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    Hi all;

    My partner and I are both loyal ML players and love the game. I play on iOS and they are on an android.
    My question is; they always get monsterwood offers to play games (Level a Hero to 3, Complete 10 puzzles, etc.) and they get HUGE rewards — today they got 1300 gems for playing up to a certain level in another app.

    On iOS I don’t get any of these offers; the only ones I get are for surveys, or for signing up for things and verifying my credit card. I did this today and ended up being charged by a 3rd party agency (even though they stated no charges would be added) and that’s getting incredibly frustrating!! What’s the deal? I want to get gems from playing games, too; not from doing surveys that don’t work 75% of the time, or companies that charge my credit card for no reason.

    Anybody found an answer for this?

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