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    Welcome to the first type of Talents Thread made by me!

    Dusk Talents are very valuable items that can change the outcome of any battle, if used with the correct monster, or role, these elusive objects are obtained from multiple sources!

    Dark Rise (Paid Saga)
    : After being damaged damaging by a skill, applies Control Immunity to wearer. 2 uses.

    Taste Removal (Free Saga)
    : When the turn starts, recovers 30-450 points of Stamina to wearer. 3 uses.

    Kill Bean (Free Legends Pass)
    : After damaging with a skill, if any enemy is dead, deals 50,000-350,000 points of Physical damage. 1 use.

    Demon Med (Golden Legends Pass)
    : After being damaged by a skill, if wearer's life is below 50%, gives 1 extra turn to wearer. 1 use.

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    Stalard is a Light Attacker with Guard Down and Shock skills.

    Evolving Trait:
    Rank 0: Hardened
    Rank 1: Nightmares Immunity
    Rank 3: SC: Self Stun Immunity
    0_1638920943815_109. Stalard.png

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    This plant was affected and transformed by Dusk itself when a piece of it landed directly in it's core. It's known as a Demon Plant now, it's strong, deadly, and fast, so strong that if anyone touches it, they stop for a turn!

    Demon Plant is a Nature Denier which uses Stun to deny enemies.

    Evolving Trait:
    Rank 0: Burn Immunity
    Rank 1: True Vision
    Rank 3: SC: Self Freeze Immunity
    0_1638918053560_107. Demon Plant.png

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    Cuber once worked at a famous Fast Food place only known as Burger Elecktra, which was shut down under strange weather conditions. The weather was only caused because of Cuber's strange hero sense of humour, and her ability to control the weather. Now she's working the night shifts of saving the town from The Shelter.

    Cuber is a Thunder Support who helps supports her team with Healing and Buffs.

    Evolving Trait:
    Rank 0: Stun Immunity
    Rank 1: Blind Immunity
    Rank 3: SC: Self Torture Immunity

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    Ronach was a big hidden gift of the ages. Given to the universe as a protector, but when the Dusk spread like wildfire around the world of Monster Legends, Ronach was affected and transformed into something nobody could've imagined. Ronach's power has been removed and now he is just a tanky water cube of ice.

    Ronach is a Water Tank with Supportive skills.

    Evolving Trait:
    Rank 0: Taunt
    Rank 1: Shock Immunity
    Rank 3: SC: Self Stun Immunity
    0_1638907227531_105. Ronach.png

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    Sigrid & Fort was on a hunt for Lord Inheritor, and when they found each other, they fought, fighting for the throne. One of them was defeated, Sigrid & Fort won, now being affected by dusk, he became: Demon-Fort.

    Demon-Fort is a Magic Attacker with Shield Removal skills.

    Evolving Trait:
    Rank 0: Hardened
    Rank 1: Curse Immunity
    Rank 3: SC: Self Life Regeneration
    0_1638906536088_106. Demon-Fort.png

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    Dim Reaper was searching for ultimate power when he found some Dusk, a substance that could turn him into something much stronger. The thing he didn't know: is that when he absorbs the power, he'll be turned into a Demon of the Underworlds! Dim Reaper is back to cause havoc around Monster Legends!

    Dim Reaper is a Dark Attacker with Death Countdown skills.

    Evolving Trait:
    Rank 0: Bleed Immunity
    Rank 1: Possession Immunity
    Rank 3: SC: Self Life Regeneration
    0_1638904734762_104. Dim Reaper.png

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  • Max Brow

    Demon's are coming up to the surface to unveal the truth behind their overloaded power. They are also aiming to take down the Celestial Family of monsters.

    Demon Mythics
    Demon Mythics are the next generation of balanced monsters. Now in my own unique little, meta, each Demon will have a chance to perform to their fullest potential! Traits, Skills, Relics, and Stats all will be better and more fairer than ever.

    And for Demons, you'll be able to use Dusk to rank them up! Dusk is from the sunsets of the Underworlds, it may help Demons empower, or may help Angels fail!?

    Demon Survival Dungeons
    Demon Rank Survival Dungeon arrives too! This dungeon has been through multiple generations and times. On this occasion, it will be the challenge, and thanks to that, I've increased the length to Node 40.

    Nodes 1-20 are easy and simple where Nodes 21-40 requires you to use strats and play smart... but it's super difficult to reach the end!

    • Total Cells: 750 Cells from the 575 Cells
    • Total Dusk: 90 Dusk from the 60 Ambrosia

    Dusk Talents
    If you've been playing Monster Legends for a while, you already know how talents work, but let me refresh your memory just in case. The Dusk Talents are a new item that can really change the outcome of any battle, you can equip them on Demon Mythics on rank 1 or higher. These elusive objects improve your monsters' abilities in unexpected ways that can really help their strategy when combined with their skills. Every time a monster goes from rank 0 to rank 1, they'll automatically earn an entry-level Dusk Talent. Very easy.

    If you want to get the highest-level Dusk Talents, you'll need to complete the Era Sagas.

    New Seasonal Dungeon: Void Run
    Wanna get a new Demon Mythic once a season? Well, the Void Run Dungeon is the one for you! This dungeon is a very unique yet a famillar experience. This dungeon will play like a Rankup Survival Dungeon, which resets daily, and gives you cells! But after every win, you'll get cells of a unique monster which is new every season!

    • Cells in Void Run Dungeon: 125
    • If done daily for the entire two months, you will have 7,000 Cells.

    And to make the experience fun and different, you'll be able to only use Current Season Demon Mythics, each dungeon will be available for two months only, and after that, they will disappear.

    Since the Demon Era is something bigger than anything seen before, there is also a new way to obtain them! I've been working hard on making this concept sound perfect and exciting, so now it's time to reveal everything!


    Players will be able to craft Demon's using Demon Essence via the Demon Forge.

    Demon Essence is the rarest of the rare, so rare you might be lucky to find 5 on weekends through it's own unique Dungeon called the "Demon Cave".

    To craft a Demon, you are required to have 1350 Demon Essence. But you must get a specific count of Essence for any Demon. This means you may need 1350 for the first one, or 1700 for a newer one!

    Start Date: December 10th 2021
    Notice: My monsters will be released throughout the month.

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  • Max Brow

    @bubonicplays Tonight after the Bounty Hunt finishes

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