its the matter of how I properly explain my situation. Its currently 3am where I am.

    I'll think about it tomorrow.

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  • Malteusa

    Edit: per forum rules you cannot share correspondence from SP representatives.

    So after nearly a month of no contact they finally received my ticket.
    I did not get my 100 gems refunded.
    What an absolute joke

    I received one Pure Essence from the daily calendar and collected it before the collection event for it started. Almost everyone got a replacement essence on time before the event ended. But not me. I literally waited till the last hour till event ended. And I even have proof in screenshots.

    I sent many tickets yet only now one got through. They were able to confirm that I bought a corrupted chest for 100 gems and got 2 essences from it. However they refused acknowledge the fact that I never received my replacement pure essence on time. Or that I already had 100 essences in storage.

    And they said "Please be careful before making any actions in-game" Yeah, like it was totally my fault that I live in a completely different timezone.

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  • Malteusa

    Wait did they change the amount of orbs you get from the St. Patrick Chest.

    Previously it was 120 of each. Now its 120, 220, 120 and 60 respectively.
    It doesn't matter since you get 40 shamrock rider orbs from the calendar.

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  • Malteusa

    @bettina-löffler No, remember the the Carnival of Color maze island that also lasted for 3 days ?
    There it was impossible to get the Orange Dragon since it was too expensive for a F2P player to reach, even with the extra coins from the runner island. (Bard Dragon is also an example)

    What I'm saying is SP will probably make Ultimate Strength Dragon require keys and have the similar path as Orange Dragon. Unless they smarten up and make it a timed unlock like other longer maze islands (i.e Colonel, Solar and Alchemist)

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  • Malteusa

    @titania The coins won't switch since the puzzle island will end before the maze island starts. However the Runner Island coins will switch.
    But the Ultimate Strength dragon will probably be not obtainable f2p simillar to the last 3 day maze island, like the color maze's orange dragon.

    Edit: Ultimate Strength not Strongman

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  • Malteusa

    I think you can buy shamrocks during the near end of the event for gems

    During the last Valentine's event you could buy candies from gems the same may also happen here. But they were quite expensive.

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