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    hi socialpoint i have a problem that i need you to fix ASAP
    the positron survival dungeon does not appear for me in the dungeon area despite that i got the quest key from the breeding hope you fix it ASAP because it's almost one day in the dungeon
    thank you in advance
    user id:

    Edit: id removed tompritect your account.

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    Wyrmlad LIGHT LEGEND
    STORY : A dragon the son of general darmith and elvira who has been kidnapped by elite monsters. Training him to become the ultimate weapon to rule the world. However when Wyrmlad grew up he realized that he was being used in bad deeds and decided to stop his masters. But when he confronted them they put him under an ancient spell and erased his memories
    Now wyrmlad is searching for his identity to figure out what to do
    Books : Dragon/Elite/Good legions and evil legions
    Trait: immune to all control skills
    Status caster: immunity to cooldown activation to all allies and control immunity to all allies
    Stats: Power:3,730
    Speed: 3,453
    Stamina: 140
    Special: Straight path: removes positive effects from all ennemies removes negative effects from all allies deals insane special damge to all enemies and applies total blind and sunburn to all enemy
    1st tier :
    1/Deals heavy light damage
    2/activate cooldown on one enemy
    3/deals low light damage to all enemies applies sunburn and burning to all enemies
    2nd tier :
    1/applies stamina regeneration to all allies and guard down to all enemies
    2/deals medium special damage to one enemy applies and low special damage to all enemies
    3/deals very heavy light damge to one enemy and activates cooldowns on all enemies
    3rd tier:
    1/deals heavy light damge to all enemies applies total blind to all enemies
    2/removes positive effects from all enemies deals insane light damage to one enemy
    3/applies health regeneration and stamina regeneration to itself apllies double damge to itself and evasion to itself
    4th tier:
    1/deals heavy light damge to all enemies applies burn sunburn and ignite to all enemies
    And total blind to all enemies
    2/resurects one ally with 1% health wyrmlad life become 1% of his total life
    3/removes negative status effect from all allies applies evasion for 2 turns to all allies
    4/deactivte all cooldown on one ally give ally triple damge and precision ally dies at the end of the turn give extra turn to one ally
    Relics: sword and trap

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