• Mani Khan

    Yeah i also like the old ones to be buffed but sp won't do it

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  • Mani Khan

    Generation of exclusive monsters began with vips who had bulwark
    Then nemesis who specilized in elemental power
    Then warmasters came with status caster

    New generation of exclusive monster can be specilized in all rolls like one version denier one attacker one supporter and so on

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  • Mani Khan

    Rin"the rea wielder"
    Trait :
    Death Lords trait
    Rin special : when this monster start all denieing moves are blocked
    Strenght 3750
    Life 42800
    Speed 4000
    Stamina 200
    Special deadly nature deal 80 damage applies poisons and virus for 3 turns all monster become weak to all elements for 2 turn

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  • Mani Khan

    Nebutos "the nuke holder"

    Death lord special :
    All negative status move by enemy will be applied on enemy team and posirive status move by enemy will be applied on allies
    Note: it wilk only work when there is another death lord in team
    Nebotus special :all the single target moves will hit enemy whole team and its buff will be applied to all allies Or
    At the start of match nebotus will apply "one for all" to all enemies
    Strenght 4050
    Life 40000
    Speed 3900
    Stamina 200

    Special : mana licker deal 70 damage drains all stamina of enemy add it into allies stop them from attacking for 3 turns
    Evil cut deal 30 physical damage
    Purge deal 40 damage
    Group 1
    Grim memories deal 60 damage (0 cd and 15 stamina) 30 % stamina leak gain same amount
    Grisly vision deal 50 damage (0 cd and 25 stamina) give total blind
    Awful dreama deal 50 damage (0 cd and 30 stamina) 50% chance of debuffing all states give night mare 3 turns
    Group 2
    Walking nightmare deal 70 damage (0cd and 40 stamina) 50% chance of insta kill
    Infected blade deal 70 damage (0cd and 50 stamina) 70 % chance of giving any negative status effect
    Uncontrollable pain deal 80 damage (0 cooldown and 50 stamina ) all enemies lose curse for 3 turns
    Group 4
    extirape deal 70 damage gives evtra turn (0 cooldown and 60 stamina) debuff all state bt 50 %
    Mad whispers deal 80 damage gives extra turn (0 cd and 60 stamina) gives permanent night mare
    Spanish flu deal 80 damage gives extra turn( 0 cd and 70 stamina ) reduce damage gives allies 4× damage
    Group 4
    Revenge continous for 3 turn first turn deal 40 damage and 15 % chance of appling all negative effects second turn deals 60 damage and 40 % chance
    3 turn deal 85 damage and 70 % chance of appling all ststus effects (2 turn cd each turn cases 60 stamina )
    Cruel nuke deals 40 damage on first turn 15 % chance of insta killl second turn 30 % 3rd turn 50 % chance (3 turn cooldown each turn cast 60 stamina)

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  • Mani Khan

    Trait for death lords

    Unlike warmaster how cast status on allies
    Death lords can cast negative status on enmy teams
    Death lord only trait
    If enemy team perform move with negative status effect it will be applied to enemy team and if positive it will be applied to allies
    In the presence of another death lord only this trait will work
    Long time ago thier existed 9 godly clans (of each respected element)they were feared by whole world as the were cruel and mersey less
    After centuries of continous suffering all the monsters decided to join forces and end thier reign but
    Still they were too powerful to be defeated but change was fated
    Pandalf found an ancient forbidden spell to seal there powers away so monster alience was able to win the war they kiled them all but
    The nine whole were later come to known as death lords were saved by unknown (mention it later can't think of it)
    They were weak and can't take thier revenge so they went to soul hugger to extract thier soul for ultimate power what were the nine legendery weapons in which the powers of thier respected clans were sealed
    As they got the power they shock the whole world it was the age of destruction so world had to come together to defeat them they were success fully able to kill them but before dieing nebotus "the nuke holder" put himself under spell and was able to survive but he lost his power
    He remiand in shadows for yeasr in search for spell to bring his fellows back
    He got the chance during the general and nemesis wars when the data of spell were bieng burned he snicked in and found the forbidden spells of resurrections and the terror was again forced on world

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  • Mani Khan

    So , as we know a portal opened through which titans appeared but
    How it opened?
    Who opened it?

    After the titan evasion and great old war pandalf and the keeper tried to find the cause
    But they found was something more terrifing
    It was nebutos how they thougt was sealed but it was wrong
    He was standing thier with his sword nuke(well i can't think of better name) one of the forgotten sword and one of the forgotten histoy of monster world they came to reliaze he was one of death lords nebotus "the nuke holder"
    Then they saw faint shadows of monster coming towards then they were death lords
    The terrore this world long forgot was back

    Well, what differ them
    They would have extra rune and relics slot
    And an extra move alot

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