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    @RDT925 said in What do you feel:

    What do you feel the furture of monster legends is

    I feel that the future is dim.
    At this point, I only log in once a day. Sometimes I skip days.

    There seems to be a push from the devs and some mods, implying that there is some great stuff planned for the future. But the recent changes have all been bad, in my opinion. I have no confidence that the designers can implement anything that will be interesting. And any big changes will likely be half-baked.

    Recent changes/additions that have me lose confidence in the devs:
    Titan Invasions. (half baked)
    Battlegrounds. (half-baked)
    72H challenge - now a completely convoluted system where the more you try, the less coins you get? Absurd.
    Mazes - no more guaranteed 30% last discount
    Removal of Nemesis Dungeons
    Crazy jumps in powercreep via WarMasters.
    Races - more and more Epic Nodes

    Sad thing is, I have over 8k Heroic Orbs, and 2,700 gems.

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    @coinage said in Xiron:

    Oh hey, and Carlos was the first response and I missed it. You're right that Xiron still has viable control capabilities. With the changes in immunities, Xiron went from being a great denier to a good denier.

    But the problem is that you would never have spent all that money for a "good denier". You spent all that money because Xiron was (arguably) the "BEST denier".

    Just go to Apple or Google, and request a refund for your purchase. And state what happened:
    You spent all this money to get and rank up a monster.
    SP nerfed the monster to a point that you would have never spent any money for it. You are extremely unhappy with the bait-and-switch, and would like a refund.

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    I think the main problem is NOT the meta-change. It is that there is no compensation for the nerfing of the current meta-monsters. I think people would welcome a meta-change, if they were properly compensated. (And this is where people are concluding that SP is greedy)

    Idea for Proper compensation

    1. Make a list of the deny monsters that are going to be nerfed.
      Every monster that has multiple skills of the same deny (freeze or confusion).
      Stun Monsters need not apply, because we already had "recently stunned".
      (ex. Xiron, Kihaku, Nishant's Pet, and every other multi-freeze and multi-possess monsters)

    2. Systematically go into each account, and for each monster on the list, give:
      60 gems for a rank 1
      135 gems for a rank 2
      280 gems for a rank 3
      465 gems for a rank 4
      835 gems for a rank 5
      Why this gem total? It's refunding 1 gem, for every 2 cells used to rank up these affected monsters.

    Reasons why it's a good idea:

    1. It is easy to implement (programmatically speaking). Compared to other suggestions of swapping monsters, or refunding of cells, this would be the easiest thing to program. And the most feasible.

    2. It will cost SP nothing. Literally nothing (except some programming time). Gems are virtual currency that SP creates out of nowhere. Are the numbers I gave too much? Definitely not. A rank 5 Xiron would have cost a player over $400. 835 gems is roughly $25 when on sale. SP would be giving a 6.2% rebate, on a monster who's utility you will half.
      Also, what would 835 gems get this player? 2.5 monsters. Which won't do much for someone with rank 5 monsters.

    3. No more calling SP "greedy". Something like this will show the players that SP respects the time, money and effort that their customers put into the game. Giving back to the players when SP nerfs their main monsters? Definitely NOT greedy.

    4. Jump start the new meta. The influx of gems to the dedicated players will allow them to start on purchasing the new monsters of this new meta SP has planned. This would be a very good thing.

    5. Doing this act of goodwill, will show us players that we are not abandoned. We know that we can spend money on this game with confidence, because if there is another meta-changing shift that nerfs all our best monsters, SP will make things right.

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    From what I have seen in other games where there is a "bait and switch" (selling of high powered items, only to nerf them later), Apple has been very lenient in giving refunds. That is assuming it's done within a certain amount of time. (90 days? I don't know the exact amount)

    Just explain to Apple what happened ("bait and switch"), and see what happens.

    What SP wants to do, after seeing the refund on your account, will be up to SP.

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    @Carlos said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Hi Relux. I am not a community manager, and I do not manage refunds or compensations. I'm sorry to not being able to help you with this issue or being able to give an official insight about this topic. I'm here mainly to talk about gameplay, monsters and combat.

    And I have to agree with you that the planned changes in control will change the way Players use Xiron; before, the abuse with the random control skills gave her team a great advantage in battle.
    But she still has in his kit a skill that activates all cooldowns on an enemy and other that removes all the stamina, both at a very very low cost.
    I'm sure that we will continue seeing a lot of Xirons; but with different skills. She continues being a top SS monster (not an SS+ as before)

    But that's the problem. You (SP) designed Xiron to be that way. And you (SP) profited massively from it. To now say "Oops, sorry, that's too powerful. As compensation for nerfing Xiron, you can remove his runes at half the gem cost" is kind of..... wrong? and a little insulting...

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    @C0ntr1v3d said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Personal dig aside, how is Icebringer trash? In addition to being essentially immune to CDA and energy drain, and able to make his team immune to Freeze while still hitting hard, all of the Hydratila have a 0 CD AoE 35pt buff stripping attack. Very useful in current meta generally; even more so after the flagged changes (for clearing "Recently xxx").

    Sweet, I can make Hydratila during the next Nemesis Dungeons!
    Oh wait... I forgot, that got taken from us as well... sigh

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    Complaint #1:

    Changing the meta is a bold move.
    And seeing as how they've milked this meta dry, I understand that they have to create a new meta to sell to us.

