• Matthew Long12

    We always do 20 laps. We have been here five years experience as a team with veteran leadership. We need two active racers to join for the race and fight in Wars.

    We are a chill mature team helping each other and enjoying the game, no drama. We all keep participation above 80%. Fighting in wars at least 5/6 and participation in the race is expected.

    Please Apply Now to Phatz Team.

    20 lap team looking for active players

    5/6 attacks win or lose

    2K points every race

    We offer:

    frequent wars

    20+ lap races

    Tips to improve

    Please Apply Now to Phatz Team

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  • Matthew Long12

    Why would the cells be not gift-able unless they came in increments of 120? This is a ridiculous notion they are going to HAVE to make these cells trade-able IMO.

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  • Matthew Long12

    @opinurmynd I'm with you we. Sully get 5 y laps and get the bottom legendary it took a number of the team using gems for us to get the 5th lap and yet we ge t a soap Sam that is crapp IMHO we would have been better off ignoring the race and working on team wars. Bad change for smaller teams

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