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    Muzaka Artiares

    Hei, it me Muzaka

    yes, today I just want to talk about the "Heroic Race" event to be honest this event takes too much time and maybe this event is also intended only for "high level players" or something.
    Due to the many missions that can only be done a day or once an hour, for example, collect coins, we cannot take more than a minimum even though we are on mission required to do so much, but it's like having a cooldown we can only take the gold once a few hours or maybe a few times a day.
    yes, if I'm wrong please correct it, haha.

    And About Decoration.
    Maybe it's better for a decoration to do a rotation so we players can decorate our island to the fullest, that's all for decoration matters.

    I just want to make the game better.
    Thanks you.

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    Muzaka Artiares

    Hei, It me again "Muzaka Artiares".
    Haha kidding, I don't know if anyone knows me or not, yes I don't really care, so in today's post, I just want to get my imagination out, So my ideas is the "new dragon". So I hope you read to the end;p

    Rarity : Legendary / Heroic
    Name : Legendary Phantasmn Dragon
    Alternative Name : Phantasmn Dragon
    Element : Dream, Legend, War, Chaos
    Skill : Punch, Poisonous Dream, Paralyzing Spell, Iron Shock,

    Skill Basic Damage
    Punch : 638
    Poisonous Dream : 1050
    Paralyzing Spell : 650
    Iron Shock : 1200

    Rarity : Very Rare / Epic / Legendary / Heroic
    Name : King Garaga Dragon
    Alternative Name : Garaga Dragon
    Element : Primal, War, Dark
    Skill : Hard charge, Fate Crunch, Giant Mouth, The Grim Reaper

    Skill basic Damage
    Hard Charge : 488
    Fate Crunch : 1600
    Giant Mouth : 975
    The Grim Reaper : 1200

    Here are two ideas from my wild imagination, haha. Sorry that the design doesn't exist, because I can't draw;p
    Ah, I almost forgot, I don't know if the skill name can be changed or not so I use the existing one, haha.

    Hopefully my idea is useful or helpful, Thank you.

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    Muzaka Artiares

    @bettina-löffler Okay, actually I have two reasons why I post this.

    1. The Dragonarium is for level 20, even if you say so, the low player who below 20 will still getting the Egg Level Required

    2.There is two type of people who play a game, One is the people who buy something with money (Pay Player), And Two is the type of people who just play for fun, they cannot afford/can't buy the kindergarden.

    there its my reason, Honestly I have no problem about this it's just that if this incident is hit by a new player then they can only sell the eggs they get.

    Thank you, that's what I want to say, and sorry if there is a wrong word that offends certain parties.

    btw, thanks for deleting my id, tehee;p

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    Muzaka Artiares

    Hi, I am a user with nickname "Muzaka Artiares"

    Actually I have a problem that I hope to fix or consider better regarding an event, and the prize.
    I will start discussing this issue about a "gift" from an event, of course I am very happy with the prize, but when we are still below level 15-20, There are times when we get an egg we need a "predetermined level" to hatch it. Honestly I have no problem with that because we become visas to save it for the future which will come. So the problem is in its habitat, when we can hatch it of course we will immediately hatch it without seeing the element because this has become a habit of new players, so when we finish hatching and the required habitat is far above us, the eggs can't be sent to storage anymore, because we can only sell them.

    So with that I gave an idea to give a dragon a level that bases it on its main habitat, or it could also allow players to put eggs into storage again. If this problem continues to be ignored, it will be a big loss for beginner players to play if they make a mistake that is fatal because it can spend a slot for hatch an egg. Thank you very much, this is all I want to say, if my words offend someone either on purpose / unintentionally, I apologize for a large amount and also thank you again.


    Edit: I removed your user id for your own safety. You should never share it in public.

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