    That being said, all other games I've played, where there's a drastic change (game wide nerf of a meta), the developers kindly, and fairly, allowed the player to respec their character, monsters, etc.
    You are allowed to go back to level 1. You get all your resources back, etc.

    Giving us a half price sale on removing runes is NOT what I call a fair reaction. And giving it to us, only after I mentioned the free changing of skills in this thread, shows us the short-sighted-ness of SP.
    A company that thinks things through, would NOT just shove a new meta down their customers' throats. They would have thought of the backlash, and planned to make reparations for the monsters that will soon be less useful. Monsters that people have paid a LOT of money for.
    Doing all this in hindsight gives me no confidence in what you have planned for the future.

    Side Note:
    2 weeks to change all the skills and PAY to remove runes for all the deniers in our roster sis not enough time. (The half price gems is just an extra slap to the face. Thanks SP!).
    Unless you want players to just pick and choose skills and runes willy-nilly, we will need more time to actually test out the monsters through a decent amount of gameplay in order to find out what deny monsters are still viable. What skills are appropriate to change into. What monsters are just a waste of time to respec. Etc.

    Complaint #2:

    There should be no special possession. AT ALL.
    You claim that you want to make the control aspect of the game more uniform, less dominant, and simplify it? Okay, fine. But then there should be NO REASON to keep special types of possession that can not be blocked by Possession Immunity.


    And saying that special monsters would lose their "specialness" makes no sense. SP is already nerfing a whole genre of monsters (deniers). What difference would nerfing a few more deniers change?

    Either you're making it more simple and uniform, or you're not. Keeping the special possession makes no sense. Unless the new meta you want to sell us, is special denies of all types. "Concussion, Blacked Out, Immobilize, Comatose, etc"

    Complaint #3:

    How can we be sure that you are not just going down the rabbit hole again with this new meta that you are going to sell to us? This is a game of powercreep. This is the whole game in a nutshell. Worrying about a deny meta seems silly, when you are creating more and more monsters (at higher and higher prices), which have better and better skills.

    Have you seen the PVP above 4k? All I saw were teams of Elvira, Samuel, Xiron, Faraday, and a few more warmasters. Only one denier. All monsters that are paid for at enormous cost. Are you going to change THAT META? Of course not.
    Because powercreep is the name of the game. So why nerf a whole category of monsters, when you can just powercreep your next monsters?

    End thoughts:

    I have enjoyed this game for quite a while. And I enjoyed playing, while knowing that power-creep is part of this type of game. Something newer, shiner, better is always around the corner.
    And I have spent hundred of dollars into this game. And I had NEVER regretted it. UNTIL NOW.

    BEFORE, if a new monster was created to counter my previously purchased monsters, I can shrug it off to power-creep. The power-creep doesn't affect my monsters at all. They still do, what they are supposed to do. It's just a that other monsters can counter them. Nothing was taken from me. So I was okay with it.

    NOW, my monsters will be effectively nerfed. How badly nerfed, we will see. My monsters will no longer do what I purchased them to do. That was taken from me. That is where the anger comes from. And the only reparations being half price gems to remove runes, and gold to change skills? Total slap in the face.

    Needless to say, I don't want to spend another penny on this game.
    Why? Because of changes like this, and the long list of changes where getting monsters have become increasingly expensive in time and money.

    Team War monsters massive raise in cost.
    72H event now stupidly hard for low levels. Still impossibly hard for high levels.
    Team races, more and more epic node$.
    Removal of Nemesis Dungeons, and introduction of Gambling Nemesis Chests. (which makes the initial purchase of Nemesis monsters actually a bargain, compared to the cost of gambling for a Nemesis monster now).

    SP is charging more and more, while giving less and less.

    Every other game I have played has made it EASIER for free-to-play and new players to catch up to long-time players and big spenders.
    This is the only game I have ever seen that actively makes it harder for new people to play the game.

    "Hey new guy! You want a team war monster, well is costs a LOT more coins now. HEH!"
    "How about buying a Nemesis Monster? Too bad you didn't buy it when it first came out! Now you have to pay significantly more on the gambling chests than the earlier players which bought them directly! Sucks to be you!"

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    @David-ML said in Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback:

    Edit: And one bit isn't quite clear. Since recently possessed is a status effect but status effects are now NOT protecting against all forms of possession, is recently possessed protecting against Hacked, etc. or not. If not, that would make exclusive possession way too OP in light of all the other changes!

    I can't wait for SP to sell us the same toons with the same skills all over again. Wheee!!!!

    New skills:
    Petrify, Immobilize, etc (aka freeze, but can't be blocked, and not subject to "recently <status>")
    Concussion, Blacked-out, etc (aka stun)

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    Also, the future monsters better not have some stupid skills like:

    "Cleanses all enemy buffs. Applies <control skill> to all enemies".

    Because then it's just nerfing all our deniers, just to repackage and resell us the exact same toons.

    (Would SP do such a despicable thing?)

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    I expect SP to put at least a thousand gems into my account when this update rolls out.

    Now that all my deniers can no longer deny every turn, they are fairly useless with their current skill sets. I will need to change half the skills on every denier, so need to spend a good 40 gems for every deny toon.

    Unless, of course, this is another big middle finger from SP.
    Will they nerf half our toons, AND make us pay to respec them?

    You don't have to give me gems, SP. Just make skill swapping free for 2 months. I'd be okay with that.

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